Volume CCXXI: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; The Right of Ascent Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, however the Highness of Your Character Wishes to be a Dressed. It is a Pleasure to have You in My House (Mind), I hope You are having Fun. I’ve been a lot less consistent with My Writing lately and Posting less overall, and since today is usually where I recap the Major (like a Key in the Universal Symphony) events of the last week, I figured today would be a Good time to let You know where I am at and what is coming in the near future. The Silence is something like the calm before the storm, as the express Sean goes.

Let’s start with what’s going on in My Microcosm right now because the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things. Last week some Spells Cast the previous Fabulous Friday found their mark in synchronicity with the Full Moon, arriving later the same morning. The Magic contained in the envelope Will have had it’s Seal broken, the Spirit of My Letter Will infiltrate the Mind of a Man, and its Magical Spell Will not take their sex into account – it Will affect the Mind of both of Man’s kind equally without distinction, just as My Words here do. But before We get too distracted by Magic, let’s start tall King about what that Spell was about and the Intent-Ion behind its Casting. The Intent-Ion is the Source of the Magic of the Spell, so it is arguably the most important Element to successful Casting.

I received a letter addressed to ‘Sean Von Dehn’. It may seem like a small detail, but it’s not My name, it’s a reasonable facsimile, or ‘likeness’ to My name. Doesn’t really Matter, We know who the intended recipient is, right? The letter is intended for the [artificial] person, ‘Sean von Dehn’, and that’s the important Part (all the world’s a Stage) to understand. The artificial person is always the full [God] Given name, first and last. Last is in italics because a last is a Casting of a foot, and the artificial person determines the [artificial] person’s standing in Man’s legal fiction.

This is important because a Man’s ‘right’ to own land (all of Man’s kind has right to own sufficient land to sustain One’s Self, this is the legal fiction We are tall King about) is One’s birth right. To have a lawful birth-‘right’ to land, One could not be a bastard, or born out of wed-loch/lock, as birthright was determined by right of succession to their Father’s Land. The Promised ‘Father-Land’ is the Plot of land One receives from their Father to Steward on behalf of their House for future Generate-Sean’s. The eldest Son is perceived to be the Living Will of His Father in Heaven, the Fruit of His loins, property of His Father’s Estate – and arguably, the most important piece of property, because his Duty is to Honour his Father, his House and lineage, and continue the process by Creating more heirs to succeed the Estate for future Generate-Sean’s.

This may seem ‘sexist’ on the surface but there is very Good Natural logic to it. The Father cannot produce any more Land, and a Man is considered to be a body of Land, a Sovereign Nation bearing the Father’s [last] name. The Man can only spread his seed of intent-Ion, which is why the Father represents the Mind of Man, because he only contributes information, and therefor bears the Honour of the House, or Family name. The Father must find a Queen with fertile land in which to lay his seed so it can come to fruit-Sean and produce more off-Spring (independent source of water). The Queen produces the new body of Land, grown in the fertile soils of the Queen’s womb-Man. So a daughter adds to the wealth of a Father’s Estate because she Will produce more land (nations) for the Father. This is why the Father ‘Gives away’ his daughter in exchange for a dowry of Land – they are perceived to have equitable Value because the daughter being Given away Will produce new Land for the Father in-Law. The daughter legally belongs to the new Father after marriage.

As a side note, this is also to establish Good relations between the two Houses, and the hope would be that the daughter and son Will [perhaps] Live on the land provided to the Father who gave away the daughter. Obviously, that’s not an obligation, the Father may need the land for [additional] sons. A daughter is a Blessing because the father gains land for his House and sons, the first Son is always presumed to take over the lands already acquired by his Father, so it is both a Blessing and a curse if the son did not Wish to take over the [physical] House of his Father. My own situation would be a Good example because My Brother described My Father’s Land as ‘a dump’. One Man’s trash is another Man’s Treasure, right? 8.9 acres of farmable land with a fresh water well is not a ‘dump’, it is a Found a Sean for sustainable living.

And yes, I’m also not so subtly pointing out why My sister has no legitimate legal right to do anything with My Father’s Estate, and that’s why she’s been war King so hard to deceive Me and Keep My arguments from being heard by the Court. These are the laws of Equity and Trust, and they are Superior to Canada’s legal fiction, Trust Me. 😉

I also Wish to let You know that it is somewhat typical for Me to be Silent before something big. The Letter Wished for Me to provide a copy of Sean von Dehn’s tax assessment as provide by Revenue Canada. That’s actually private information they are not legally allowed to ‘require’ a person to produce, it requires the person’s consent. They obtain consent by threatening the individual with breach of contract if they fail to provide the information, most People volunteer their consent because they just don’t know any better. The thing they were as King for is Sean von Dehn’s apartment insurance policy number.

