Volume CCXXXI: The Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Two Down, One to Go

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, always a great Honour to have You in My House. Well, today was a very Lucky Wednesday, and not only for Me. My brother served Me with a Statement of Defense today, much to My surprise. We are now only waiting on My sister to serve Me with her Statement of Defense, which is the reason for today’s Title – ‘Two Down, One to Go’.

It’s a Lucky Wednesday for Me because despite the fact that I have sworn I Will never speak to My brother again outside of formal Court processes, old habits die hard and I was worried that he was going to be stupid and not respond at all. If My brother had defaulted, it would have been very Good for Me, so I suppose it may seem unlucky that he managed to get his Statement of Defense served within the timelines provided for by the Rules, but My belief is that My sister and her lawyer are such snakes that they would have been happy to let My brother assume all liability. Frankly, I’m not surprised My sister hasn’t served Me with her Statement of Defense yet because I’m reasonably confident that she was waiting to see if My brother Will default first. If he had defaulted, My guess is that My sister would just try to pass the buck to My brother and say he’s liable for everything. Now that he hasn’t defaulted, she Will also have to respond.

I Will say that I already prefer My brother’s lawyer over Hala’s and My sister’s. No ‘Mr.’ von Dehn anywhere in the cover letter that accompanied the SoD, and no attempt to threaten or intimidate in correspondences unrelated to Court filings. I am also thing King it is a much better SoD than what Hala’s lawyer came up with, though I still don’t believe any of the arguments Will hold up in Court. One Will Notice that so far, Hala and My brother are relying pretty heavily on Ontario’s Succession Reform Act, which is fine and well if the Trust were subject to it – it’s not! The Trust instrument is the whole of the Law regarding the Trust, and an Express Trust is very much a legal entity (which of course they try to suggest is not a legal entity).

The other interesting detail I was pondering on today, is that a lawyer should certainly know that if The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean were not a legitimate Express Trust (which is a legal entity with the status of a ‘natural person’ in law) or a ‘legal’ entity, they would be able to have the case dismissed but they wouldn’t be able to be as King for any damages because only legal entities can be sued! So if they are Wishing for indemnity costs, their argument that The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean is not a legal entity is also self defeating. And although not replying to a SoD presumes I dispute all the Respondents facts, they are still asserting that their facts are True. In Hala Tabl’s SoD, she states:

On the same day, Justice Castillo also provided an endorsement that,
among other things, vacated the objection of King Sean, House von Dehn, dated March 24, 2022.

Hala Tabl, Statement of Defense, Page 3, Para 3, #13

Hmmm. So she does not Wish to acknowledge that King Sean, House von Dehn is the Trustee and Executor of a private Express Trust, but refers to Me as King Sean, House von Dehn when speaking of a justice vacating My objection (no objection was ever filed with the Court)? How can My objection be vacated if I’m not King Sean, House von Dehn? And if I am King Sean, House von Dehn (as she states by her own admission), then how would the justice have the authority to vacate a King’s objection? Does she and the justice not know that King is a real legal and lawful Title? They should considering Canada is a constitutional democratic monarchy that recognizes the Divine right of the Sovereign People as the authority of their government and Courts. It Will be very interesting to see how that Plays out in discovery… Can’t very well say I’m not King Sean, House von Dehn, or she is committing perjury in her SoD! I said I did not Wish to say too much, and I’m still not really showing My Hand, I still have a few ‘tricks’ up My sleeve so long as these snakes Play by the Rules. I am thing King the Court Will not allow them to violate the Rules so easily this time (they know Me now, and I already covered over with the Registrar on The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean being a legal entity by explaining why ‘Express Trust’ was in brackets), “Yup, that’s fine, I know what an Express Trust is.”

That’s when I was as King if the Court required a copy of the Trust Instrument.

“Nope. The justice may request a copy, but so long as each of the Respondents has a copy You should be fine.”

It’s SO different speaking with a Registrar. My adversaries are just gaslighting. It’s funny because I actually despise that Word but it’s the very best Way to describe what lawyers and public servants are so Good at. They just pretend like legal and lawful arguments were never made and carry on.

The other interesting thing about Hala’s SoD (and another reason it’s so suicidal for her) is because she claims that Castillo granted an endorsement to the application on May 6th, 2022, but served Me with an Endorsement from Honourable Justice Susan J. Woodley dated 2020 she claimed was binding on the Application allegedly filed March 24th, 2022!!! And I have several emails from Hala insisting the application was filed and that the Endorsement dated 2020 is binding upon it. Really? Then why would she be as King for another Endorsement on May 6th, 2022? And why is the application still not showing up in the online portal?

See, they are Gifting Me with more Quest-Ions than answers. My Brother also claims that he never promised to take care of the bills and keep the Estate in Good standing. I just went through My emails and have several examples of My brother promising Me that although he wasn’t sharing any of the financial details with Me, he was taking care of everything. I guess We have a different perspective on what ‘taking care of things’ means. I also have several examples of him expressing his ‘hatred’ for his father in various Ways, tall King about how angry he is with him for never letting him into his Life, though he claims he holds no resentment for his father, despite telling Me point blank that ‘he does not deserve any Honour’. He also outright lied to Me when I was as King him if the mortgage had gone into default because I couldn’t understand why a CAET would be required if he hadn’t let the mortgage default.

They are also claiming that it is unclear who is liable for what. That point I Will concede on because it isn’t clear, and I don’t care!!! They withheld all information from Me, so I don’t know who’s liable, I only know that My sister agreed to accept all liability for all harm that’s been done for continuing to withhold information from Me necessary for My participation in the judicial process. Collectively, they all promised to take care of the Estate and protect My interests, or [Hala Tabl] had a legal and lawful duty to inform the CAET applicant of her legal and lawful obligations to the Beneficiaries and the Estate. Hala is liable for My sister’s liability because if Hala had advised My sister properly and Honoured the Rule of Law and My right of full disclosure, there would be no claim against any One right now.

Well, I rambled for longer than I had intended and I’m not sure how exciting this is for People to read about. What I’m most curious about, is whether or not they Will Play by the Rules. For now, I Will continue to assert that if this Claim comes before any Honourable Justice, it Will certainly not be vacated, and a lot of People Will have a lot of explaining to do. I learned more about My father’s Estate from the SoD I have received so far, than was ever volunteered to Me by My brother, sister, or her lawyer.

The other reason today felt Lucky for Me, is because I managed to get some painting done which always rewards Me with wonderful Blessings from People in My community. All thanks goes to God – and to You for listening!

Love and Blessings,

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