Volume CCXXVIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Public Notice Removed! And, My Kingdom Comes, My Will is Done, Part II

What an incredible Thursday ‘Thing King’ Edition it is, because it Truly has been a day of ‘Kingly’ Deeds. Wow, Spell check didn’t even try to correct the Magic of Kingly – I guess that’s a real Word (if it wasn’t, it is now)! But thank King or Queen You for joining Me, I am ever so excited to have You in My House, this may well be the most Significant day so far for The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, and I have ridiculous amounts of Good News to share with You, including the removal of a Notice for Breach of Trust of Fiduciary Obligations that was Issued to Ontario Works last week. They were technically in default as of 5:00 Friday, but I was waiting to Issue the Notice to see how they respond when I go down there My Self to find out what’s going on. As mentioned, it is a very Good Story to tell, I am perhaps more excited than I ever have been to share My news with You!!! Trust Me, that’s saying a lot!

Well, if I were a betting Man (which I’m not, though I have incredible Luck when I do), I would have bet on filing My Claim against My sister and brother on the 2nd of August because I was anxious to get it into the Court as soon as possible, and in Magic, ‘2’ is a Door. So two seemed fitting because this is opening up a new Page in My Book (quite literally). The link Will take You to the Statement of Claim against My sister, her lawyer, and My brother. A Hand Writ version (Verse-Ion) of this Claim was filed into the Court earlier this afternoon, and the clerk was very Happy to personally Sign each of the copies of the Claim filed with the Court that Will be going out to each of the Respondents. I Wish for My sister to see what it looks like when some One actually files a Claim with the Court and receives a receipt for having done so, because her lawyer seems to be clueless or Willfully attempting to deceive Me (I may not be a betting Man, but I put My wealth on Door number 2).

I would never have suspected that I would be stalled another day and miss filing again yesterday for Lucky Wednesday, because that almost seemed too perfect, like I had deliberately planned it that way. But as logistics and lingering issues would have it, time was not going to permit that I return to the Court on Lucky Wednesday, so I used the day to prepare everything I needed for both the Court and the City of Ottawa so that I could tackle them both today. And tackle them today I did.

The morning greeted Me with rain which almost succeeded in procrastinate-Sean one more day. However, I felt like it was My ego trying to Give My Spirit excuses, so I told My ego,

“I’m taking a shower and getting ready, if it’s still raining when I’m ready to go, then maybe I’ll consider it a Sign I should stay [the proceeding] one more day.”

And of course, what is One thing King the sky had to say when I was done showering and getting ready? Well, no sunshine yet, but the rain had stopped. And at this point, I don’t get all dressed up then not decide to go somewhere. The Fancy Fluevog’s were already on My feet, and I was out the door before I could change My Mind. With every step the sky seemed to get brighter, and I’m not exaggerating one bit – it was like some One had hired a stage director specifically for lighting props to set the stage for the main Character’s big Scene. I stepped on the bus and glanced at the time after I got seated – 11:37. Amazing how I’m always right on time!

As I’m Crossing the King’s Gate bridge (yeah, again, no coincidences), I again glance at the time. 1:00. The Court is still doing its funky hours, 9-11, then 2-4, so I had just enough time to make the trek to Ontario Works to see what might be going on with My documents, and also to see if I could get a replacement card as My card was no longer war King (one of the details I did not Wish to share until after I had filed the Claim, because it had nothing to do with the delay in filing, it was just another unfortunate hassle I had to deal with at the same time, and I knew Ontario Works is not ‘keen’ on tall King with Me right now (they were in default, remember)). I was more concerned My sister and brother would be thing King it would mean I could not file for some reason (they don’t really know much about anything).

When I do get to Ontario Works, I take a number and I’m four numbers away. They greet Me immediately anyway and are as King of Me what they can do for Me. I tell them I don’t have an appointment, but I did Notice Tatiana Lindstrom, Krystal Skof, and Lili Mukalay to tell them I was coming. I require a replacement card and I have a document I need to leave with You, and I need a receipt to show the letter has been accepted. She says, “Okay, what is Your name?”.

“Sean.” And it’s weird, I thought about saying more, but I didn’t. They know which Sean this is!

“Yup, Tatiana’s out of the office today but everything is ready for You”, she taps a stack of documents on her left, “I understand You were looking to recover some documents, too? I have those for You here as well.”.

It was like upside down world compared to what I usually experience there, but in the best possible Way. Everything was very neatly packaged and organized, they had even been advised that I Sign with My thumbprint! SO nice, so genuine, that I told them straight to their faces that I am very impressed and this is what I expect to see, but usually don’t. This is a very welcome and unexpected surprise. No joke, she responds with.

“We aim to please!!!”

And very enthusiastically. Then the other Man who was on the front desk says, “Hey, You probably went a long Way out to get here, would You like a couple of bus tickets for Your trouble?”

I’m telling You, if some One didn’t coach them specifically, then they are Truly exceptional examples of the OW staff. I told them I was so impressed with the service I received, that they can tell whoever that the Notice Will be removed. I didn’t say what the Notice was, I only said they would know what I am tall King about. They seemed pleased. But it gets better!!!

As I leave Ontario Works, I am no longer than a minute out the door before My phone rings and I don’t recognize the number (and neither does My phone). I pick it up, curious.

“Hi, is Sean there please.”

“Uh, who’s as King, please?”

“Colleen Lynch.”

If You don’t know, Colleen is the other party affected by the Breach of Trust by Ontario Works, and We had a delightful conversation today!!! She is absolutely thrilled to know I have a Trust and that she’s a Beneficiary, and when I told her what information was shared with Me and what I am proposing as resolute-Sean, she was also very pleased.


“Well, that’s what I am thing King is fair, it’s really up to You. But yes, one Way or another, I have a Duty and obligation in accordance with My Trust, to Act only in Your best interest, so You have nothing to worry about. I Will take care of any legal action if We need to take any.”

I’m not going to try and paraphrase the entire conversation, only that it was very Good, and I told her just to let Ontario Works know that she’s spoken with Me and happy with the Resolute-Sean proposal I have suggested for her.

So that’s a new ball of wax for Ontario Works to deal with altogether, and I also officially made a complaint to the City of Ottawa’s Freedom of Information and Privacy Protect-Sean ‘Act’ People, and advised them that if the ‘head’ of the city’s municipal privacy enforcement office believes that ‘contain’ = ‘destroy evidence’, then We need to sit down and have a very serious converse-a-Sean. Colleen was kind enough to let Me know that she was not informed of the breach of Trust by Ontario Works until Friday, July 22nd, after I had told Ontario Works that I Will not be destroying the evidence. They had no intention of telling her if there was no evidence of their breach, now they have [a lot] of egg on their face. They Will also be compelled to Show what action they took to ‘contain’ the breach with MHI, and My guess is that they did nothing at all – but I guess We’ll see!

And finally, the BIG Good News of the day, the Claim is filed!!!

It is officially done. My Kingdom Comes, My Will is Done.

Trust Me, things really going to start heating up now…

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – I had to take a screenshot or You wouldn’t believe Me, but I was as King of God what time I returned home after taking care of God’s business?

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