Volume CCXXIX: The Super Natural Son Day Review; My Father’s Minding My House

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Review, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Fabulous Honour to have You in My House. There is a lot to be tall King about this week, and there Will be a lot more to be tall King about next week! My Mystical, Magical Microcosm is merging with Man’s Macrocosm whether I like it or not! That’s ultimately the big Good News as of late because it’s for reasons beyond My control – the very best example of what I call ‘the Voice of the Universe’ I could ever hope to Give, and yet I can’t even take any credit for it, it’s all God’s doing. In fact, today’s Title was going to be ‘Minding My Father’s House’ until I started Writing the Post and real eyes’d that it’s the other Way around – it’s My Father that’s taking care of Me! My ‘Father’ makes Me do things I might not otherwise do. In this particular case, it Will be a second Suit for The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean that Will be filed into Canada’s Courts if We don’t hear back from the City of Ottawa by five o’clock Fabulous Friday afternoon!

The City of Ottawa was served with a Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability for Breach of Trust of Fiduciary Obligations with Criminal Intent last Friday at 5:00 post midi. One might start thing King I like suing People. I don’t. In fact, over the last couple of months I was Posting considerably less than usual and one of the reasons for it was because I was waiting to hear back from the City regarding some [important] documents and really hoping I would discover they had them, did what they were supposed to do with them, and just neglected to get back to Me on it or send Me My copy of the [finalized] documents. That’s why I was so thrilled the day I went down there and they had a package ready for Me. I didn’t even bother to open the package and check the documents while I was there because I figured there was no Way they would not be the right ones. I was so distracted by the enthusiasm and excitement of finally getting the Claim against My sister, her lawyer and My brother filed, that I didn’t even check the package of documents until the weekend. That package of documents would have proved that I was wrong, and that the City of Ottawa were not negligent and incompetent, just rude (for not bothering to tell Me and forgetting to return My copy to Me). It also meant the Notice could come down and I wouldn’t have to sue them to find out what happened.

But with My lawsuit already filed, the last thing I Wish to do is be compelled to file more paperwork into the Court to deal with the City of Ottawa. What they did do, was prove that every accusation I made in My Notice, is True!!! And that’s not Good! But their solution (the City of Ottawa) was just to approve all applications as if the documents had been received, even though they weren’t. I’m busy enough with one lawsuit that I would have just let it go. But because they breached the Trust of some One else, I genuinely Wished to make sure they were going to take accountability – they didn’t. And they lied about it!

They used the Municipal Freedom of Information and Privacy Protection Act to try to intimidate Me into destroying the evidence of their breach suggesting they are ‘just following MFIPPA protocol’ yet they didn’t follow any of the MFIPPA’s other protocols. They didn’t contact the affected parties and tell them they must keep the information private and confidential, and they didn’t disclose to the other party harmed by the breach who the information was disclosed to, or what was done to protect her privacy and ‘contain’ the breach. They claim to be harassing Me because they are ‘following protocol’ when the Record Will show they took no accountability at all and did not follow any of the actual MFIPPA protocols. The other party is genuinely harmed, the information was Given to Me in response to a Notice of Liability for Breaching My Trust, and now it appears they have breached My Trust, lost or damaged more of My documents, and don’t seem to be thing King that either party is entitled to compensation for the harm done to them!!! They haven’t even apologized (most likely because lawyers/liars always advise to never admit guilt, no matter how guilty One is – it was once called ‘devilling’, People).

God doesn’t really Mind if I let things go. If no One else were involved, I would let it go, I really would. It’s not worth it for Me. That’s also why I am as King for $1,000,000.00 if they don’t offer something to the injured parties, and Honour the proposal that was made for Colleen. I can’t let this go, Colleen is genuinely, legally and lawfully, a Beneficiary of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, and My Trust Instrument and Declaration is not only on the City of Ottawa’s Record, it ‘just happens’ to be the incorrect documents that were in the package that was returned to Me the same day I filed the suit against My sister, her lawyer and My brother. I’m literally violating My own Trust if I don’t Act in Colleen’s best interest and defend her [God Given] rights. I also didn’t have a choice about any of this, it was all God’s doing, the Voice of the Universe, My ‘Father’ Minding My [Real] House, The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean.

