Volume CCXXVIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Seeds of Intent Sean Coming to Fruit, Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have Your moral Highness in My House. I was going to Keep the suspense mounting for a little while longer before tall King about The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first lawsuit and what I am war King on in My Microcosm, but there is so much Good News to share that I can’t Keep it to My Self any longer. This is despite the fact that I have not yet filed the Claim. In fact, having not yet filed the Claim was one of the reasons I almost Postponed Writing today because it feels so empowering to know that My adversaries are probably thing King that it’s because I have no intent-Sean of doing so and I’d be quite happy to allow them to believe whatever they Will at this point. The real reason is because I still have some stuff going on with the City of Ottawa, and as much as I’d like to put all of that on hold until I get this Estate Matter under Way, the Universe had other Plans for Me.

Keep in Mind that for the Spiritual Man, there are no coincidences, everything is the Voice of God in some Way or another. I can never make a mis-take so long as I am True to My Heart. I didn’t not file My Claim against My sister, her lawyer, and My brother because I Wished to Give them another day, or because I procrastinated filing for whatever other intuitive reason I might have, I didn’t file the Claim on Tuesday because I forgot one of the forms! Remember this?

I was so proud to Show You how many copies of the Claim one requires that I forgot to double check to make sure I have everything else. An affidavit of service of the Claim on the Respondents is also required, but [perhaps obviously] that comes after the Claim has been filed with the Court (and unless You are My sister’s lawyer, Hala Tabl). Every form also requires a back sheet (which is really just a pain in the wrist), and I really thought I was remembering every detail – I have done this a couple of times now, after all. Well, there’s also ‘Form 14F’, ‘Information for Court use’.

It’s easy to forget because it really is only for the Court’s use, hence the name. I only require one copy, the respondents don’t need a copy of this document. For whatever reason, I could not edit this document before printing, some of them You can (may also be My version of Adobe or Word, too). So I had to cross out ‘general heading’ and Write in the Title of the Claim, but this was the only document missing that is required to file. They also don’t offer any of these forms at the Courthouse, so for Me it means another day because I have to come home, find the form, edit the form, then save it to a USB drive, then take it to a print shop to print. But this wasn’t a mistake because I should be advising any One who is filing a Claim to check to see what the Rules have to say because they are changing all the freaking time!!! The ‘Rules’ themselves don’t really change too much, but the forms do – and if You don’t have the right one, they Will not take it. Would not even Matter if it contains exactly the same information, they are like robots that Way – if it is not the ‘current’ form, it’s the wrong form and One Will have to go back with the correct one. Like everything else, it also requires a back sheet.

The really Good News, is that I did have the rest of the Claim reviewed by the Court and there are no Issues with it being Hand Writ. In fact, she said it looks ‘perfect’. I put emphasis on ‘she said’ because it is the first time I have ever had documents received by a Man of the female gender at the Registrar’s desk. It is always a lady who seems to be supervising when I’m there, though, and there are plenty of ladies war King on other kiosks, just never in Civil in My experiences. In fact, every time I have gone to the Courthouse it has been Steven Pardou behind the desk, and he is ‘the mole’ for the City of Ottawa, so I Will not be allowing him to receive any documents for Me anymore. (He’ll make entire documents ‘disappear’ mysteriously from case files and overturn default judgments without any notice to the other party if he is thing King he can get away with it).

I didn’t even see Steven Pardou at the Courthouse and it was busy – really busy. Magically, despite how busy it was with a lobby full of People waiting, the moment I was as King for a ticket I was next in line. I probably wasn’t there for more than ten minutes, and most of the rest of the time was spent as King Quest-Ions about the Court being ‘back to normal’ filings. Turns out, they are now accepting Motion materials at the Courthouse again!!! I’m sure the City of Ottawa Will Love to hear that!?

Oh, did I tell You that the Court was telling Me that I don’t even need to have a Claim or Application of any kind before the Court to file a Motion? Yeah, turns out I can file an Affidavit of Service with My Notices of Civil and Criminal Liability, Default Judgment, whatever that I served on People, file the Affidavit of Service with the Court with a copy of the Notices served, then make a Motion requesting for a Justice to enforce the Notices! Yup, no Claim necessary!!! And this is why I say the Courts are not corrupt, the City of Ottawa and some People at the Courthouse might be, but the Courts have already told Me what I can do to hold People accountable, and even how to go about doing that if necessary!

