Volume CCXXI: The Terrific Tuesday Edition; Full Moon Alpha Mail Magic Finds its Mark

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Terrific Tuesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. The Full Moon Magic for this month (‘moon’-th) was some Spelling Cast into Man’s Macrocosm last Fabulous Friday that Will reach its Destine-a-Sean today (at least according to Canada Post). It’s a prequel to an upcoming International Public Notice that Will be Issued to all State Actors very soon. I’ve been waiting for the Sacred Spirit of this Letter to be released from the tomb in which is was enveloped, and the Magic Sealed with ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ Logo. I had felt I had been procrastinating for waiting so long to get it into the mail, but Friday just felt like the right day for Casting the Spell. This is both a reflection of how there are no coincidences and how the Full Moon typically represents the climax of major events for the month in Man’s Microcosm – this is something I believe to be True for all of Us in the Macrocosm once One begins tuning into the Universal frequency and getting in Harmony with it.

This was the main event in My Microcosm around the time of the New Moon, despite also having planned to start drafting another claim to deal with My father’s Estate – this required dealing with first, and it took a little planning and time putting the Magic of the Spell together. Once I got the Magic of the Letter Cast into the Post/Mailbox I felt like the Matter was finally dealt with. I Will still be waiting to see how they respond, though until they do, I can now presume the Matter is taken care of until I hear otherwise (no news is usually Good News). It’s a Power Full Letter and a pretty minor Issue I am as King of them to take care of. However, how they respond Will be paramount to how I choose to proceed with Canada’s State Actors with respect to the International Public Notice I’m going to Issue. It doesn’t really change much in the Way of what I Plan to do, only the content of the Notice I Will eventually Author. I was thing King that the next New Moon might be a Good time that’s in Harmony with the Universal frequency, and it provides plenty of time to know the effects of the Magic Cast upon State Actors today. Discovering that My Magic arrived on the Full Moon ‘coincidentally’, is the Universe’s Way of letting Me know that it’s a Good Idea (because there are no coincidences).

I also am war King on My Claim against My sister and brother for what they’ve done to My father’s Estate, I just haven’t started drafting the Claim yet. There are countless Ways I can go about it, so I still have to narrow down what approach I’m going to take before I start Writing it out. Some of the things I can tell You, however, is it Will be very different from any other Claim I have ever filed, it Will be Hand Writ (just to prove I was not wrong about that, and also because the Claim Will be a his-Story Call document and Art-I-Fact of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, so I Wish for the document to be ‘worthy’ of preserve a Sean for future generations to re-Call (now You know why I placed ‘Call’ in italics the first time).

I also Wish to say a quick thank You for the ‘like’ on My last Blog Post where I mentioned that I have cut ties with My family as a result of having to sue My brother and sister to be treated with any dignity regarding My father’s Estate or learn anything about what’s been done and or what the assets and liabilities are. It’s a big part of why I wasn’t so keen to Write as much for the last couple of weeks because I’m ashamed to have to share that detail with the world, I’m ashamed that I have to draft a Claim against My own brother and sister at all. I was concerned that some of My readers might be quick to judge Me, and despite the fact that I’m not overly invested in the opinion of others, I really did and do appreciate the support. The fact is, I haven’t really had any meaningful relationship with My family for the last twelve years – not since I was unlawfully arrested by the Toronto police.

They Will tell You it is all My fault, of course. They Will tell You I’m an angry, vexatious Man who is jealous of their success. They perceive Me as a lazy, unmotivated hippie, and they have zero regard or respect for My Spiritual beliefs and Values. This is why I could not be happier to have them out of My Life, and the Magic of today’s Post, is just sharing with You the beauty of the Life I enjoy everyday. The fact of the Matter is, when I’m not dealing with My family or the government, I’m a very happy Man because I don’t need much to be happy, and I always have plenty of things to Keep Me entertained.

So I’ve taken a bunch of pictures over the last week or so on days I didn’t get around to Writing and really, they are probably not very exciting photos for most People, but I Love tending to My plants and My two adorable cats. We just had a new addition to House von Dehn named Kingston, and I am officially convinced that I can either communicate My thoughts and commands telepathically, or cats fully comprehend English and just like listening to Me.

