Volume CCXXII: The Witches, Wizards and War Lochs Lucky Wednesday Edition; A Lady Luck Blessing Gifted by a Ladybug

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and War ‘Lochs’ Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. I have a most auspiciously Lucky Wednesday to be tall King with You about today and I am Honoured to have You in My House. The Magic of My Words Manifests so quickly now, it is Part of the reason I’ve been less Active Posting because I have to be extra Care-Full what I am as King for. Today’s feature photo is a Sign that I shared here previously, painted by Yours Truly for the ‘Haven’s (Heaven’s) Community Children’s Garden. The Post it was previously on kept falling over with the strong winds We’ve been having. Roughly a week ago, one of the management of the building noticed it had fallen over, picked it up and put it in the trunk of his car – I just ‘happened’ (no coincidences) to be outside having a smoke at the time, so I witnessed the event first hand. Some People in the community only noticed it was gone without explanation and presumed the neighbourhood children had stolen it! I thought it was so ridiculous, I didn’t even mention it here but I did let those I heard accusing the innocent children that it was not stolen and had been picked up by management, I offered that I figured they were probably making some kind of proper support for it. I guess some People thought I was making it up or something because there were still rumours circulating that some One had made off with the Sign. Generally, even thieves have a code of Honour and would never steal from children, and I am thing King most children old enough to even consider stealing would not target the community ladybug Sign. The longer the Sign was gone, the less People seemed to believe it was in Good hands. Once again, I just ‘happened’ to having a smoke when the Sign was returned to the garden today with a proper support. I didn’t even know for sure that’s what they were doing, I wasn’t as King, I just figured it was the only logical thing a building manager would do. But not a coincidence that it is literally a Sign, Ladybugs specifically represent Luck (though We’ll explore exactly what ‘Google God’ has to say on the Matter), and it was returned on Lucky Wednesday? See how My Words Manifest?

Ladybug ‘Sign’ Returns on Lucky Wednesday

Oh, but there is far more Magic than that. See, My oldest nephew told My younger Brother that I look like a Wizard – My Brother responded by saying, “Maybe he is!!!”.

My Brother doesn’t understand the Power of his Words and how they Will Manifest yet, but on some intuitive level, his Son does! His Son sent Me a Gift that I Will forever cherish. I actually dreamt of My nephew just a few months before My Brother told Me his House was expecting their first child. I told My Brother about the Dream, I told him he was having a boy with blond hair and blue eyes. Even cooler, My Brother believed Me and said he’d had that Vision, too!!!

Gift from the Son/Sun of My Brother

The two largest shapes in the middle are impressions of leaves. Three coins represents the wealth of God’s Kingdom, the Holy Trinity of Man; the leaves represent things of Real Value being Given more importance. The coins are also symbolic of Real wealth because he collects Coins, these have real, sentimental (Heart/He-Art) Value to him. Remember, the power of a Spell is determined by the purity of the Intent-Ion of the Caster, which is governed by the Heart, and why Heart=He Art; because it is the Love of Creation that inspires Man to mimic Nature. I am thing King most of the symbolism of the stickers is reasonably self evident and I don’t have time to be tall King about them all today, though I did go over the Magic of this Gift with My Brother when I first received it. Now those Words Will Manifest just as I had told My Brother they Will, and his own Son is responsible for the Magic behind it all. I’m only going to Draw Your at-ten-Sean (the leaves kind of look like the number ten, don’t they?) to the Colour-Full House in the top right of the Page, and the Ladybug in the bottom corner where a King would typically place his Seal (at least in My Kingdom – it’s where I place My Seal on My Portraits (for/pour, traits of Characters). Coincidence that ladybugs are all over (the outside) of My windowsill, in My garden, and that I was requested to paint a Sign of one? Or are You thing King this and these Signs I’m sharing with You are more for You than they were for Me? Or perhaps My Brother? It doesn’t Matter if People don’t understand these Signs as I do, as long as I do, that’s all that’s necessary for My Part of this Universal Product-Sean. 😉

But that’s just the beginning of the Luck of this Lucky Wednesday!!! In fact, it’s more like the icing on the proverbial cake, this was all late in the day, much of the Real Luck in My Microcosm came much earlier in the day than that. It was also thanks to Kingston, the new addition to My House Hold. He’s able to get onto a six inch high shelf of My coffee table where I had a stack of documents and Art supplies. Regardless what was on the shelf, shelves are off limits for cats in this House, cats are only allowed to lie and or sit in places I would lie and or sit. So I had to get the little rascal out before he started attacking My Art supplies and whatever else he might find. Oh, Kingston is a nine week old kitten, by the Way.

