Volume CCXXIX: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; State Actors Take Notice, All the World’s a Stage

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. I know I start almost every Post that Way these days, but I Promise the Sent I meant (sentiment) could not be more Genuine. In fact, the more I Write, the more I appreciate You. Everything has been hiding in the Wings as We prepare the Stage for the final Scene. The Casting (of Magic) is always an Issue, but We’ve got Our State Actors for the next Scene, and I know We are getting close to the end of the Present-a-Sean.

Ah, yes! It is Fabulous Free Lance Friday where I wield My Words as wildly as Will I am Shake a Spear once did. Did You know that Shakespeare invented over 25,000 Words that are in the modern English dictionary? And People are thing King I’m original? I just put a new perspective on old Magical Spells, Shakespeare was Writing his own!!!

It really was a Fabulous Friday, though. We received a second reply from the Respondents, this time from My sister’s lawyer, Neil Milton. I have to say, at least My sister now has a lawyer who appears to be almost as narcissistic as she is. As much as I know it’s not very nice to make Fun of People, I’m sure I Give plenty of People opportunity to laugh on My dime (I do go by ‘King Sean, House von Dehn’, after all), so I don’t feel there is any harm in a Play full jest of others now and then.

Generally, I’m more prone to just thing King thoughts in My head rather than speaking them, but I did jest about how someone in the community has a photo of himself attached to every email, smiling in the most superficial Way. I said it was the most narcissistic personalized email I’d ever seen – until today. Neil Milton trumped it by making his smiling face his logo! So every time I get an email from Narcissist Neil, I’ll have his fake, smiling face to remind Me just how much he loves him Self. But a very Good lawyer match for My sister, it’s tough to say who’s more full of their Self, and even harder to tell who’s more full of sh!t. Okay, I’m leaving that one, but it Will be the last time. Not necessarily the last time I type the Word ‘shit’, but the last time I use nonsense to disguise a Word when I really have no intent to disguise the Word at all. It’s disingenuous Writing and not My Style. Not that there is anything wrong with swearing, swearing is not profanity. Profanity is Godlessness and nothing else. Generally People associate swearing with Godlessness and call it profanity. But profane means to be Godless and doesn’t really have anything to do with language necessarily. The only reason I don’t really Wish to swear on My Blog is because some People find it offensive and I don’t ever Wish to be compelled to list My Blog as not appropriate for all audiences.

But there is a point to this because it was not at all unexpected. In fact, I was somewhat expecting I would receive the email sometime yesterday. My sister’s lawyer has already responded with a new lawyer, so obviously My sister must know because she would have had to tell My sister she needs a new lawyer and can’t represent her in this Suit. I also noticed that the Notice of Intent to Defend I received from My sister’s old lawyer yesterday was already being cc’d to My sister’s new lawyer, Neil, and to My brother directly (no lawyer). Even these seemingly minute details can reveal a lot of inform a Sean. I believe I know their strategy.

This was something I did a little research into when I was as King for a judicial review of the City of Ottawa and the Salvation Army, and when I later followed up with a Statement of Claim against the same. I had the Salvation Army noted in default (still do) but the City of Ottawa had served a Notice of Intent to Defend. So I noted the Salvation Army in Default and waited the extra ten days for the city (who were busy looking for a justice to bribe and eventually found Bobby Beaudoin). The point is, the Salvation Army were already found guilty and are liable for the full amount – here’s why:

When two or more parties are jointly and severally liable for a tortious act, each party is independently liable for the full extent of the injuries stemming from the tortious act.

The reason this is relevant is because I Wish to see how well I know My sister, even though I know I’m Giving her opportunity here to prove Me wrong. But I Wish to tell You what I am thing King her strategy is just to Give You an Idea just how evil the legal world can be.

My guess, is that My sister and her lawyer have told My brother (who has no lawyer) that they Will take care of this, don’t worry about it. They’ve both served Me with a Notice of Intent to Defend which Gives each of them an additional ten days to respond before they are noted in default. They are going to wait to see what My brother does and if he doesn’t file a Notice of Intent to Defend, they are going to wait to see if I note My brother in default. If I do, they Will just respond with a statement like ‘opposing all’ [the Claims made in My Statement], or even ‘no contest’, but dispute liability and say My brother is liable instead (and he’s been noted in default so can no longer dispute their allegations). I don’t think they are trying to ‘win’, I am thing King their strategy is to not lose – and I believe they Will throw My brother under the bus to do it, and I believe they Will try to bill all of this to My father’s Estate!!! Just a hunch, but I’m betting there is a reason they don’t Wish for Me to have disclosure of what’s going on, and there is nothing that Will stop Me from obtaining it eventually. I warned My brother and sister fairly of this from the beginning.

But that’s not even the Big Good News today!!! Did I not say it was a Fabulous Free Lance Friday?! Well, as the Universe would have it, I do very much have a Fiduciary obligation to make sure that Colleen is compensated for the Breach of Trust by the City of Ottawa, and although I have not heard the full story, it sounds like she’s had more than her fair share of abuse at the hands of the City of Ottawa’s State Actors.

A legal and lawfully binding Trust relationship is Established by Way of demonstrable causality. What does that mean? Well, it means I had no choice about viewing a document that was not mine. Even worse, it was sent to Me upside down (the pdf file), so it took Me a moment to realize what I was looking at and by the time I realized it wasn’t even My document, I already knew exactly what it was, and who it belonged to. The very best they (the City) could do, is be as King of Me to respect the information and privacy of the individual, there is absolutely no Way they can be assured that I Will – Trust is required. And I didn’t Trust that the City would tell Colleen about the incident at all if I destroyed the evidence, so that made Me accountable to Colleen. I need to make sure they tell Colleen, AND that they took all the other precautions required of them when there is a Breach of [Public] Trust, like also letting the other parties know they must Honour the privacy of the individual. What I’m really saying, is they also had an obligation to email My landlord and be as King of them to Write a guarantee that they Will Keep the information private and confidential. Again, pretty sure no such thing was done, I was the only one harassed, and I was harassed to commit a criminal offense and help them destroy the evidence of their breach so they would not have to compensate Colleen. How long can One go? Well, they can ignore a few more casual Notices and be placed on Notice of Criminal and Civil Liability for Breach of Trust and Fiduciary Obligations and Criminal Intent, Issued to The City of Ottawa via Ontario Works.

So yeah, that Will be added to the International Public Notices Page sometime soon, and I Will be war King harder than ever to defend the rights of the world’s People.

Also, the Truth is I would not normally share My thoughts on My sister and her lawyer’s strategy, but I would typically email My brother to warn him of what I am thing King their strategy might be. But I swore to My brother and sister that if they did not provide Me with full disclosure by My name day and compelled Me to take them into Court to get it, they would never hear from Me again unless they are being served with Court documents. I don’t break My Word but I do Wish for him to know that My sister Will not lose one wink of sleep if My brother were to be held 100% liable for her negligence and contempt. Truth.

Love and Blessings,

Oh, and if You didn’t Notice, the other ‘Big’ News, is that these Notices are all being cc’d to all city counsellors, the mayor, and his legal counsel. We are setting the Stage for the final Acts…

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