Volume CCXXIX: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks ‘Lucky’ Wednesday Edition; War King for the People

Hello every One, and welcome to an Except-Sean-ally Magical Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition, thank King all You fellow Spell Casters for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. One day I Will have to do a Post on all the Magic of vampire lore and how dealing with vampires is exactly the same as dealing with State Actors. For today, I am only going to be tall King about some of the Magic I’m war King on in My Microcosm because the most Mystical Element of that Magic is that it has Officially Crossed over (see, I wasn’t even trying and We already have a vampire metaphor involving death and a Cross) and Merged (merger) with Man’s Macrocosm in Ways only the Universal Conductor (God) could Orchestrate. A new People became a legal and lawful Beneficiary of the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean by Way of demonstrable causality, and I have a Trust obligation under God that compels Me to Act in that person’s best interest. And it ‘just happens’ to be a People who has had considerable harm done unto her by the City of Ottawa’s State Actor’s specifically. How’s that for an intro?! Happy Lucky Wednesday!!!

Three consecutive ex-claim-a-Sean marks Symbol Eyes a Crown in Man’s Mind, even if One does not know it. Just the same as One knows what all these Words mean without really having to be thing King about it too much (presuming One knows English or has used the translator at the bottom of every Post to read this in a language they do understand), but every Letter is just a Symbol We’ve been taught to identify with as a Letter. We’re just putting squiggly lines together, each of which represents an Idea to make bigger Ideas – Magical Spells that have the Power to influence Man’s Mind, and Mind Created the Manifest Universe as Man understands it, so it’s a pretty Power Full Gift if One knows how to use it.

It’s over nine feet tall now!!! (That Crown was for God – only God can make plants grow like this with the Glory of His Sun.). I wasn’t able to share on Sunday because We had typhoon like rain. I wasn’t even sure it would still be standing the rain was so hard, and the raindrops themselves were bigger than I’ve ever seen in Life! It was like golf-ball size raindrops! But everything seems to have weathered the storm just fine. The giant tomato tree at the back right is the ‘Bonnie’s Best’ cultivar. I’ve now had the Pleasure of harvesting four ripe tomatoes. I was waiting because they are all a surprise, but I know what cultivar’s I planted, I just didn’t know which was which. I do now. So I have two of the Bonnie’s Best cultivar of tomato, one ‘Cherry Tomato’, and one ‘Rutger’s Beefsteak’. The Beefsteak are massive, they almost look like melons (check them out in the photos below). But the peas are finally done. I was thing King they might go all year (this really is My first time having a garden), so I did some work in the garden today and figured I’d show You how I recycle the finished peas back into the soil.

Well, I just realized that I didn’t really ‘show’ what I did at all except that I removed the dying off peas and planted some new stuff. The peas I cut out, I cut up into bits and made a grave for them where they were planted. I also made sure to remove any last pods and saved five altogether for next year’s seeds. The photos don’t really do the Rutger’s Beefsteak justice, it looks pretty small in the photo but I’ll take another of it in My Hand when it’s time to harvest (which might even be tomorrow). I literally have hundreds of tomatoes about to ripen over the next month or longer, and I can now tell You that they are the best tomatoes I’ve ever tasted, despite knowing I am biased. There is Truly nothing like eating a fresh tomato right off the vine. They are all Good but so far I’m liking Bonnie’s Best ‘the best’, though I haven’t tried a Rutger’s yet and I am thing King the only real reason I prefer the Bonnie over the Cherry tomato, is because they are a little bigger so there is more to enjoy.

The real Magic in My Microcosm is that there is a new Beneficiary of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean Trust. Why is that Magical? Because as crazy as it might sound, I Will be war King that much harder to protect some One else’s rights than I would be to defend My own. As objective as I try to be regarding My own Matters, it’s hard to be sure that I’m not just over-reacting, and I also understand that People are somewhat ignorant with respect to My Trust [and the Public Trust, apparently, but it’s My Trust specifically I’m tall King about here].

I mentioned already that I have spoken with the new Beneficiary and I am Blessed to know that not only is she happy to let Me advocate for her Benefit, she has experienced other situations where Ontario Works has claimed they are not liable for harm they’ve done because… (insert whatever excuse You like here). No stranger to continuous trespasses upon her rights and dignity. So much so, that the Beneficiary would like to go to the media about it, she is thing King the public should know what they are doing. I did tell her I have a Blog and Publish all the Notices for the International Public Record and she did seem very excited when I told her, but I’m not sure she comprehends the scope of this Blog yet. I’m pretty sure it Will not be so easy to get anything published by the [mainstream] media, it’s all propaganda and part of Trudeau’s treasonous takeover.

But really, I take My Trust obligations very seriously (as any One reading this Blog Will know), and I have been waiting over five years for the City of Ottawa to get their sh!t together and try tall King with Me like adults, not children who run and hide when One mentions the Public Trust and reminds his Servant of their Duties to the [intended] Beneficiaries. Instead they are exploiting the intended Beneficiary and the Public Trust for their own nefarious means. I don’t know why I Will tolerate injustices against My Self if I Will not tolerate it for others, but I am also thing King We are all that Way a little bit. It seems We never really put Our Self first. But for Me, always making sure I put the Beneficiary first and ensure am always Acting in their best interest is putting My Self first as far as God is concerned. It compels Me to take Action I may not otherwise take. If Ontario Works does not Willingly compensate the other party for the harm they have done by Breaching her Trust, I have no choice, My ego has nothing to do with it, I Will be compelled to bring an Action into the Courts for the other party’s Benefit. It just so happens that ‘Sean von Dehn’ has also had considerable harm done to him by the City of Ottawa over the past five years, and it seems there is a theme…

I haven’t been Writing because there is some Secret Magic in the background, too and this is the only Way the City of Ottawa gets any insight as to what My next move might be, so I’m not going to be tall King about it until it is done, which I anticipate Will be by Fabulous Free Lance Friday.

Oh, and although I took a break from The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s ‘Art Exhibit-Sean‘ (another Good name, no?), I did get back to painting in the Courtyard and was Gifted with the usual Shower of Blessings. In fact, I even had a lady at the grocery store tell Me that God was Giving Me ten big Blessings and the Luck of the Irish. It’s all because I keep doing this, this is the ‘Real’ Exhibit-Sean I am war King on.

Love and Blessings,

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