Volume CCXXVI: The Terrific Tuesday Edition; The Light House von Dehn has Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. This Will have to be a quick one because it is a gorgeous day outside but the information I have to share with You is too Good to Keep to My Self.

I’m not sure if You Will have read yesterday’s Post, but to sum it up as simply as possible, I followed up with Ontario Works regarding a package I sent them over two months ago regarding an obligation that was to be satisfied no later than the 24th of last month. I served them with a Notice of Breach of Trust of Fiduciary Obligations for failing to respond to Me to let Me know the status of My requisition to their office. I also cc’d the email to the landlord who is the one waiting for the documents to let them know that the negligence is on the part of Ontario Works, and no fault of My own.

Well, just when You were thing King that they could not possibly prove to be any more incompetent or negligent than they have been so far, Krystal responds with an attachment as King if they are the documents I am requesting. First of all, the Notice clearly indicates that the package was sent by regular mail, so it would not be a pdf. But even worse, she sends Me someone else’s file!!! ANY breach of public Trust is very serious, but this is one is the easiest to prove. They can dispute the Word obligation in Court, or perhaps claim that liability belongs to another party or whatever. But sending confidential documents to the wrong person when I am serving them Notice for breaching My Trust for not responsibly caring for My documents… Well, that takes the level of incompetence and negligence to a whole new level!

So I wasn’t really surprised I did not hear back from them yesterday, though I should have. The proper thing to do would be to respond to Me immediately, acknowledge the document was sent in error, and request that I Keep the information private and confidential as it was not intended for Me. I would Honour that request whether any One were as King of Me to or not. But what are You thing King Ontario Works ‘go to’ was? Destroy all evidence of the crime!!!

Yup, Lili emailed Me today as King of Me to delete the email, then delete the deleted email from My trash. Well, I guess Lili doesn’t know that does not make the error ‘disappear’, it just makes it inaccessible to Me from that point forward. There Will still be a Record of the email in Gmail somewhere, which Will be uploaded to a data cloud of some kind for archiving just in case someone is trying to destroy important documents that contain valuable information regarding a crime. Now who would ever Wish to destroy evidence of a crime? Generally, only the perpetrator.

So now Ontario Works has requested for Me to commit an illegal and unlawful act to destroy evidence of their breach of Trust. Ouch!!! Now, the Court could presume this request was made with the best intention of protecting the interests of the breached party’s Trust, but it doesn’t guarantee I don’t first make copies of the email and download it to My hard drive (which was done almost as soon as I received the email). The only thing they can do, is be as King of Me to Keep the information private, and Trust that I Will. I would never exploit the information I have been Trusted with for any reason, but I am absolutely going to retain a record of the breach of Trust because I’m making some pretty serious allegations about the incompetency of Ontario Works and their representative agents, so it is Good to have such an exceptional example. Also, My reply to Krystal was also cc’d to MHI, so they also received that information in error. The fact is, they have to acknowledge they made a mistake and be as King of all parties to Trust they Will Keep the information to their Self.

What does all of this mean? Well, now Ontario Works is compelled (under duress and without recourse) to Trust that I Will Keep that information private. But it is also absolute proof that Krystal Skof is every bit as incompetent as I suggested she is. Do You see now how My Words Magically Manifest? If she hadn’t breached the public Trust enough to be fired before this error, she most certainly has now.

Anyway, here is the email correspondence which I am thing King You Will enjoy. I have to say it is kind of nice to have some ‘dirt’ on Ontario Works that is indisputable.

Oh, and another thing I enjoy sharing with You even though I didn’t take a screenshot this time, the new documents included in yesterday’s Post were downloaded three times within five seconds of the Post being Published and without any visitors to the Post showing in My stats. Believe Me when I tell You, all the world is a Stage, and You are the audience this Universal Product-Sean was designed to entertain.

Love and Blessings,

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