Volume CCXXIV: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; Thy Kingdom Comes, Thy Will is Done…

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour and Pleasure to have You in My House. I believe it has been a full week since I’ve authored a Post for the Good News Journal, though I do remember My last Intent-Sean was to get another Matrix Resurrections De-Coded published last Tuesday. My Life can be full of Surprises and the last week has been an except-Sean-all example.

First of all, the entire North American continent has been celebrating some kind of illusion of independence. This is where I’m not very popular with the nationalists; I see nationalism as just another form of discrimination no different from championing for a favourite sports team – every One Wishes to believe their team is the best, right?

Even before Canada’s national day of pride, I was struck with something very unusual. In fact, it was just shortly before I had intended to Write My new Matrix Interpret-a-Sean last week. I was tending to My plants and felt a dull ache in My bones like maybe I’d done a little too much walking and not enough replenishing (eating). I felt kind of hollow and ravenously hungry all of a sudden. From that point forward, it was like something out of a Stephen King novel!

I could not cook food fast enough, My stomach felt like it was eating itself – but it was even worse than that! It also felt like it was some kind of black hole sucking every ounce of Energy out of My body, I began to feel too weak to stand! And then I was cold, though My apartment was 28 degrees.

It was Truly the strangest thing ever because even after eating a ridiculous amount of food, I was still ravenous! It was like everything I consumed was just enough to feed some internal fire, but not enough to fuel the fire to keep it going. It lasted roughly sixteen hours and all I could do was eat, sleep, and sweat. It ended as quickly as it began.

Apparently a few People in the community experienced something similar, some kind of twenty-four hour stomach flu. Some People suggested food poisoning but I really don’t think so. I know it Will probably sound unlikely to most People, but I am thing King I was attacked by Magic. Even if I do catch a virus, it never affects Me like that. Same thing with food poisoning. This was something… Stronger.

However, I did recover, and I’d been war King on My Claim against My Brother, Sister, and My Sister’s lawyer when I’d fallen under the Spell. It was as if the Universe had forced Me to pause momentarily, to take some time to consider what I should be as King for in My Claim. As I endeavoured to get back to drafting the Claim, a Friend I hadn’t seen for several years said he was coming to Ottawa for the Canada Day Celebration. He was as King if I Wished to make it a Canada Day Celebrate-Sean, instead, and I was happy to oblige.

So I have had some pleasant distractions to give Me further motive a Sean to procrastinate drafting My Claim, but I don’t believe in coincidences and I’m now very thank Full for the extra time. The Claim is Officially completed.

The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean

It took two days kind of plugging away at it. Am I Happy with it? Perhaps surprisingly, both yes and no.

I am Thrilled to have it done. It is absolutely, bar none, the most difficult piece of Writing I have ever had to compose. Much of it I did not Wish to be compelled to Write. Most of it I did not Wish to be compelled to Write. Yet it needed to be done, and now it is done.

The reason I’m both happy and not happy with it, is because this is not the Claim I Will be filing. It’s the Claim that needed to be Writ, but I needed to Write this Claim, I needed to tell God what My Brother and Sister have done. The Court doesn’t need to see all of this, this Claim is for Me, and for My Father in Heaven.

But getting it all out is equally important. In fact, if I had not got all this out, I’d probably never be able to draft the Claim. Consider it akin to screaming out loud or something. I’ve said everything I Wish to say in exactly the Way I Wish to say it to make Me feel better!!! But it is not the most effective Way to articulate My Claim to the Court, so I am going to be simplifying My Claim considerably.

I feel the last little while here has been somewhat anticlimactic for My audience lately, and I Wish for You to know Your patience is appreciated. All the Good things I’ve Promised are on their Way. Some of the finer details are just taking a little more time than I had been thing King they Will. For example, I had Originally been planning to file My Claim on the 5th of this month. Technically, I could file My Claim into the Court today – but I won’t.

There is a huge Spiritual element to this Claim. The fact is, if it were just about the money, or the land, or the automobiles, or the personal property My Brother and Sister have plundered from My Father’s Estate, it would be easier to let it go. In fact, it would be a lot easier for Me to let it go than most People would believe. The fact is, this isn’t about any of that, this is about angering God, deliberately dis-Gracing My Father, lying to Me about it, and destroying every last shred of physical property that proves My father existed at all. His children are now the only thing left to Show My Father existed at all, and two of them Wish to extinguish his memory from the face of the earth forever. I Will not let that happen!!!

The Claim is a total of nineteen pages right now, which really isn’t too bad, considering. It’s Truly Mind numbing to consider every trespass in chronological Order. I’m going to be simplifying the Claim considerably, this One I Will Keep for My Records. It Will likely be more like ten pages when it’s done, and it Will be ready to file for the beginning of next month. There’s no rush, I’m charging interest daily and they know it, so…

I am also reasonably proud of My garden considering zero time went into planning one this year. I was literally told I had been granted a community garden plot and was handed a bunch of seeds. I ripped out a patch of knee-high mint that was growing in My plot, then scattered some carrot and beet seeds, and the rest I just poked holes in the soil with My finger and dropped in a seed.

Wall of Peas

Yeah, the photo doesn’t really do this plant justice, it’s almost as tall as Me! It’s basically a tomato tree. It’s got at least half a dozen tomatoes in various stages of ripening and countless flowers. Everyday I swear it is a few inches taller. I’ve got some pretty nice carrots, beets, and beans happening, too. Sadly, the only thing that’s a little slow is the peppers!!! At the same time, doesn’t really matter because the ones growing inside don’t have to worry about the season ending (and some are doing great, just no flowers yet).

Anyway, lot’s more coming in the near future, getting back to Matrix Resurrections De-Coded later today, and with My Claim finally drafted, all other things Will be returning to ‘normal’ (whatever that was). I guess what I’m really trying to say is that the Magic of it is out of My head and finally on paper, even if it isn’t the polished version ready for filing yet. There is Magic in getting One’s thoughts out on paper and now My Mind feels much less cluttered.

Love and Blessings,

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