Volume CCXXVII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Universal Promote Sean, Gifts from God II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. Today is an especially Thrilling Thursday for Me because the language of the Universe, the ‘Voice of God’ was louder than usual – and nothing Gives Me more Inspire a Sean than the Voice of God.

Despite the fact that I haven’t been Posting as much the last couple of months, I have been war King at some important little projects in My Microcosm. One of those little projects is The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Art Exhibit-Sean, where I Will be Showing all the Characters (State Actors) God has Cast into this Universal Product-Sean responsible for guaranteeing the Inherent Charter and Treaty rights of Canada’s People. Right now, I am war King on Ottawa’s mayor [only a fool would] worship, Jim What’s on (lights are on but nobody’s home).

Ugh… It’s time consuming, for sure. And it’s not that I don’t like painting, I Love painting, it’s just that I’m more keenly aware of My shortcomings as an Artist than most People who appreciate My paintings. It really is a hard thing to explain to People because when I do expose My Self as I have been this summer, the support from the community is almost overwhelming. And all of it, is the Voice of God. So it is natural for People to wonder why I don’t spend every minute of every day painting if I’m just going to be showered with compliments for doing it. People can’t understand why I’m self conscious about it.

Well, a Friend of mine who is also an Artist helped Me to put My finger on it. He said to Me that exposing One’s Art is like letting the world see the Man’s Spirit naked. Our Spirit is vulnerable no Matter how talented the Artist is, because the Artist Will never Create as effortlessly and perfectly as God does. Man (or the Artist within Man) is hopelessly trying to emulate God, to Create as God does… And We Secretly know We Will all pale by comparison.

The last couple of days there have been a group of roughly ten children of various ages from the community and surrounding area who are always as King of Me to paint. For whatever reason, it makes so many children happy just to see Me sitting there painting, that I feel pressured to go out and do it, even though I recognize the pressure is self imposed. It feels like I am betraying God to not do something that is so simple for Me to do when it brings so much joy to the innocent Hearts (He Arts) of children – even if I don’t feel like the actual Portrait I am war King on is simple, it is simple to keep war King at it. Patience, right? I’ve never been Good with patience.

Today was one of those days where it was sweltering hot at midday, so I Promised My Self I would wait till the afternoon to paint and head out no later than four. When four o’clock rolled around, I was looking for any excuse not to paint, I just didn’t feel like it. But this is where painting is different from Writing. When I don’t feel like Writing, that’s the Universe’s Way of letting Me know it’s okay to not Write. But when I don’t feel like painting, it’s always My ego making an excuse, it’s not the Voice of God, it’s the Voice of My insecurity. That’s the difference.

So, despite really not wanting to collect all My stuff and set up My paints, I turned the Voice of My ego off and started carting out the easel. It takes about ten minutes to set up, which isn’t really so bad when One considers it’s roughly three trips back and forth with stuff. Even more interesting, the Universe wasn’t done testing My resolve yet.

Just a few minutes after I finished setting up and put paint on My brush, it started to rain! Now, this would have been the perfect opportunity to pack everything up and assert that it was not God’s Will for Me to paint today, but I knew that was a lie. How did I know it was a lie? One of the children were already out there, excited to see Me painting. When the rain started, the child said to Me, “Don’t worry, it’s not going to last.”

Again, the Voice of God – especially children because they have less programs installed to interfere with their operating system. The rain did stop roughly five minutes after it started, and it was beautiful for the rest of the evening. I painted from just after four until around seven when I started packing up. Just as I’m collecting My stuff to start heading inside, a Man and fellow Artist I have had the Pleasure of tall King with several times, ran over to Me, clearly excited.

“I have been as King for You for the last couple of days, I keep missing You and I have an important Gift for You, and it comes directly from God.”

I told My Friend that I had just finished having a conversation with some One else about how everything is God, so every One is the Voice of God, and every One’s Hand is the Hand of God. He smiled at Me and said, “Then You Will really Love this Gift, because We believe this, too.”


I have Wished for a Qur’an ever since the film V for Vendetta because I also have an appreciation for calligraphy and the beautiful Writing, even though I can’t understand the Words. This Book Gives Me both the English and Arabic so that I can translate My Self. A [Muslim] Friend told Me once when I was as King about acquiring a Qur’an that it is better for Me [because I’m not Muslim] if some One Gives Me one – then it is considered the Hand and Will of God.

My Friend brought Me the Book because he said he believes that when he sees Me painting, he believes I am doing God’s work, and he Wishes to encourage Me to keep doing it. I Wish to say a very Special thank ‘King You’ to My Friend who Gifted Me with this Fabulous Book, The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Will Treasure it forever.

These are some of the not so little Ways God speaks to Me and encourages Me to Keep painting these dis-Honourable State Actors for My Exhibit-Sean. Believe Me, I am sick and tired of looking at ‘What’s on’s face, and cannot wait to get his Portrait done.

I am still hoping to get My Claim against My Brother, Sister and her lawyer Posted to a Page later this evening, but it may be early Fabulous Friday morning before it is Published.

Love and Blessings,

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