Volume CCXVIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Blackout in Barrhaven

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today is an especially Lucky Wednesday because on Saturday night many People living in the municipality commonly known as Barrhaven lost their hydro power thanks to a powerful electric storm (the irony). On Sunday, residents were told it would be days before power would be restored, possibly weeks!!! With My usual optimistic perspective, I was telling Friends of mine that were affected it would surely not be weeks, and most likely be back on by ‘Lucky’ Wednesday. Of course, it could just be a coincidence that power was restored on Lucky Wednesday, but that would take away from Our ability to make Our own Luck and suggest that there is such a thing as ‘coincidence’.

“There is no such thing as coincidence, only the illusion of coincidence.”

V, V for Vendetta

But that’s not the reason I’m most excited for the power to be back. I’ve been tall King about My new venture, ‘The Prince of Peppers’, a ‘Product-Sean Company’, and things are well underway. I currently have thirty-five pepper plant seedlings started (worth a whopping 3.5 oz Silver in inventory) with another sixty-five or so still waiting to sprout. Although pepper plants are the main focus of My Product-Sean, My Intent-Ion is to grow as much food for My Self as I possibly can. The Idea is to eventually grow enough food to not only support My Self, but to have surplus (Sir-plus/a Sir with more) for storage and to trade or contribute to others in the community for other goods or services of Value. That’s where the ‘Good Green Thumb Nursery’ comes in.

I still have a lot to learn about what types of food are best to grow when war King with minimal space for maximum yield. It’s not only what type of foods to grow, but how many of each plant. I haven’t sussed out these details yet but I am excited to be war King on it and believe I Will have a very Good Idea by this time next year, though I’m sure I Will be continually revising My strategies and trying new methods. Realistically, the plan is to have all the details worked out within five years so that I Will only be revising and improving upon methods already tested to be more successful.

Well, I’m not sure if there could be anything more encouraging than a blackout to further motivate My ambition to grow My own food. There were a lot of things I could not do, but growing My plants was not one of them. My plants continued to produce as plants do, requiring nothing more from Me than a little Love, water and exposure to God’s Sun – the Great Giver of Life on planet Earth.

The fact that I’m growing the food in an apartment just makes the venture that much better because there are tons of People in My situation – far more than those who have the perfect homesteading plot for food forest growing (pretty much exactly what My father left for Me to inherit with exactly that intention).

As per usual, My problem is that I Wish to achieve everything now. I Wish to have all the knowledge I need, the seeds I need, the soil, pots, lights, whatever. The fact is, that’s just not how it works.

The goal is to use lights as little as possible because I have pretty much ideal windows and Wish to maximize the natural light. However, I do realize that some use of lights especially in the fall and winter Will help Me to maintain foods so that I can be harvesting all year long (the eventual goal).

So I’m still war King out what foods are best for producing all year long in a small space, but I’m more motivated than ever to figure it all out and share My adventures with You because there really are far few things less important than for One to be able to sustain their Self – not just in an emergency, but anytime!

So the blackout renewed My enthusiasm for My new micro green house operate-Sean, and the time away from the internet world gave Me some time to be thing King about My Sister’s [lame] reply to My Notice of Breach of Trust. This time, rather than just tell My Sister that I know she’s a liar and a cheat, I figured I would include some documentary evidence of her lies. Here My Sister can compare the discrepancies between her own facts as she’s presented them to the Court, and start thing King about how she’s going to prove she doesn’t have any information when she’s listing a considerable amount of the stuff in her legal documents. I’ve learned more about My father’s Estate from what I’ve seen in My Sister’s court applications than I’ve seen or heard from My Sister or any evidence she might have to support the information she presents in her Court documents. Basically, there is no Way for Me to know if any of the information is True because she hasn’t provided Me with any disclosure to confirm the information (which is NOT how an application is supposed to go – the Beneficiaries should know all details about the Estate before the Application is even drafted). My Sister thinks Estates are like a surprise party – tell the Beneficiaries to support the Application, then ‘wait and see’ to discover what it might contain. This is how to make an Application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee for Dummies and bad lawyers.

Here is My response to My Sister’s reply. We’ll see if she Wishes to disclose how she has come to know all of this information considering she allegedly doesn’t have any information…

The most exciting thing about the blackout for Me, was that I couldn’t Write a Blog Post (unless I Wished to do so from My phone – NOT!) but I could check My Stats and My Notice of Breach of Fiduciary Obligations sent to My Sister last week has been My most downloaded document recently! I find that very exciting because it really Will be the foundational premise for My [eventual] Claim against her when the damage is done. Consider for a moment how starkly different the information is from one application to the next, and consider how credible anything My Sister says might be after having done so… Are You thing King a Justice Will be impressed with My Sister? (Well, I suppose a Justice might be impressed with just how much contempt she has shown for the Rule of Law, Rules of Civil Procedure and her Fiduciary obligations, but I’m thing King it Will not be a favourable Impress-Ion).

Hope to be back to more regular fan fair soon!!!

Love and Blessings,

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