Volume CCXXVI: The Terrific Two’s Day Edition; The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s First Named Beneficiary

Hello every One, and welcome to the Terrific Two’s Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. What a Terrific Two’s Day in Deed!!! As the Title suggests, The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean has its first named Beneficiary. My Brother, Sister and Mum were also once named Beneficiaries, but I cannot compel any of them to accept the Gifts God Gives them, and they have denied My Trust, so their names are irrelevant because God Will never trespass upon free Will.

If You read My earlier Post today, You may know why, if not, a State Actor ‘accidently’ Sent Me the wrong person’s information – personal, private information that was Trusted to their care. They then were as King of Me to destroy the evidence of their Breach of Trust. Believe it or not, I almost complied with their request!!! It didn’t occur to Me until I was about to do it that I am destroying evidence of a breach of Trust perpetrated by a public servant – it’s actually a federal offence to destroy that email! I would have been aiding and abetting their trespass and Breach of Trust because I doubt very much that Ontario Works is going to do what they have a legal and lawful obligation to do, which is immediately advise Colleen Lynch of what has happened and what they are doing to remedy the situation and ensure her protection. How much do You Wish to bet they didn’t even tell Colleen and had no intention of doing so?

There are no coincidences in the Universe.

“I, like God, do not Play dice and do not believe in coincidence.”

V, V for Vendetta

God doesn’t make mistakes, Krystal Skof makes mistakes, Ontario Works makes mistakes, the City of Ottawa makes mistakes, I make mistakes. The fact is, I made a genuine mistake yesterday. Despite all My efforts to share My original email and response to the Breach of Trust on My Blog only and copied and pasted the text of Lili’s breach without the pdf to protect the information, I downloaded the wrong email which included the whole thread and the pdf! I removed it only seconds later, but it was already too late, the email containing it had already been downloaded three times. Again, My mistake… But it was a mistake God intended for Me to make because Colleen was placed in My Trust by God. A Trust relationship is Created by Way of demonstrable causality. I was Trusted to Act in the person’s best interest, and I can’t actually do that without letting You know her name – it’s an unfortunate requirement of a Beneficiary of My Trust, because that is the name that Will be used if any legal action is necessary. I have Promised God that I Will provide full disclosure to all the world’s People by Way of this Blog (international Post Office – a requirement of a Sovereign nation legally), and I need to let You know what the Honourable thing to do is in a situation like this.

The information that was Trusted to Me is not a coincidence, either. In fact, it only further demonstrates that this ‘mistake’ was God’s doing. I mean really, how does One mistake the name Colleen Lynch for Sean Stephen von Dehn? It is not a small mistake! I wouldn’t be surprised if there is more Magic war King in the Universe than One might I-Mage-in.

But it gets better!!! I real eyes’d that I know Colleen! I know this person (always use the Word person deliberately because it represents the ‘legal’ world, not the Lawful world). I was actually war King with this Lady for a few months just about three years ago now, and We got along famously! As soon as I realized I know her, I was very interested to know the result of her internal review request. Not only does Ontario Works have a legal and lawful obligation to advise Colleen that they breached her Trust, they have a legal and lawful obligation to compensate her for that Breach of Trust. They have an obligation to make this wrong right, and their ‘go to’ was to have Me delete the email and document and conspire with them in their effort to destroy evidence of a Breach of Trust by a State Actor?

So I’m going to make sure they do let Colleen know by having Colleen email Me to confirm that Ontario Works gave her Notice of their breach of her Trust. To make it right, they are also going to restore Colleen’s Benefits immediately if they have not done so already, and provide every ‘extra’ available under the Ontario Works Act. They Will also provide her with a Writ of Guarantee that her Benefits Will never be arbitrarily revoked again so long as she is Living!

Yup… No coincidences and this comes right back to why I have been so ‘quiet’ lately with respect to Posting. I can’t deny My Destiny, it would not Matter what I do, the Universe Will prompt Me with situations beyond My control. These are the ‘TRUMP’ cards in the Tarot deck, the Language of God. People make mistakes, I probably make more mistakes than most, but I also learn from every One, so it might be part of the reason I’m so smart. But God does not make mistakes. This information being Trusted to My care is NOT a coincidence, this Lady is a Friend and may very well have been as King God to send her an Angel if she was arbitrarily denied benefits. Based on My experiences, I have no reason to believe that Colleen was NOT arbitrarily and unlawfully denied her Benefits.

So here’s the email that is just One more brick in the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Trust, a Kingdom that Will never fall (unlike the Tower, I might Play Fully add).

I Will also be adding the Notice to the International Public Notices Page later.

Love and Blessings,

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