Volume CCXX: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; My Story, Chapter 49, Verses

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, I am most Great-Full to have You in My House. I’m not sure how Thrilling Your Thursday has been so far but mine is True to its name because I have been Wishing to share My Good News with You for a couple of days but the Intent-Ion was not in Harmony with the Universe – an important detail for a Universal Conductor Composing new Verses for Orchestral maneuvers in the dark. Did You know the Land of Babylon is considered the ‘underworld’, a People living in darkness who never see the True light of day, only the dim light its distorted reflect-Sean is provided by the Moon – Luna; for a land of Lunatics, or ‘Loonies’ believing in an eleven (hendecagonal) sided dollar coin, backed by nothing of [real] Value. Were You thing King the slang name for it was a coincidence? You see what I mean when I say that coincidences don’t exist?

How’s that for an intro? See, We’re often tall King about Magic here and some People are still thing King Magic is only for fairy tales and doesn’t really exist. But this is also why ignorance is bliss; One Man is too ignorant to know she’s been taken advantage of, the other Man’s Bliss is the enjoyment of wealth he’s extorting from the victim who’s too stupid (ignorant) to know they are a victim being taken advantage of. This sort of thing happens all the time with Power of Attorney over Estates of People with large amounts of wealth. Johnny Depp’s trial revealed that one of his most trusted business People had been embezzling money from him for years (was eventually caught and settled out of court, despite never really knowing how much was taken because he was so Good at stealing).

Ever wonder how wealthy You might be? Is it possible Your Life has Value and some One else (or something else) has gained power of attorney over Your [Real] Estate, and is using Your wealth to live a luxurious lifestyle at Your expense without You having any Idea? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Who or what is Acting as Power of Attorney over Your Estate? Your government – paying themselves luxurious salaries at the People’s expense, all paid for by the wealth of the People’s Trust in government. And none of that is fiction, that is legal and lawful fact. Every dollar borrowed by a government is to satisfy a Fiduciary obligation to the People who have Trusted them to manage their resources. I don’t even need to Show You where that is Writ in Law because Trust relationships are legally binding by Way of demonstrable causality. If government are spending the People’s money, it is presumed they have been ‘Trusted’ to do so somewhere along the Way, right? Not difficult to prove a Trust relationship between citizen and government. The Key thing to understand (and where it gets complicated because the ‘devil is in the details’) is that the Trust Instrument that determines an entire country’s Harmonic frequency in the Universal symphony, is their ‘constitution’ or ‘Founding’ document.

Well, I digress – I didn’t even mean to get into all of that but it is relevant to what I Will be tall King about in this new Chapter of My [Life] Story. I’m pretty sure the Title of My Story is ‘Sean Stephen von Dehn’, but Canada seems to have some kind of vested commercial interest in that name, too, so I might just have to start charging them for using it without My consent. Are You thing King they have a Title Deed for proof of ownership if I am as King of them for it? Rhetorical – and yes, they do, though You’re not likely to ever see the original, Genuine Article unless they are reasonably convinced You Will not be able to produce a Superior Claim.

I’ve been excited to Write for a couple of days because I’ve been very busy, I just haven’t been getting around to updating My audience here. The summer is My favourite time of year, the weather has been beautiful, the sun is setting late (it’s almost ten o’clock before it gets dark now), and I just can’t sit at a computer when it’s a glorious day outside. However, I can very much enjoy sitting at My desk in the Sun, war King on My next Magical Spell – another Letter to the City of Ottawa via Ontario Works.

I was going to share the full content of the Letter with You, though I have decided that for convenience and space (photos are not so easy to read) I Will wait until I have the pdf version to share with You. The instructions are pretty much the same as last time – make a copy of My Letter for their records, and return any Hand Writ Originals to Me. Once the originals are returned to Me, I Will request a digital copy of the documents on file as proof of receipt of service. So, instead of the full content, I’m going to draw Your attention to some other important, Magical details.

I’ve been suggesting for a long time that the format here is correct for a formal (legal/lawful) Letter. Technically, any mail One receives through the Post Office is legal and lawful service of documents, and is considered such legal and lawful service in every Common Law jurisdiction everywhere in the world. It was one of the very first ‘official’ means of having proof of service of documents that is universally recognized. All Post Offices keep a Record of all documents received, where they are coming from, and where they are going. All Letters receive an Official time stamp to Show when they were received by the Post Office. The address in the top left of the Letter is correct, and the website in the top right indicates another domain (do-main, the main thing/Deed I’m doing) and My International Court of Record; a (legal and lawful) Post Office. Are You thing King it is a coincidence they call it a Blog Post? The alpha bet was on the alpha mail…

Speaking of which… Today’s feature photo!!!

Oh, My Logo looks so Good in Silver!!! Did I not tell You the detail is astounding?! I’d have to be a very fussy Man to complain about the quality of that wax seal, wouldn’t I? I don’t remember the total cost, but it was roughly an ounce of Silver ($25CA) and well worth it!!! They can make ink stamps of the same quality, too, so I Will be getting one in purple and one in red sometime in the near future. Although it Will not likely ever be recognized as one by Canada Post (though You never know, anything is possible these days), this is the equivalent of an International Postage Stamp because it clearly identifies My [Sovereign] House. The customary Stamp was a Man’s thumbprint because it would identify the sender for billing. The wax Seal identifies the House, My thumbprint Seal identifies the House representative. Houses and House representatives make it sound kind of like politics, doesn’t it? Where are You thing King they came up with these names and political systems? It is all based on a Common House Hold, only much bigger.

This is the other element of Magic. My Oath of Office is on the Ontario Superior Court of Record twice, the Wellington County Superior Court at least twice, maybe three times, and every Letter I’ve sent to any State Actor has been sent On Her Majesty’s Service. Again, it does cost ‘money’ to mail this Letter, so the cost Will be billed to Her Majesty on My Word and Honour. Mail that is delivered On Her Majesty’s Service, has presumed the Sender is Acting in Service of [His Oath to] Her Majesty.

Wow, it doesn’t take Me long to Write too much when it’s overcast! Okay, Good thing I’m not sharing the whole Letter today. Although I finished the Letter Tuesday, I had an afterthought on Lucky Wednesday I Wished to add before putting this little care package together. This is one of the more Powerful Spells Cast into the Magic of these Verses, especially as it relates to the rest of the content of the Letter which I Will share with You as soon as I have a pdf available.

I’m also hoping the term ‘State Actors’ is one You are all becoming more familiar with because Life is a Game and this is Our Story. All of these State Actors have a very specific Role to Play on the world Stage, and We are the Magical Casting Directors and this is My most Magical Universal Product-Sean.

Love and Blessings,

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