Rather interesting and convenient timing that they are as King Me to provide proof of insurance for their property after I’m the One who has recently been harmed by the loss of enjoyment of the unit I pay rent for because I had no power for four days – no Way to cook, store food, heat water, no hot water for cleaning or bathing, and no One is accepting liability for the harm done to tenants? I’m going to have to be as King to see Multifaith Housing Initiative’s Insurance policy because they must be required to have one and I have a claim. They are requiring for Me to have personal insurance to insure against harm or loss to My property? Who can afford to insure My Life? Who can determine how much My Life is worth? And if I must have it insured, then how can One claim it has no Value and or that I would not be the absolute authority who determines how that wealth should be distributed? See, insurance companies don’t have anything of real wealth to offer, they can only offer promises to pay (credit) in exchange for items of real Value.

At any rate, despite these things all being True and the concept of insurance being nothing short of a government scam from corporate lobbyists passing liability from landlord’s (and therefor the People with big bucks spending multi-millions at a time) on to their tenants who own nothing but are being made liable for the property of landlords profiting from One’s need for basic shelter. Ridiculous.

But One never Wishes to be in opposition. So I just told the city of Ottawa in very plain English that this letter states that these things are required of their artificial person. I haven’t filed taxes in five years and I don’t file taxes now because I advised the Attorney General that I am not a Canadian citizen or taxpayer, I am not an artificial person. I have [had] an artificial person Created in the likeness of My name, presumably for My Benefit – if it was Created for any other purpose, it is null and void without informed consent.

In short, if the artificial person has a commercial obligation and is entirely dependent on the Trustee of the public Trust to fulfill that obligation, then the obligation lies with the Trustee, not the Beneficiary. I cannot possibly Honour the obligation and Will be harmed if the obligation is not fulfilled, so there is a moral and ethical obligation to provide whatever dollar value is required to fulfill the obligation of their artificial person so that the Real [E-State] Man is not harmed by the negligence of the artificial person’s Trustee.

I could also have ordered Ontario Works to pay My father’s outstanding mortgage, there was plenty of money left over in My father’s public Trust account to discharge that debt, too – it’s actually listed as an obligation of Ontario Works. Noah should also know this because he has a Duty and obligation to the Public Trust as well, and should know that there is plenty of money in the public Trust account to recover his client’s debt and preserve the assets of the Estate for the intended beneficiaries, which is what Noah should have (had the legal and lawful obligation) done. Problem is, they are war King to take advantage of the People’s ignorance of Trust law. The moment Noah invoked the ‘right’ of attorney under power of sale, the power of attorney is over the Estate of My father, meaning he is required to Post a bond to ensure performance in accordance with the Rule of Law and his obligations to the Beneficiaries of the Public Trust.

Anyway, when I disappear for a bit, I typically make up for it with long Posts, and this one is well over Word budget for today, but I Will continue with this Post another time because it is important and relevant. See, lots of People Will be thing King I am just a crazy person – that’s what My family are thing King, I am sure the People over at Ontario Works are thing King that, too.

But the reason I’ve been Silent so long is because I’m not really Good at bragging, despite the King thing, I’m actually a very modest Man – the King thing is specifically to distinguish My Character from the artificial person Created in a likeness to My name which is not in any Way binding upon Me – but it IS binding upon them because it is evidence of a crime. That’s why ‘Mr.’ = Master. Because when they find out they are ALL treasonous traitors of the Crown for their citizenship registration and effectively prisoners of war, My Wish really Will be their command.

See, People can be thing King I’m crazy as much as they Wish, the Truth is, everything I’m telling You is True. There’s a very Good reason why they keep trying to cheat Me out of My day in Court, it Will be a Wonderful Present a Sean.

I Will tell You more about birthrights and what the Bible has to say on the subject, seeing as that is accepted as absolute Truth in any Court of the world.

Same picture I shared before and still looking pretty stark (today), though I have flowers on two tomato plants, one of My bean plants, and many of the peas are now in flower, too. I have also harvested enough food even from this little garden to make My first meal!!! It was supplemented with lentils, onions and garlic, but I was able to add a decent amount of baby carrots, beetroot leaves and cuttings from My onions to make an amazing soup – I also had fresh basil and oregano growing inside. I’ll share the recipe another time…

Love and Blessings,

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