I had to be as King some of these Quest-Ions for the Notices I have served upon the offenders of My Trust obligate-Sean’s. I was using this Notice served upon My sister, her lawyer and My brother as an example. And they are so cheerful at the Courthouse when they are telling You Good News, or News they believe Will be Good for One to hear! I can wait to serve the Claim on the Respondents and add that to My Affidavit of Service so that all Notices are sworn in a single affidavit of service along with the Claim.

But there is more Good News to tell regarding the City of Ottawa that is somewhat ‘Magical’. This Letter was slid under the door of My apartment sometime after noon on Friday, July 29th.

And for those that don’t know, one of the reasons I’ve been waiting to see what the City of Ottawa’s next Play Will be, is because they are now in default for failing to respond to a Notice of Breach of Trust of Fiduciary Obligations and for apparently losing or destroying My documents while failing to respond to Me regarding a time sensitive, legal and lawful lease obligation.

“Thank You for submitting Your Annual Tennant Information update packaage… We have received Your information…

Mary-Ann Schwering, Housing Manager, MHI

Well, that IS kind of Magical considering I never sent them anything, isn’t it? People are thing King that My letters and Notices accomplish nothing? Hours before they are about to be Noted in Default for their negligence in returning time sensitive documents to My landlord necessary for the annual renewal package, I receive a letter from My landlord telling Me they did receive the package? Well, how wonderful! How much does One Wish to bet that if I were as King of them to provide Me with a copy of the package they received because Ontario Works seems to have misplaced the copy for My records, they Will not be able to do so? How much does One Wish to bet that Ontario Works called MHI and were as King of them to send Me some kind of Letter to let Me know My renewal package was received (even though it wasn’t)? They are just hoping and praying I am never as King of them to prove what they say to be True.

However, as One can see, they Wish for more money, the greedy, not for profit business is not taking enough money from Ottawa’s People, they would like twelve dollars more, even though they allegedly bought this land from the City of Ottawa, so I’m not really sure why tenants are paying rent on land that a not for profit organization allegedly owns free and clear. And if they don’t own the land free and clear and they are borrowing money from a foreign bank, then the People who are paying their mortgage should have profit shares in the land they are helping the not for profit organization to purchase, otherwise Canada is basically just selling its land to foreign interests and committing treason in plain sight under the guise of ‘charity’.

And… The Salvation Army is basically just an outdoor jail where the Justices agree to keep less serious criminals where they Will have a strict curfew enforced, be robbed of their most basic rights and dignity, subject to deplorable sleeping quarters crawling with bedbugs, but all are considered ‘acceptable’ levels of harm by the City of Ottawa who has acknowledged that they know these things are taking place and violate the contract the City has with the Salvation Army, but they don’t believe those harmed by the continuous trespass are entitled to any compensation for the harm done to them, allegedly because they are ‘poor’.

We also had a conversation with ‘Abbas the Ass’ over at the City of Ottawa’s Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection ‘division’ of the City of Ottawa who translates the Word ‘Contain’ to mean, ‘destroy evidence of government breaches of the public Trust’, even after he himself was advised that as King of Me to do so is a criminal offense. He said he doesn’t know about that and I should speak to a lawyer if I believe the City is committing a crime. Again, I told him that HE is aiding and abetting their crime by suggesting that the Act’s protocol to contain means to destroy when it means no such thing, and that if he is the ‘head’ of that organization he needs to resign immediately, he is morally and ethically bankrupt and STUPID. How does as King of Me to destroy documents assure that no copies were made and that I don’t secretly store them for years while telling them I have done the Honourable thing? Is this ACTUALLY how they deal with security breaches? We are going to find out!!!

The reason I Wished to Keep the suspense going is because I am thing King the City of Ottawa is more concerned about My Claim against My family than My family is!!! Why? Well, I’ll have to save that for another day, tomorrow I Will be filing My Claim and taking the Letter I received to Ontario Works to deliver to one of their agents in person, and I Will be as King of them to Sign for receipt of acceptance.

Today, Lucky Wednesday also produced My first cherry tomatoes!!!

And just in case the Court Wishes to verify the Style of Address on My Court forms, I have a Letter from My Brother to verify that is how I am lawfully addressed, and it also proves that My brother has knowledge of My Trust in God before the Claim was ever made.

Oh… Yeah, Abbas knows his ass is grass, I am thing King. My website got very busy after emailing the federal freedom of information People to tell them that he is encouraging the spoliation of evidences of Trust breaches by government employees.

That’s as many as I can fit on the screen at once, but they are also downloading lots of documents.

All Good things, all My Intent-Sean’s are coming to Fruit-Sean right along with My garden.

Love and Blessings,

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