There are some other points of interest to review this week, one is today’s feature photo:

This document was also accepted, added to the file, and a fee waiver was Issued for all Court filing costs related to the Claim. The reason I’m tall King about this, is because I don’t expect that any Registrar I am Gifting this to Will understand it – they don’t have to, that’s not what they are there for. I’m pretty sure any Court Justice Will (or some other individual at the Courthouse Will). The two lines in the dollar Sign let the Court know I’m paying on demand with Real wealth, not fiat. The document above is literally worth its dollar Value. What it really means, is that the Claim is worth its dollar Value, too, it’s dealing in Real wealth, not fiat. This is what allows for the Court to Issue a Bond (Credit) to insure performance in the first place, which is how they all get paid. If the Court does its job and helps Me to collect on My Claim, then the performance obligation is satisfied, and the Court can cash the Bond. Does that help People understand?

The other document I Wish to share with You again today that was filed with the Claim is the Information for Court use form.

The only thing that’s different about this document now, is that is has the date of August 4th, 2022, and the Registrar’s Signature on the bottom left. No Issue with My Signature whatsoever, and believe Me when I tell You they review the documents thoroughly – it’s not like she didn’t notice that is says ‘King Sean/Trustee, Executor’. But Notice how many options there are for the ‘type‘ of Claim? This is important. See how ‘Trusts, Fiduciary duty’, is a category all its own? That’s because the Trust Instrument is the whole of the Law regarding a Trust, and no fiction of law has the force of law to violate a Trust obligation (lest the Trust obligation it Self is immoral or unlawful). The Trust Instrument indicates that the Trustee must positively identify and endorse important documents relating to The Kingdom of Heaven Trust obligations, with his thumb print Seal. There is no requirement to provide a copy of the Trust Instrument or Declaration with the Court, so long as the Respondents have a copy.

The other reason this is important is because some People say that the Common Law and Courts of equity don’t exist anymore. I’ve said they can’t ever not exist, it’s just that a lot of People have misconcept-Sean’s about what the Common Law actually is (still have to Write a Book on that). Every law that exists today is based on Common Law principles that were founded in Equity. Equity is kind of like the backbone of the legal system, it’s the True law the fiction is founded upon. The jurisdiction of any Court is determined by the subject Matter at Hand. What does that mean? Well, it means that it’s all about the Title and General Heading of the document because that’s the (brief) description of the subject Matter.

I don’t Wish to get off on too great a tangent, I just Wished to point this out because the Information for Court Use form gets around all My Respondents attempts to bring Me back into some fictional, commercial jurisdiction. You Will Notice that the Notice of Intent to Defend forms that were sent by both parties Style the heading of the Superior Court in all capital letters – that’s a fiction, a private Court (that operates in the public). But it doesn’t Matter because of the information for court use form, the Trust Will always retain jurisdiction.

“Equity Will take jurisdiction to avoid a multiplicity of suits.” – Maxim in Equity

Wow, okay, this was much longer than I had intended, but there is just SO much going on! That Notice to the City of Ottawa was also cc’d to the mayor, Jim What’s-on, all city counsellors, and the city of Ottawa’s legal counsel.

In My Microcosm I have some hilarious antics and excitement, too. I’m both loved and hated by People in the community, and for whatever reason, the children in the neighbourhood like Me so much, they make Me feel like a celebrity!!! I hardly know any of their names but they all know mine and greet Me with enthusiastic smiles anytime they see Me. I have to say, it makes Me feel pretty awesome and they are the ones that are always encouraging Me to paint the most, and the ones I feel most guilty for disappointing when I don’t.

I real eyes’d I’ve kind of been dating some One lately, but the only reason I found out is because I heard it from other People in the community! I’m being somewhat facetious and sarcastic, but it’s also True. I’ll have to explain another time.

For now, lots exciting things coming up in the near future, and I am busy in My Microcosm so if I’m not Writing as often, just know that what I’m war King on Will spill over into Man’s Macrocosm soon enough!!!

Love and Blessings,

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