The Lucky Part of having to fish Kingston out is twofold; he now knows the shelf is not a place he is allowed to go and he has been astoundingly Good at listening to ‘No, that’s not for You!’ (though he still runs and hides under the bed or couch, even though I’ve never hit him or even used a spray bottle, he just likes to be dramatic), and I had to pull out the documents to get him. I knew the documents were from My last lawsuit with the City of Ottawa, but I thought it was just My copy of the Statement of Claim. I was going to fish out a copy to reference for formatting the Claim I’m drafting against My Sister and Brother anyway, so this saved Me having to go through the King’s Keep to find it (yes, believe it or not, I have so many legal documents now, they have long since exceeded fitting in My port-folio (My legal vessel’s port-al to Man’s fiction of Law) and are now in a chest like a pirate’s treasure (though considerably less lavish). The two most important things go into a chest, the Heart that pumps the breath of Life God Gifted Us with into Our lungs.

But alas, it was not My most recent Statement of Claim against the City of Ottawa! Well, it was that, but it was also much, much more.

I’ve been Posting less lately because I am war King on a lot of little details in My Microcosm that Will have a massive impact on the Macrocosm very soon. Some People are thing King I’m crazy, that I have no Idea what I’m tall King about when it comes to the Rule of Law, Trusts, Acts of treason against Sovereign People… Some People are thing King that all of these International Public Notices are meaningless. I say, “We’ll wait and see about that…”.

I have told You that the City of Ottawa bribed two Court justices so far, what I haven’t really told My audience (aside from mentioning it rather briefly in a Post at the time), is that I did complain to the Court in the flesh about Steven Pardou and the City of Ottawa mysteriously overturning default judgments, having cases dismissed as ‘frivolous and vexatious’ after the fact, documents mysteriously ‘disappearing’ from the Court of Record without any Notice to Me, and (to the best of My knowledge), without ever paying any fees into the Court.

The Court was not very impressed to hear of My complaint and took the Matter very seriously. I requested a hardcopy of the Court’s copy of the Court of Record regarding My case file. I requested everything ever filed into the Court related to My case by the City of Ottawa (and My Self but I know what I filed).

No requisition for default judgment was ever made, and to the best of My knowledge, a justice doesn’t have the Power or Authority to overturn a default judgment without Special circumstances and (at the very least) a Motion to do so with Notice of such served upon Me. See, the City of Ottawa has been stupid and niave enough to believe I Will not know these things and or how to do something about it. When I was as King how a default judgment filed with the Court with proof of service can be overturned without Notice to Me or any filing of materials for a Motion by the City of Ottawa, the individual (whom I Will not reveal at this time), told Me they have no explanation. The last Quest-Ion I was as King, was “am I wrong to be thing King that this is all very suspect and should not happen?!”. She didn’t even verbally respond she was so shocked reviewing the Court of Record with Me, she just shook her head vigorously. There was a brief pause, then she was as King Me, “What are You going to do?”.

I told her I hadn’t decided yet, I needed some time to process the information. She assured Me that if I require anything further to let her know, she Will try and help Me figure out ‘what happened’. Well, I know what happened. I’m pretty sure You can piece it together, too. These are the documents that are the cause of the Court’s concern…

Default Judgment against the City of Ottawa

Yes, this is what a Notice of Default Judgment looks like. Doesn’t even require a Signature because it is an automated process. So long as there has been no filing by the defendant before I Note them in default with the Registrar, it is over. The City of Ottawa can’t file a Notice of Intent to Defend once this is filed, and absolutely NOT without a Motion to overturn the default judgement with Notice of such served upon Me. Anyway, this is the second time I have had a legal opponent Noted in Default, first time was the Salvation Army, and I still have that default judgment, too!!! 😀

And just to Show that this is actually the (unchangeable) Court of Record, You can see the photocopy of the paperclip on the reverse side here for the required backsheet. This is how the default judgment sits in the file on the Court of Record.

