Volume CCXXII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; The Right of Ascent Sean, Part II

Welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. This Monday was feeling especially Motive a Sean all day, and I was often thing King about how it is in perfect Harmony for Our Magical Monday Edition before I even real eyes’d that it is also the first day of the 222nd Edition of the Good News Journal!!! Now that’s a pretty Magical Way to start this Magical, Motive a Sean all Monday, no? Oh, but just wait until You see what Motivate Sean was Able to accomplish this most auspiciously Magical Monday!!!

First, let Me Show You today’s feature photo, the Courtyard outside My building.

The Haven Courtyard

That’s not Me cleverly Calling the Courtyard by God’s Germanic name for Heaven, ‘The Haven‘, that’s actually what they Call the community! Probably just a coincidence God would put a Spiritual Man like Me in such a place, right? Just ‘happens’ to have a perfect Courtyard, the same kind of cultural attract-Sean One might find in Paris or Italy or something where Artisans come to Create their beautiful Art-I-Facts for the foot traffic wah-King by.

Did I not say that My silence Posting as of late is the result of being very busy in My Microcosm with other Ideas that I Will be tall King about soon? This is kind of like a Good, slow release fertilizer for One’s garden that Will nourish the Soil and Keep consistently feeding the seeds of Intent-Sean for the long run. I have lots more coming for You in the near future, We are going to be cranking the heat like never before, perfectly synchronized with the heat of a Turtle Island summer.

“He always wins in the long, if not the very long run.”

Aleister Crowley’s Virgin Universe, ‘The Prince of Wands’, Book of Thoth
Sunshine Gallery, War King on My Art Exhibit Sean for the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean

Oh, and just so You know, ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ and My ‘Art Exhibit Sean’ are Registered Trade names with the Crown, and property of ‘House von Dehn Product-Sean’s – A Titles and Holdings Company’, also a Registered Company of ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’, I Trust they Will Hold strong in the Kingdom’s Keep (Trust in Spirit [of God/Man]).

You may be able to make out a rough sketch of his [only a fool would] war Ship, Jim ‘What’s on’, Ottawa’s treasonous mayor (for aiding and abetting the unlawful acts of the city’s health advisor in crimes against humanity for terrorizing Ottawa’s People with a dangerous medical procedure by Way of threats, intimidation, and coercion, without providing informed consent to Ottawa’s People of the very serious health risks associated with the procedure and thereby violating the Hippocratic oath to do no harm, Vera Etches) waiting in the wings, along with a portrait of Amy Winehouse I was not so fond of and planning to change the colour scheme (to black and white with red for the lips and heart tattoo only – Trust Me, black and white are always popular for some reason, especially if it has just a hint of colour somewhere). But I bet You must be wondering what I have in the easel? Well, let’s take a look…

Jack White, war King…

You can see the photo I’m war King from beneath – I have a long Way to go and they do take a long time. Ironically, they seem to take more time when time goes quickly! I got right into this today and had to stop because I was actually beginning to feel faint and I Love the heat – but I was worried I might get heat stroke if I didn’t get out of the Sun. Turns out I’d been war King for over five hours!!! (Felt like maybe two at the most.) And what did I accomplish?



I am thing King so, but You decide. I’m not sure it looks like five hours worth of improvement!!! But whatever, it is what it is…

Before and After five hours in the Sun

I Wish to share with You My ‘favourite’ Jack White song of the moment – it’s more spoken Word than a typical Song, but I find his Style very refreshing. It is reminiscent of the Beatles ‘Rocky Raccoon’ updated for the consciousness of the world’s People today. Jack White is also a Master Magician, his Special number is 3, his production studio company name is ‘3 Man Records’, and he’s really into the use of colours for Magical Expression, all his albums have a theme that appear to Honour a new Express-Ion of his Character’s evolution. I might share a Spotify tune more often to Give You all a sense of My appetite for music – it’s kind of all over the place. 203 songs in My ‘like’ list and I’m going to keep adding any song I can think of until I have Created a radio station of only songs I like that is so long, it never feels repetitive.

Okay, I didn’t even really get into the Title of today’s Post or start tall King about the Magnitude of this Monday’s Magic, but the fact is, I Gifted the Amy Winehouse painting away because the first individual to come out and see Me painting told Me how much she Loved it! In less than half an hour after I had set up, virtually every single individual who paid any attention to Me painting at all, said that it was what I was ‘meant to spend My Life doing’. All People tell Me is how much they Love My work, I am thing King for all My self consciousness and [dare I say] ‘fear’ of My incompetence as an Artist, other People seem to Love watching Me do it. Nothing I do makes more People smile more than watching Me paint.

I was going to do a Post Titled ‘How to be Famous Starting Now’ because I am thing King it Will be Funny to tell People that I know how to become famous before I actually do it!!! (It’s more Prophetic and Mystical that Way). But You might be starting to get an Idea how I might be thing King about war King on it…

The short skinny on today’s Title is that nothing anybody does could ever stop Me from becoming what I am Destined to be. Estate or no Estate, nothing can interfere with My right of Ascent-Sean.

Love and Blessings, lots more to come soon!!!

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