Volume CCXXIX: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Hala Talb – A Lawyer, Lawyer’s Up

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today has been a Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition because I received My first response (and hence why they are Respondents – relevance Will be apparent soon enough) to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim against My sister, her lawyer and My brother. But that’s not the only thing that makes this Thursday Thrilling, there Will [at least very likely] be a second Claim filed by The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean very shortly, for reasons beyond My control. The second Claim Will have absolutely nothing to do with My Will, and is the most perfect example of what I am tall King about when I Write about the ‘Voice’ of the Universe – situations that We could not possibly manipulate by Will if We tried, but that We absolutely must deal with. Both My [Spiritual and Moral] obligations to My father and to the People of the world are very Real in Ways most People cannot Imagine (I-Mage-in-E); I did not choose to make these Claims, it is the Will of the Universe (the One Song We all Sing).

There is enough going on this Thrilling Thursday that I Will not waste Your time with Matters of little relevance to today’s Good News. Also, as far as any Claims filed by The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean are concerned, they Will be Published as Pages with the Heading, and a drop down menu for the Respondents reply, and for each additional Action that takes place until the Matter is concluded. Every Post and Page of My Blog has a drop down menu available at the top.

What I’m not going to do when I Publish replies from the Respondents, is Publish anything irrelevant – that’s what this Blog is for. What am I tall King about? Well, the only document I require from Hala Tabl is the Notice of Intent to Defend if she Wishes for ten more days to serve Me with her Statement of Defense and file it with the Court. I don’t need any additional correspondence attempting to threaten Me with economic harm if I choose to proceed with the Claim!!! I got some Good News for You, Hala, this is NOT a trick or hoax, this Claim has actually been filed with the Court (My sister’s lawyer faked an Application for Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee, but feels she has no ‘obligation’ to provide Me with proof of her filing or explain why the Court has no Record of such deed). But don’t let Me paraphrase too much, why don’t You read the email exchange for Your Self so You can know how I respond to such attempts to intimidate.

You Will Notice some other little Gifts from God that I could not possibly hope to Manipulate but continually prove their Self to be True. My number ’37’. What is the ‘file number’ for this Claim at Hala’s law firm? 22-237. Probably just a coincidence, right? 😉

And didn’t I say that My sister’s lawyer is incompetent? If the Statement of Claim isn’t True (and Hala’s not liable to Me and has nothing to worry about), then wouldn’t One be thing King that a lawyer should surely have enough knowledge of the Law that they Will not require a lawyer their Self? I mean, I could understand if I’m a big, corporate law firm with a limitless budget and spooky reputation or something, but a lawyer hiring a lawyer to take on what they refer to as a ‘Self rep litigant?’. Well, I’m not actually a Self rep litigant, The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean is the ‘Self’ (an Express Trust is a natural person in Law) represented litigant, and The Kingdom of Heaven is a pretty powerful force, even if it had not Found a Sean, so I can’t really blame her for hoping to level up her Character in the eyes of the Court.

The point is, the additional Letter is unnecessary and was intended to intimidate and harass – not especially or anything; the reason I’m pointing it out is because I Imagine it’s pretty typical, especially if they perceive their adversary to be even the least bit incompetent. Translation – just another form of gaslighting. Hala has no obligation to Me ‘and other reasons’…. It’s laughable, really. And the fact is, until she produces a Statement of Defense, every Word of My Claim is presumed to be True and factual by default. In fact, that’s why it’s called ‘Default Judgment’.

My sister has apparently leveled up her lawyer, too. Her lawyer is Neil Milton, the Founder of Milton’s Estate Law. So they are Giving My sister the biggest legal guns they’ve got (and no doubt hoping to bill it to My father’s Estate), and My sister’s previous lawyer now how a lawyer of her own. But I’m supposed to be intimidated and believe all of this firepower is for a Claim that has no legs (that’s a legal joke (standing)).

Ah, what a Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday in Deed. And, I don’t even blame You if You don’t believe Me, but I had three ladybugs fly to Me today, just as I was coming in from outside. Three. I don’t even have to catch them now!

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – Please also enjoy today’s photos featuring The Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company’s Star assets…

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