Volume CCXXVIII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean; Casting Spells into a War King Product-Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today, I Will be keeping this one short despite how much Good News I have to share with You and the Magic I Will be Casting into Man’s Macrocosm tomorrow. I’ve a been a busy Man, and they say that a picture is worth a thousand Words, so I’ve got a few photos to share with You today to catch You up on My Microcosm.

Today’s feature photo is the BIG [Good] News. In many Ways, this Claim has been a long time in the making and is long overdue – eventually, even an INFJ personality type Will reach their breaking point one day. I can’t help but Wonder if My Sister and Brother still believe this is a joke or a bluff, but it Will get very real for them both very soon.

I’m sharing it with You like this to Give those who have never filed a Claim an Idea of what is required. In this particular instance, there are three respondents, so I need one copy of the Claim for each of the respondents, and one copy for the Court. My document is in colour and is considered the Genuine Article, and remains with the Claimant because that is the one worth the value of the Claim (if the claim proves to be True, of course). When One files a Claim, the Court must Issue a Bond to ensure performance because it is presumed that the Claim is worth its dollar value, so it must be insured for at least that amount so that if the Courts don’t do their job, the Claimant can claim the Bond.

That’s really all I’m going to say about that, but it’s the big Good News most of My regular readers have been waiting on, so that Will be filed tomorrow to make for a Terrific Two’s Day on the 2nd day of August. And two is a Door – no coincidences.

My tomato tree continues to wind its Way up a ten foot stake, and I’ve already counted over one hundred fruits or flowers on this Glorious giant in various stages of ripening. I’m also Lucky enough to see at least one bee everyday I check My garden, dutifully pollinating My plants. So this Will be a weekly feature just to see how big she gets…

The Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company produces its first perfect, purple pepper – try saying that three times fast! This one Will also remain a featured pepper plant because the intent was to grow this one in as small a pot as possible and so far, it is the most prolific producer of all My pepper plants, and it’s only in a three inch clay pot! The Idea is to let it do whatever it does for its first season, then after it’s done producing peppers for the year, then I Will trim the roots and reduce watering to overwinter, and repot in a slightly bigger pot in the spring. That’s the ‘proper’ way to Bonsai a plant. This is also a great example as to why the seeds from this plant Will be ‘evolved’ to grow well in a tiny pot, so seeds cultivated from this plant Will be specially marked.

And finally, this is the main Product-Sean I have been war King on! My Friend Eyad said to Me that what I am doing here is ‘God’s Work’. I can tell You that it is only because I know how relentless God is about encouraging Me to come out and do this. I receive so much Love and support from People in the community (especially the children), that they are always as King of Me to come out and paint. To Me, that is the same as God’s Voice as King of Me to do something. So this is ‘My job’, this is the most important Deed to be done for the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean once My Claim against My Sister and Brother is finally filed. It Will be very nice to know that Will be done tomorrow, and I might even get back to My Matrix Interpret-a-Sean because I certainly have plenty to say!!!

And finally, the slow but steady, Progress-Sean. I’m actually happier with this painting than it might appear at first glance, I am thing King it Will turn out quite well when it is done, though it seemed to take a little longer to get to this stage.

I also have some Good News for You regarding the City of Ottawa but I’m going to keep You in suspense for another day (at least) on that one, mostly because I know they are more anxious to hear My interpret-a-Sean on that front than any of You Will be!

Alright, not as short as I suspected, but that’s My most Pressing Good News to round out last week and get some Magical Motive a Sean Cast into Motion this week.

Love and Blessings,

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