Volume CCXXII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; War King for the Man

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition where I wield My Words even more fearlessly than usual, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Wonder-Full Pleasure to have You in My House.

Today Will be a rather short Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition mostly because I only have… Exactly 37 minutes to Write this Post before it Will be the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition.

I am feeling Fabulous though because today was one of the ‘big’ days for Me this month. My housing renewal package was due today, and Tatiana Lindstrom (a Trustee for the Public Trust via Ontario Works) received a package from Me on the full Moon of last week, as King of her to take care of a Trust obligation (for My Benefit). I still don’t have the original Letter that was sent to Ontario Works to share with You, which would have been the only ‘better’ News I could have received today. As it was, the only Good News I received was no News at all. Silence is legally and lawfully perceived to be a tacit, binding agreement between the parties. If there is no protest to what I am as King for the Trustee to do with respect to a time sensitive Issue (which stands to cause Me harm if it is not fulfilled), there is a moral obligation to respond if there were to be any objection to the request whatsoever. Because there was no response, it is reasonable for Me to consider the Matter has been taken care of.

However, Ontario Works has not exactly been Honourably discharging their duties and obligations to the Public Trust, they have been performing an ‘Act’ [of parliament] that trespasses upon the rights of Canada’s People that was Given assent by treasonous traitors to the Crown. All of Canada’s State Actors are guilty of treason, and it isn’t just for the Acts of Just-in True-dough or his father for selling out Canada’s economy to private banks. Canada’s State Actors have been guilty of treason against the Crown since 1867, officially. That’s why the Birth Registration Act was passed in 1868, because the Crown Wished to Keep a Record of all People who aid and abet the treasonous traitors who violated their Oath to the Crown and Her Majesty.

That’s why State Actors don’t have gold or silver backed currency, they are not allowed to own anything, they have been listed as prisoners of war and are debtors! The debt can never be repaid by State Actors, only by Canada’s Sovereign People who hold the State Actors accountable for their treasonous Acts against the Crown (which includes trespasses upon the Sovereignty of Canada’s People) and compel them to fulfill their promises to pay. Oh, Trust Me when I tell You, they WILL pay – and the debt is pretty hefty…

So, just to cover My bases, I followed up with Tatiana Lindstrom to communicate to her exactly what I just communicated to all of My readers here. This email I am happy to share with You, enjoy. [And yes, I am aware there are two instances of ‘there’ instead of ‘their’ – I do know the difference but when I type they sound the same in My head and sometimes, that’s what comes out. Irritates Me to no end, though, because I am a stickler for correcting others!!! How embarrassing. Meh, it is what it is.]

I also Wish to briefly point out that although no response is legally a tacit agreement, it is also still an Act of dis-Honour. One should always respond to correspondence, even if just to be courteous, but especially if there is a moral obligation to do so. This is one of those times. So I have no problem ‘politely’ and professionally indicating to Tatiana that she has this obligation to Me, and that because she did not respond, I am presuming she has fulfilled the obligation because it would be ‘discourteous’ of Me to presume that a Trustee is NOT doing their job. This is WHY silence is consent – We are to presume that every One is Acting in Honour until proved otherwise, kind of like innocent until proved guilty. I presume the Honourable thing has been done, rather than the presume dishonour.

The other reason this is exciting for Me is because although I still have not started drafting the Claim against My Sister, I am finally ready to get started. I was somewhat waiting on this because if there was going to be any Issue, I had a plan for taking them both to Court (State and My Sister/family) at the same time, rather than having to draft two lawsuits for the same trespasses (breach of public Trust).

The other reason it’s exciting for Me, is because a lot of My more serious legal documents have been read recently (emphasis on the last month) and I haven’t been Writing very much. Really, the only People I expect to be seriously interested in the Public Notices I’ve served upon People (after they’ve already been Posted for months or years in some cases), are the People I’ve served them upon or the institutions they serve. It’s also very interesting to see just how closely some People are watching this Blog. I already know that the second I Post this, there are People who Will have already downloaded the pdf without even visiting this Post! They are very interested in the documents I am serving upon People recently.

Finally, I have a massive BBQ to attend tomorrow and hope to promote the Kingdom of Heaven Art Exhibit-Sean AND get this Posted before midnight. So today’s feature photo is today’s progress on My war King portrait of Jack White. Tomorrow I am hoping to do a Post to teach People how to be the Star of the Show, starting anywhere, anytime.

Love and Blessings,

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