Yeah, how adorable is Kingston? Adorable enough for Gigi (My other cat, three years old) to be insanely jealous. First day I was afraid to leave the two of them in case Gigi decided to kill him. I’ve never seen her growl like a panther at anything but she still does it every time she walks by Kingston – but she’s Good, she leaves him alone unless he tries to eat at the same time, then she’ll swat him across the floor (no claws, playful but serious enough to Keep him waiting patiently – it’s the only time I allow it because I don’t Wish for her to feel threatened). But the amazing thing is, I’ve done nothing to train Kingston except verbally Issue Orders – primarily ‘NO!’ whenever he decides he Wishes to attack a plant or wire. Truly amazing, he does not need to be told twice and he doesn’t repeat the same mistake twice (though he needs a no for each set of wires but I am thing King he knows all plants are off limits). I say, “Kingston, no!”, and he Will look at Me for a brief second, then run under the couch like he’s in trouble! It’s the cutest thing ever!!! And I’ve never used or even threatened a spray bottle, he got one (soft but sharp enough to know) tap on the nose for biting My finger too hard, but that’s it so far! Otherwise, a perfect angel.

Yeah, this is a Sign I painted for the Children’s Community Garden. I’m not responsible for the ladybug, that was purchased by a volunteer but it was plain wood and they wanted it painted like a ladybug (so I offered).

This is My community garden which doesn’t look very impressive right now but it’s actually doing really well. There’s a bunch of onions a the front that are absolutely thriving, a tomato plant in the back corner is already flowering, and there are a ton of healthy beets and carrots just before the last row of tomato and pepper plants. I also have more pepper plants to add and these ones are admittedly off to a slow start, but I hear they take a couple of weeks outside before they really take off, so I’ll Keep You Posted.

Apothecary Table

The daisies are being grown for both decorative and medicinal purposes, they are exceedingly Good for One’s health. Every part can be consumed, excellent anti-oxidant and astringent properties, very Good for skin. They can be used in tea or topically on cuts, bruises, or dark patches on skin. There is also Acmella Oleracea and Echinacea just above the tray with the daisy, and two bonsai mystery pepper plants.

Second shelf from the top is a blueberry bush and it appears as though I Will have My first fresh blueberries either tomorrow (Lucky Wednesday) or Thursday for sure.

Back left corner You can see the Coffee plant that was all but dead when I first brought it home (winter commute in -15 degrees) is thriving now. Sensitive plant (mimosa pudica) and strawberry plant are also in the mix. That’s an avocado seed cracking up in the back corner.

And finally, this is the ‘heat’ that went into the last chili I made. You are looking at one ghost pepper (top right corner), two habaneros, and six serrano, pencil hot chili peppers. Crazy but True, still not hot enough for Me, and I have no Idea how or when I developed a tolerance! My friend tried one spoonful and was begging Me for a piece of bread and some water (though he also said it was the best chili he’s ever tasted and likes spice – I’m not cruel). I did get a splash of habanero in My eye and that was a world of pain I can tell You!!! Worst part about that, was that I could keep blinking to flush out the heat with tears, but the tears are now filled with habanero, so they burn as they stream down Your face!!! And don’t even think about wiping them around Your eyes… Fortunately, if You like hot peppers as much as I do there are a couple Good things to know: they cannot cause any real harm, not even to eyes, it is all psychological (sort of), and the pain subsides pretty quickly, though can last longer for hotter peppers (the more heat, the longer it takes to completely fade away). But knowing it is psychological won’t stop the burn from hurting, but it Will help to stop One from panicking and thing King they might have blisters or be permanently scarred or blinded. As far as ‘sort of’ psychological, what I mean is that it doesn’t physically burn or harm anything, but it does trick the nerves into thing King the skin is burning and the body responds exactly as it would for a real burn. Here’s some hot pepper health benefits.

Anyway, the reason for sharing all of this with You is because this is the kind of stuff I would eventually Love to share with You all the time. I would love to learn how to grow all My own food and teach You to do the same. I would love to grow all My own herbs for healing and alchemical purposes and am well on My Way to having the main essentials I Wish to have by fall.

The fact is, I have tons of fabulous Ideas to share with the world as soon as I am free to focus all of My attention on doing that, and I’m almost there. In fact, the next big projects I am war King on are to finally and formally resolve all outstanding Issues with any foreign parties to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Trust, including My Art Exhibit Sean by the same name.

Love and Blessings, more to come soon…

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