Volume CCXXVII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Spell Bound City Silent

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. I’ve been Posting less frequently the last couple of months, and not so much by Intent-Sean, more by Matter of circumstance and My Determine-a-Sean to make the most of a sweltering summer. It’s also been somewhat quiet in My Microcosm until the last week or so, and I mentioned that I’m trying to make the most of being a virtual no One for as long as I can. The last month or two are something like the calm before a storm – I knew that when things began to really heat up, a lot of People Will be finding their Self in very hot water. Well, I was correct, and the water isn’t just hot, it’s scalding hot! And it’s a Spell Bound City of Ottawa that’s getting burned!!!

Last Friday, the City of Ottawa was requesting that I destroy evidence of their Breach of Trust of another Beneficiary! I know, if One is not caught up on My Story, it almost seems unbelievable, but it’s True.

The City of Ottawa was placed on Notice for failing to respond to My documents in reasonable time, and responded to My Notice by as King of Me if an attached pdf document belonging to some One else was the document I was as King about! Again, I could not make this stuff up, the negligence is almost incomprehensible, except that this is exactly the kind of thing I have come to expect from the City of Ottawa and their representative State Actors.

Because the City of Ottawa has never (in My experiences) taken accountability or response-ability for their wrongdoings in the past, it is My presumption that they were as King of Me to destroy the evidence of the Breach of Trust so they would not have to tell the offended party, and therefor Will not have to compensate the other party for their Breach of Trust. Every One is entitled to compensation when they are harmed by another party, and a Breach of Trust and privacy is clearly a form of harm. The City of Ottawa seems to be thing King that those subject (under duress and without recourse) to shelters or dependent upon any of the City of Ottawa’s social services for their basic subsistence (in violation of their inherent right to never be deprived of their own means of subsistence), are not entitled to equality in Law, or compensation for wrongdoings done to them by State Actors. It is the City of Ottawa’s opinion that trespassing upon the rights of these individuals is an ‘acceptable’ form of harm – business as usual, war King for false profits at the expense of the People.

Can You tell that I’ve had enough? How much is a Man expected to take, exactly? Well, it’s not the Free Lance Friday Edition, so I’ll try to keep the rants to a minimum. The fact is, they not only were as King of Me to destroy the email by Way of email, they actually had some One from the City of Ottawa Hand deliver a Letter to My neighbour to make sure I receive it. The City of Ottawa is over a month late responding to My correspondence, but they have the time and resources to send some One over to hand deliver a Letter? I’m about a forty minute drive from their office! And what was the Letter about? Again, they were as King of Me to destroy the email and all evidence of the email. This is after I had already advised the City of Ottawa that I cannot do that because spoliation of evidence necessary for contemplated or pending litigation (because the offended party is entitled to compensation and this is the only evidence of the breach) is a provincial and federal criminal offense.

Frankly, based on My experiences with the City of Ottawa, for all I know their intent-Sean was to have Me commit a federal offense just so they could have reason to charge My person and arrest Me in their [artificial] person’s stead. No Way am I committing a crime under any circumstance, the last thing I need to do is Give any One cause to arrest Me in lieu of My person. Not too concerned about having to defend My Honour in any Court, but they don’t like to provide compensate-Sean for their unlawful Acts, and I really don’t enjoy the brutality I’ve already been subject to at the Hand of the Ottawa police, so I’m going to do what I can to be Good – and Honourable.

So I did do the Honourable thing and again advised the City that I received their Letter and Will not be destroying the evidence of the Breach because it is a criminal offense and because I believe they are as King of Me to do so because they have no intent-Sean of Giving Notice to the other party. They confirm receipt of My receipt of their Letter and My email providing case law examples of spoliation of evidence pertaining to pending litigation and how it is punishable under Canada’s criminal code charges ‘interfering with justice’ and ‘fraud by concealment’. Despite My insistence that what they are as King of Me to do is a criminal offense, they are as King of Me for a third time to destroy the email and evidence of the breach!!!

The Good News is, I advised them once again that under no circumstance Will I destroy evidence of their Breach until I know for sure that they have Given Notice to the offended party. The offended party has a right to full disclosure, meaning they have a right to know My name and how I came to be in possess-Sean of one of their documents, as well as every other individual or organization that received the document in error. They also cc’d the information to My landlord’s management email, and We have no idea how many People have access to that email and what the City of Ottawa has done to contain that breach! According to My landlord’s silence when as King if they were asked to destroy the email, they were not contacted by the City of Ottawa at all!!!

I advised the City that if they were as King of Me to destroy the document again, it Will be considered Willful harassment with criminal intent. Thankfully, I have heard nothing more from them on that Matter, though they are completely ignoring their obligations to Me and failing to let Me know what is going on with My documents, which was the whole reason the breach happened in the first place. Apparently those documents were sent to Me in error and I have been as King for them to send the correct documents to no avail. Seriously, unbelievable if it were not actually happening.

So today I sent a Ontario Works a Notice to forward to Colleen Lynch, the other party harmed by their negligence and Breach of Trust. They are as King of Me to destroy My legally and lawfully served documents upon them to preserve their reputation and avert accountability to the offended parties. As King of Me to commit a criminal offense repeatedly is also a form of harm because it is harassment and probably something else punishable under Canada’s criminal code. There is no better Way to assure the offended party that God placed their documents in Good Hands, than to Give her Notice My Self, via Ontario Works.

Ontario Works is ‘Spell Bound’ because they Will be learning that everything I have told them they have a legal and lawful obligation (BINDING) to do, they do in fact have a legal and lawful obligate-Sean to do. The Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act (the Spell that Binds them) has already backed Me on the City’s obligation to Give Colleen Notice, now Will have an opportunity to see just how long they waited to do that after as King of Me to destroy the evidence. My guess is that We Will learn that the City did not Give Notice to Colleen until they real eyes’d that as King of Me to destroy evidence of their breach is futile. What I’m doing by Giving this Notice to Ontario Works, is further stacking the deck in My favour. They seem to be completely ignorant of their obligations, which We know is no excuse, so this Will just add a little more fuel to the fire if they fail to deliver. I’m Trusting them to deliver the message and they have an obligation (legally and lawfully) to deliver or they are committing another Breach of Trust. It also makes My Intent-Sean to the offended party perfectly clear that I am looking out for her best interest and making sure she was Given due Notice of the Breach for litigation if necessary.

I’m not going to share a screenshot today, I’m only going to say that the other reason I know things are heating up, is because many of My most serious lawsuits and legal documents involving the City have been downloaded over the weekend, and some One from Russia was trying to hack into My bitcoin account! Believe it or not, that’s actually a Good thing for Me because I only have an account, I don’t actually have any bitcoin!!! The only reason some One from Russia Will be trying to hack into My bitcoin account, Will be to make a deposit, not a withdrawal. I consider Vladamir Putin an unmet ally, so anything is possible… 😉

It Will not be long before the world understands what I mean when I say I have Friends in High places. The calm is over, the waters are going to be getting stormy for any One on a citizen ship – try not to get CAPSIZED…

Love and Blessings,

Today’s feature photo is only for interest and Pinterest! 😀

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