Volume CCXXVII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Perfect Casting, a Universal Promote Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal, Moral Highness is always welcome. I have a Spectacular Edit-Sean for You this evening, and it is no coincidence that I have this Fabulous Good News to share with You on Lucky Wednesday, because We are Witches, Wizards and Warlocks, We make Our Luck with every Word. It would be impossible to put so much Intent-Sean into making Wednesday’s Lucky and have it not Magically Manifest. The Luckiest Part of this Wednesday’s Universal Product Sean, is that I have Cast the Perfect Spell for a Universal Promote-Sean!!! Let Me explain…

I’ve been Posting less in the last couple of months and temporarily abandoned My new Matrix Interpret-a-Sean of Resurrections, the fourth film in the series. I also mentioned that I felt the Universe was Wishing for Me to take a break from Writing for a bit. It’s not something I can really put My finger on, it’s just a feeling, intuit-Sean but it’s Real; physically tangible for Me. So I don’t force My Self, I listen to My Intuit-Sean because it knows things that I don’t. I even mentioned that I wasn’t Writing as much because I felt there was something going on with the City of Ottawa in regards to documents I’d sent them, but I was presuming the best case scenario because (whether I like it or not), I always Wish to believe the best of People. It’s much less stressful for Me to presume People are Acting in Honour than to presume every One Will be negligent.

Well, as it turns out, the City was being negligent, the Matter has escalated considerably and ‘just happens’ (no coincidences, remember – only the Illusion of coincidence) to be coming to a climax at exactly the same time I Will be filing a Claim into the Courts against My Brother, My Sister, and her lawyer for their negligence, gross incompetence, and cruel and inhumane treatment of their older Brother (Yours Truly) regarding My father’s Estate.

I had the Claim against My Brother and Sister Writ and ready to file on July 1st, but I chose not to file it. And it wasn’t even really a conscious decision; I had fully intended to file it and was excited to get it done in time for the first of July for precisely that reason. It would have been Canada day and My nephew’s name day on My Brother’s side. That seemed right in My Mind because My nephew is also a very Power-Full Magician who Cast some [very Good] Spells into My Universe some time ago. I still have the Magic of it on My kitchen wall where it amplifies its Intent for Sean every day I am thing King about it.

When I moved into this apartment, there were 12 ladybugs in My living room window – but that’s probably just a coincidence, right? They are a plant lover’s best Friend (and I had plenty of plants). I don’t really know what they eat when there are no bugs, but they never went anywhere in the apartment except on the plants and they lasted until the spring and then vanished into thin air. I remember sweeping up two, so I presume they all eventually died.

Today felt so Lucky because of the Good News I still have to share with You, I was wondering if My nephew’s Magic was Power Full enough to Manifest a ladybug at Will. I realized I hadn’t seen one all summer, and there were all kinds around here when I moved in. I decided to see if I could find one if I went outside to look.

I got sidetracked by a Friend in the community who was as King of Me to talk with them, and as We were tall King, not one but two ladybugs landed right on My Hand. The moment the first one did, I told the lady I was tall King with that she must also be very Good Luck, because I had actually come outside looking for ladybugs, would she Mind if I quickly ran it up to My apartment. Of course, she encouraged Me to go. When I come back, I swear I didn’t sit down for more than a minute before the second one landed on My leg! Even My Friend thought that was pretty amazing ‘Luck’. It’s not Luck, folks, it’s Magic!!!

Later in the day, I found a third on the concrete where I was sitting at My easel and had to leave My paints to bring it up to My apartment. Thank the future ‘King You’, little Prince, Your Magic and Intent-Sean for Me is war King very well!!!

One of My Morning Glory’s somehow got aphids, probably because I spend so much time in My community garden that one hitch-hiked in on Me or something. I really don’t have any other explain-a-Sean and it really bothered Me because the whole Benefit to growing plants indoors is that One does not have to worry about pests like aphids! But a ladybug eats one thousand times its weight in aphids daily or something crazy (don’t quote Me on that, Google it – I just remember it’s a crazy amount). They are also pretty easy to take care of, One just has to be meticulous about inspecting their plants till they are gone. But ladybug is perfect pest patrol.

So what’s the really Good News that makes this Wednesday so Lucky? Well, I had said that the reason I didn’t file the Claim is because it wasn’t right and needed to be re-Writ. At nineteen pages, I felt it was too long and Wordy for a proper Claim. The Truth is, I was so pleased to get it done and out of My Head that I didn’t proof read it immediately afterward (as I typically would). I meant to get back to it in a couple of hours after I’d had some time to Focus on something else.

I didn’t end up getting back to it until today. It has been hanging over My desk ready to file for over a month, yet I had not even read the finished war King Product-Sean until today. Today, I had committed to drafting the short version (or Verse-Ion) so I finally sat down and re-read the Claim. I was Truly stunned. I don’t even remember Writing some of it, but it is… My absolute best work. I felt a little sorry for the respondents while reading it.

I also realized that My delay in filing is not only not a coincidence, but the Universe Gifting Me with a Present (pre-Sent Gift) I Will Truly appreciate. The real reason I didn’t file My Claim on July first, is what People call denial. I have been Living in denial of the Truth of My own Brother and Sister, and (as always, consider it a curse) I Wished to believe they would do the right thing. I really didn’t think they were going to call My bluff or make Me actually take them into Court with a lawsuit. In fact, I still have a hard time believing this is really happening – but it is. And the Claim is Spectacular, not a Word of it is wrong, every detail is Perfect. Like I said, I don’t even really remember Writing it, it is like God Him Self took over and Gave Me the Words – and I only read them for the first time today. That feels pretty Lucky seeing as I would like to get this filed no later than Monday, though the goal is Friday. Once again, I’m not really sure which date the Universe prefers, so I Will be Trusting My Intuit-Sean on that, too. I Wish to file on Friday because I am anxious to get this thing under Way now.

So this is My Promote-Sean of that Claim. I Will in fact be filing a Hand Writ Claim, and in the event that any of the respondents complain of legibility Issues, I Will also be Posting a copy of the Claim on My Blog on a Page dedicated to Honouring My Father in Heaven. It is the first official lawsuit for the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, and it Will be setting the Stage in perfect time to introduce some of Our State Actors for this Universal Pictures Greatest Present-a-Sean.

I am hoping to have the text version and Page Published for every One to read tomorrow, today is the Promote-Sean of that Exhibit-Sean, Inspired by the Magic of Lucky Wednesday.

Oh… and on a side Note, I also advised the City of Ottawa’s legal department and the mayor, Jim Watson that State Actors representing Ottawa and the mayor have been Given legal and lawful Notice for their Breach of Trust and Will have default judgment awarded against them on Friday at 5:00 if they do not provide any legal and lawful excuse for their Actions. I advised that I doubt very much that Ontario Works have even advised the City’s legal department that they have been served with a legal and lawful Notice based on the contempt for the Rule of Law they have demonstrated so far.

The mayor and the City probably won’t respond, they haven’t yet. When the Notices are filed with the Court, Jim Watson Will say he ‘cannot’ respond because there is a Claim against the City, and Will direct Me to their legal department. But he does have a legal and lawful obligation to respond now to avoid these Notices being filed into the Court in the first place. The Honourable thing to do is to is to right the wrong so that a Court does not have to Order One to do so!

Love and Blessings, Happy Lucky Wednesday!!!

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