Ottawa Police Service Handcuffs Children for Fun and Entertainment at Community BBQ

“Best job in the world!!!”

Yup, Canadian taxpayer dollars war King hard as always. None of Sergeant Catherine Wood’s officers seem to know their Oath (which is their number one duty and obligation to Canada’s People), but they do know how to prep young minorities for violations of their Charter and International Treaty rights at the hand of thugs posing as law enforcement.

Ottawa Police Service never disappoints. They shoot lawful protestors in the leg with rubber bullets for defending the Charter rights of Canada’s People, and handcuff young children for entertainment purposes at picnics and BBQ’s. Book Your next BBQ with the Ottawa Police now!!! The service is free apparently, paid for by Trudeau’s tremendous deficit, so don’t dilly dally, officers in limited supply after over 80 quit because they Will not consent to Trudeau’s unlawful vaccine mandate, so only while quantities last. [The remainder officers are just treasonous traitors who have no regard for Canada’s Charter or the rights of Canada’s People, or too fearful of losing their paycheck to do what is morally right.] If any police Honoured their oath, provincially, municipally, or federally, Trudeau would be in jail right now.

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