Volume CCXXVI: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Illuminate Sean from Light House von Dehn, I Land of Sean

Hello every One and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Grand Pleasure to have You in My House… Or in this particular case, My Light-House of Illuminate-Sean. Yes, a beacon to Light the Way for the rest of the citizen ships (sea-King) a solid bank somewhere on the shores of commercial admiralty’s rocky waters. Unfortunately, it was never a Good Idea for them to have set for sale in the first place, that was a violate-Sean of the Tenth Commandment. Did We not learn anything in Kindergarten?

“Thou Will not covet”

10th Commandment

Ah… Well, how’s that for an intro? Did You miss Me? It’s all True, ladies and gents, Queens and Kings of Your whole E (Energy) Temple, the Trinity of Man; Mind, Body and Soul. The Head of Our Body is the Head of One’s State and the Light House of hope if One is looking for Salve a’Sean. But that’s just the beginning of this Magical Monday Edition and something of a tangent relative to the Real Magic of this Post, Issued from My International Post Office, House von Dehn, Kingdom of God. When it comes to fact versus fiction, the Truth is the only place I exist in Your world is in Your Mind, so I am in Your head, that’s why the Head represents the House of Man. The Honour of [family] Title was Given to the father of the House Hold because the only contribution the Father can make is information, the Mother Creates the physical property that becomes the ‘off-spring’, Our job is to keep that off spring from bleeding into commercial admiralty’s salty waters by keeping Our children from setting sale in such dangerous seas in the first place.

Yes, there is something of a purpose for tall King about children because that’s what I feel like I’m dealing with when I’m trying to communicate with State Actors. I don’t Mind the Script that was Writ for them so long as they Play their Part well. This is My Universal Present a Sean, so I am Casting My Magic into the Product-Sean as the Stage Director. Is any One thing King that I am just very clever and Creative, that all these Words like ‘birth and berth’, ‘doc’ and ‘dock’, [umbilical] ‘Cord’ and ‘Re-Cord-ing, ‘Caul’ and ‘Call'[ing]? I can’t Promise I Will get back to My Matrix Interpret a Sean tomorrow but I really am hoping to because the point I am trying to make is that these Words are not coincidence, they existed long before I ever arrived on this plane of existence (it is technically a massive object flying through space) and have meant the same thing they mean today since the time of their Create Sean. These Word connections are not a coincidence, they are a Gift from God – whatever it is You perceive that to be.

Today the children I was dealing with are war King for Ontario Works, administrators of the public Trust (Trustees by default). They are incredibly incompetent. So much so, it is almost incomprehensible and difficult to believe it is not being done with malicious intent.

“Sufficient incompetence is indistinguishable from malice.”

I can’t remember… But I have a pin on Pinterest so feel free to look it up if You are interested. It’s not My quote, that’s all I know.

Fortunately, I am somewhat accustomed to this incompetence and have learned how to protect My Self and use their incompetence against them. People don’t generally like to showcase incompetence and unethical conduct, it tends to reflect poorly on One professionally speaking. This letter is in regards to a financial lease obligation to the artificial person’s landlord, Multifaith Housing Initiative. Ontario Works approved the lease and obligations in November of last year, all parties have been Given full disclosure that the artificial person (unlawfully Created in My name and without My informed consent by the Canadian government presumably for My benefit) is entirely dependent upon Ontario Works (under duress and without prejudice for trespass upon My right to freely dispose of My natural wealth to fulfill same obligations) to fulfill any financial obligations of the lease. I have even Given consent for the landlord to contact My Trustee directly for fulfillment of any obligations that may require additional funding for exactly those reasons. The point is, the non-disclosure agreement works to My advantage because the landlord is now a witness to all My efforts and the continuous belligerence and incompetence I am subject to because I am compelled under duress and without prejudice to deal with these incompetent individuals.

This is a third email sent to Tatiana Lindstrom’s supervisor, Krystal Skof, after Tatiana ignored My correspondence for almost three weeks, only to respond to say she has no time to respond, please contact her supervisor, Krystal Skof. I sent one email to Krystal without cc’ing the email to anyone roughly three weeks ago. After another week of silence and Multifaith contacting Me directly as King if I’d heard back from Ontario Works yet, I explained to Multifaith how belligerent and arrogant they are, and cc’d them on My follow up email to Krystal to demonstrate.

Here is the email.

It is absolutely amazing what People Will do when they know some One is watching. Exactly one hour and forty minutes later, I received a reply. That might not be light speed or ‘Puro-later’ (what a stupid name for a company that is supposed to deliver documents quickly – why would I Wish for something to be purolater?.. I digress) but it’s a lot faster than no reply at all!!! Look at that, the moment some One is watching, I’m deemed worthy enough to reply. And how bad does that email make her look, really? But it gets worse. In Krystal’s reply she Writes,

Good afternoon Stephen,

When looking through your Ontario works file this is the most recent document that was submitted. I have attached it above so that you can have a copy.

If this is not the package that you are looking for can you let me know how it was submitted to the office, was it dropped off or sent via email?

Thank you,

Krystal Skof

Well, You are not going to believe what Krystal sends Me, but I can tell You it’s the reason I was not able to include the reply as a pdf and had to cut and paste the content of the email instead. Krystal sends Me someone else’s file!!! Now, I can’t help but feel a little responsible because I know better than any One that when I tell You My Words Magically Manifest, it is no joke – that does NOT mean I Wish to see People demonstrate just how hopelessly incompetent they are, I am hoping it Will Gift them with the Motive a Sean to do better.

At any rate, here is My reply that was also cc’d to My landlord.

I have lots more to say including a wonderful Story about the Muslim Eid festival which I Will be tall King about another time soon. But really, why would I care how ‘crazy’ People might think I am when they make it so easy for Me to allow them to humiliate their Self. What Krystal just did is about the most serious offense she could commit – it’s just as bad as a bank giving account information to the wrong person, or medical records, or anything else. The individual TRUSTED Krystal and Ontario Works that the documents she Gave them would not be disseminated to others without her prior knowledge and consent. She does this in response to a Notice of Breach of Trust and Fiduciary Obligations. Seriously folks, let them laugh at the king thing all they Wish, I’m going to be having the last laugh at their ex-pence.

Love and Blessings,

Oh… And some other Magic in My Universe. I Truly Wish I could tell You My Secret but People in the community are now tall King about Me because of My garden and gargantuan tomato trees. One is now officially taller than Me and I expect at least three of them Will by by the end of the season, the fourth in the back corner is like a three headed hydra so I’m sure it won’t be as tall but the giant You see in the corner already has over 50 tomatoes on it in various stages of growth on just four branches and I anticipate it Will produce more than 100 in total- ONE PLANT!!!

Sadly, I have no Secret so share with You, it is a Gift from God – but they do tower over every other plant in the community garden like they themselves are God!!! (The corn behind the tomato plant is four feet tall to put it in perspective.)

Also including some pepper plants because they were VERY slow to start. So slow, I wasn’t sure I was going to have any success, though nothing was dying, they just weren’t growing. But in the last week they have exploded into growth and now two of My pepper plants have flowers coming out of everywhere, but the real marvel is the bonsai pepper plant at the front. It is the most productive and prolific of My pepper plants so far, and it is only in a two inch pot and was started as an experiment. I am Truly astounded that I am going to have peppers on a plant in a two inch pot!!!

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