Also, the Court of Record doesn’t just keep a copy of documents that are properly filed with the Court, they also have a Record of their email requisition to the Court made outside of the Rules of Civil Procedure, their response to Me, and lack of response to the defendants. It was like the Court was trying to prove to Me that they have no Idea what happened, but they confirmed that the email below would not be considered (answered) by the Court because it requires a Motion to be filed (which I am required to receive Notice of). The City of Ottawa can lie to Me as much as they Wish, the Court knows they are full of sh!t and so do I!

Yeah… So, the City of Ottawa doesn’t even know I’m sitting on all this ammunition yet, or that the Courts are actually very Good with Me so long as I’m not dealing with Steven Pardou, their bought and paid for ‘mole’ at the Court House. Notice the date (that’s July 8th, they can be Noted in Default anytime July 9th – I waited until the Monday, July 12th to Give them an extra day and the benefit of the doubt). They literally waited until the very last minute to follow up with the Court, expecting their requisition made in violation of the Rules to be granted. ‘I Trust no steps will be granted to note us in default by the Plaintiff’.

Pretty obvious by the level of expectation here that this is a favour the city of Ottawa relies on more frequently than they Wish for Us to know. What are You thing King?

Alright, I’m Way over Word budget for today. Here is My Song for today. Yeah, it’s an old one, not quite a ‘one hit wonder’, they had a few Good tunes but very little staying power… Great, grungy guitar riffs in this one, though! Pretty Good stuff for its day.

Tomorrow or next time I Post, You can also expect Me to do a Post that Will be teaching any One how to become ‘rich and famous’ starting tomorrow or whenever One Wishes. (I Will also guinea pig My philosophies on Me and Show You how it is done in this verse-Ion (version) of My Universal Product-Sean.)

Love and Blessings,

Alright, just before I Sign off, I have one more very Lucky thing to share with You this Lucky Wednesday. A Friend of mine was suggesting that the Courts in Canada are not only NOT corrupt, but he believe the Chief Justice of Canada is inviting and encouraging People to challenge traitors like Trudeau, and to do so in Canada’s Courts. I don’t Wish to put Words in the Man’s mouth, so I’ll let his own Words speak for him as My closing thoughts today.

Remarks of the Right Honourable Richard Wagner, P.C.

Chief Justice of Canada

Official Welcome Ceremony for the New Chief Justice

Ottawa, Ontario

February 5, 2018

Our Place in a Troubled World

As Canadians, we take the rule of law for granted, but it is an incredible achievement. We are living in troubled times. Pick up any newspaper on any given day and you’ll see countless examples of countries where, to varying degrees, the rule of law is weakening. Where governments intimidate the judiciary, law societies and the traditional media with threats and arrests. Where institutional biases deliver different outcomes depending on a litigant’s class, gender, religion, or race.

In Canada we have been mostly insulated from these developments, thankfully. I would argue that it is because Canadians continue to have confidence in their institutions, particularly their legal institutions, to act fairly ad justly. This Court is forceful because we stand for truth and justice, for democracy and the rule of law.

We can’t be complacent in protecting our values. And by “we” I don’t just mean the judges or lawyers or the people in this room; I mean all of us. All Canadians. Because we are in this together.

In these troubled times, other countries and other courts are looking to us as a reference – not because of our military or economic power, but because of our legal and – dare I say – moral strength. The rule of law is one of our “killer apps,” to use a modern-day metaphor – something so good that everyone else wants it. Our professional and independent judiciary, our Charter of Rights and Freedoms, our commitment to make justice accessible to those who need it: these are the things that others see when they look at Canada.

Conclusion – A More Just Society

We’re sitting in an architecturally impressive building, in a formal courtroom. It’s been just over five years, and I still feel a little tingle of excitement when I walk in here. It is a special place. But this is no ivory tower. This is the Supreme Court of Canada. Every Canadian should feel that they can walk through these doors and sit in this courtroom. They should feel that they belong here. It is their place as much as it is ours up here on the bench. We just work here, for them.

The challenges on the horizon cannot be addressed successfully by a single judge. But I know I can count on the support and determination of my colleagues and the entire Supreme Court team and that together we will work tirelessly, to the best of our ability, so we can leave our children and grandchildren, and yours, as society that is more open, more peaceful, and more just!

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