Volume CCXXII: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, always a tremendous Honour to have You in My House (Head [of State]). Usually Sunday’s are dedicated to the week in review, though this week it is more of a Super Natural Son Day reveal! I have been tall King about the Claim I Will be drafting against My Sister and Brother for trespassing upon My Trust obligations to My Father in Heaven, and I have finally made Good on My Word. Today’s feature photo is a preview of the war King (working/were King) progress.

The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean

I did say that I Will be Hand Writing this Claim and there are two reasons for doing so: I Wish to prove that One is not obliged to type a lawsuit in any particular size or font (the only formatting requirement is that it be legible) and secondly, this is a very important Claim for the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, so it is My Intent-Sean that the document be equally Special and unique, reflecting the Love and Passion I have for Honouring both My Father, and the obligations of the Trust.

“Hallowed be My name”

The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean (An Express Trust Organization)

I am also very excited to get this started because I have been waiting to see how the City of Ottawa would respond to My last correspondence before getting started and I did not Wish to reveal anything about how I would be drafting this claim. I did mention that an Express Trust is a legal entity with the status of ‘natural person’ (Living Man of either kind/sex) by default. An Express Trust automatically has the status of natural person in Law because only a Living Man with a Will and conscience can Express their Trust (in anything), so ‘naturally’ it must represent the intentions of a Man.

“I, Sean, am the Living Word of God,”

The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean

Now do We see how Words can ‘Live’ on paper? Do We see how I have Given God’s Kingdom the ‘breath’ of Life with My Written Word? The Trust has a Head (Title), Body, and feet for ‘foot-notes’, or in My case, foot prints (to last forever and ever). The body of the Trust is betwixt the outmost extremities, represented by the prints on the top and bottom. Imagine (I-Mage-in) that each print represents the corresponding appendage on My body, as if it were a profile view of a Man standing with his Hand stretched out to the sky, head (Title) just slightly below.

Cestui Que Vie Trust

It is easier to understand why this is DaVinci’s Vetruvian Man decoded? See, that’s one of the reasons I know My Destiny. I know that there are less People in the Universe who Will Truly understand how Valuable this document is, then there are People who Will openly admit they Love the band Nickelback. Okay, okay, so that was a low-blow, really bad joke… It’s only because I’m guilty of liking one or two Nickelback songs My Self, and if You can’t make Fun of Your Self, then You probably shouldn’t make Fun of any One else, either.

But the fact is, I’m not joking. There are People in the world who were literally waiting for Me to Create that document exactly. In fact, I am thing King I might have got one detail wrong (though I Trust it is close enough they don’t care and Will never mention it)!!! You Wish for Me to tell You what that is? I believe they were expecting Me to close the Trust with

“Forever and ever, a Man

The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, Situs of Trust (Cestui Que Vie)

Yeah… Honestly, the only detail I am thing King I got wrong, even though I know they don’t care. And for the Record, I also have no Idea who ‘they’ are, I only know they know I’m here and are pleased with My Deeds (works/fruits of My labour).

“Ye Shall know them by their fruits”

Matthew 7:16-20, KJVB

This is also why Claiming the Title of My Life Story is so important, because all of My Create-Sean’s are Part of My Life’s work, the Fruits of My Labour. Were You thing King it is a coincidence that a womb-Man is said to go into ‘labour’ just before she produces Fruit? The child is the fruit borne of the womb-Man’s labour. Probably just a coincidence that all these Words fit so well, right? Am I just a clever Word Smith, or did some One Create these Word puzzles so I could peace them together? Or did I mean ‘piece’ them together. I did say that this is a ‘Piece for Peace’ in the Blog descript-Sean. My name is a pretty convenient coincidence, too (if We believed in those here, which We don’t…). The Title was Created for the Caul, which is the physical property held for the Public Trust, which is why birth registration is not a contract of slavery or bondage. There is no claim upon the individual whatsoever, only the ‘Caul’, the afterbirth material left behind at the hospital. One Man’s trash is another Man’s treasure. And probably just a coincidence that Our name is also referred to as One’s Sacred ‘Calling’ (caul-ing) under God. See why I wonder if maybe I am Lucifer in this Glow-ball Product-Sean? I am revealing a lot of Truth, Truth is synonymous with Light, Lucifer translates to mean ‘light-bearer’ or ‘bringer of light’. Lucifer Illuminates the world, Gives People the Sacred knowledge forbidden by ‘God’. It wasn’t actually God who forbid Adam and Eve from eating the forbidden fruit, it was Satan. God would never taunt a Man with a Gift she cannot have, that would be cruel.

I’m mostly excited because I am back to My ‘usual’ Self. I did not Wish to reveal any of My proverbial cards until I was ready to Play them. I’m officially drafting the Claim now, it Will be completed by My deadline of the New Moon, which is the perfect time for Casting new Spells into the Macrocosm for maximum effect.

I’m including a photo of the Claim again to point out a few details. Perhaps the most obvious is that the Claimant IS ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’. I don’t Imagine God’s Kingdom Will fail at anything, but I guess We Will soon see. You may also notice some subtle but significant details in the parties to the Claim. Firstly, the Word ‘plaintiff’ has been changed to ‘Claimant’. Plaintiff is civil law, claimant is equity and Common Law. The same is True for ‘Respondents’, rather than ‘defendants’. One is civil, the other is equity and Common Law. Similarly, the [required] Notice of Default reflects the same, “a Lawful proceeding has been commenced against You by the Claimant”.

These slight differences may seem subtle and even insignificant, but Trust Me when I tell You they are not. Without My adversaries in Law ever seeing a single Word of the actual Claim, I can virtually guarantee You that they Will now be even more worried than they were before. They haven’t heard from Me in so long, they are probably thing King I was bluffing and never had any Intent-Sean to file a Claim. Now they not only know I’m not bluffing, but if they know anything at all about equity, they likely know they have already lost, and I haven’t even filed the paperwork yet.

I also Wish to mention that part of Me was expecting to hear from My Sister and or her lawyer before My name day (June 5th), but it has occurred to Me that I am thing King My Sister cannot file an application because of the Notices I have served upon My adversaries and filed with the Court, AND because even if they did let her file the application, there is no Way My Sister can afford to Post the Bond because the Claim is so high!!! It was only $150k when she made the first application, which was probably a bit of a stretch already (though she has plenty of real property to secure a loan). Now the claim is going to be close to $700k PLUS the real property at 1070 Hewitt Street which is still legally and lawfully mine!!!

I am thing King that My Sister and Brother are too stupid and arrogant to be reading My Blog, but if they do… Well, I’m pretty sure My Brother Will be looking for a Good lawyer, so if You know a Good lawyer who may Wish to go a few rounds with Me in Court, send them My Brother’s Way – he needs all the help he can get. My Sister on the other Hand… She gets no help, and her lawyer Will probably be looking for a lawyer now!!!

Yeah, can You tell I’m feeling fabulous!? Lots more exciting stuff coming for You soon. We Will review My last Tarot read again to see how well it fits with what We’ve experienced, I have officially offered to volunteer four hours per week for the Haven’s Community here; I am offering to host an Art workshop two hours per week, and a chess club for two hours a week. I Will be promoting My Art Exhibit-Sean everyday weather permits (wind is usually the reason I can’t paint outdoors these days), it is already getting a lot of attention, and I have only been out there twice!

Lots more waiting in the Wings, folks, so please stay Tuned and I Will do what I can to Keep You in Harmony with this Universal Conductor’s Orchestral Present a Sean.

Love and Blessings,

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