Volume CCXXXI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; The Translate Sean of Babble On

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your moral Highness is always welcome in My House. Today I am feeling Especially Great-Full for the Gifts God Gives Me which should make today’s Post a little more Inspire-a-Sean all. All the world’s a Stage and many State Actors are finding their Mark for the final Scenes of this Universal Product-Sean.

You know, I’ve been so distracted with The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Statement of Claim, I’m not even sure if I mentioned that the City of Ottawa had Default Judgment, Nihil Dicit, Res Judicata awarded against them for Breach of Trust with criminal intent (mens rae) last week. That’s pretty big news, as each of the Public Notices was sent to all city counsellors, the mayor, deputy mayor, the City’s legal counsel, and the perpetrators of the criminal Act. They also know that these Notices are Published here on the International Public Record. I know I’ve put a lot of People on Notice so it may not seem like a big deal, but Trust Me when I tell You it is – they’re just not feeling the weight of it yet, but it Will hit like a megaton bomb when the ball finally drops. (I am thing King I got that metaphor or analogy wrong, but You get the Idea.)

I’m feeling fabulous for a lot of reasons today. The SoD that have been Presented to Me are weak at best. I’ve said before that typically, People seem to accuse others of what they their Self are guilty of. So far, two of the three Respondents have suggested that the Claim should be struck out or vacated as ‘frivolous and vexatious’ – so original (being very facetious). One complains about the use of the Words ‘Claimant’ and ‘Respondent’, suggesting it should be ‘plaintiff and defendant’. Both suggest that The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean is not a legal entity (suggesting this is reasonable grounds to dismiss the Claim). But I’m the One being frivolous and vexatious!? Seriously, only lawyers can be so morally and ethically bankrupt that they believe their legal fiction and definition of Words is sufficient to ignore all the harm that was done to Me and My father’s Estate to avoid taking any accountability or response-ability for the Actions of their clients!

They are not going to like it when I tell them that I do not consent to any legal definitions of Words because I am not part of the Law society and the Courts of Canada are compelled to recognize English and French as official languages of the Court – legalese isn’t even mentioned!!! It is literally only for members of the Law Society (which is why I suggested looking up the definition of the Word ‘society’, though I Will be covering that today). In fact, let’s start with the English definition of the Word ‘society’.



Learn to pronounce


  1. 1.the aggregate of people living together in a more or less ordered community
  2. 2.an organization or club formed for a particular purpose or activity.

Now, are We thing King that the ‘particular purpose or activity’ of the ‘Law Society’ was to Create a language (legalese) that deceives People by using English Words that have meanings (definitions) different from what the Common Man believes them to mean? No, that would never be allowed, that would be deceptive and immoral. Immoral and unethical Acts are not tolerated by the Rule of Law.

Contra Bones Mores – Against Good Morals

Maxim in Law

Any attempt to deceive a Man voids the contract. Because the legal fiction is not allowed to deceive, they usually use fine print or similar, often in a separate box on the form.

“You didn’t read the fine print? Oh, well that’s unfortunate because it’s right there in the contract…”

This is why they are always advising People to have a lawyer review any serious contracts One may Sign (because the lawyers/liars know their own tricks and where to look for the clause or loophole in the contract). But if it’s in the contract and One doesn’t Notice and Signs anyway, One is presumed to have agreed to all terms, regardless if they are otherwise immoral, unethical, or ‘unfair’. Keep in Mind, One can consent to being whipped if that’s their thing, the Rule of Law is no different. The contract is the whole of the Law binding the parties to it. This is also why it is always a Good Idea to Sign all contracts ‘without prejudice’, which essentially means that One is presuming the other is acting in Good faith, not trespassing upon One’s inherent rights, or attempting to deceive the other party in any Way.

Suggesting a claim should be dismissed because One refers to the parties to the Claim as ‘Claimant and Respondent’ rather than ‘Plaintiff and Defendant’, is extremely frivolous – kind of like tomato(e), tomato. It’s just going to make the Respondents seem petty in the eyes of any Honourable Justice, perhaps especially because I am not a lawyer. Are they really going to split hairs over how the parties are identified in the Claim? I kind of hope they do because I know how bad it Will make them look.

But I did discover something that would potentially seem like bad News on the surface. Apparently, in Canadian Law, an Express Trust is not a legal entity! That was a surprise because remember that I have studied international Law so that I could defend My Honour in any country of the world where God is recognized as the Supreme Authority. In the United States, an Express Trust is a legal entity with the status of a natural person – that’s the status We all Wish to have when We walk into a Court, not the artificial [incorporated] person. However, the use of the Word ‘legal’ entity is also Significant. A ‘legal’ entity is one that is subject to statutory law, and all it really means is that Canada hasn’t Created any statute to recognize the Express Trust as a legal entity except for tax purposes (go figure, right?). That does not mean it is not a lawful entity, and lawful Trumps legal (that’s the jurisdiction We all Wish to enjoy and the only One the Sui Juris Man is subject to).

To prove beyond any reasonable shadow of doubt, all We have to do is look up the definition of ‘legal entity’ in an English dictionary.


Definitions from Oxford Languages · Learn more

le·gal en·ti·ty

Learn to pronounce



  1. an individual, company, or organization that has legal rights and obligations. “constituency associations are separate legal entities from the party”

The parties of an Express Trust make up the organization, and the parties to the Trust have legal [and lawful] rights, so the organization has both legal rights and [fiduciary] obligations. It fits the definition of a ‘legal entity’ according to any English dictionary. Will they try and say that English definitions do not apply? Good luck, because that would be Willfully deceptive and immoral because most People speak English fluently, not ‘legalese’ (nor is there any legal or lawful requirement for a Man to know legalese, it is exclusively for the law society).

The more detailed definition of society includes customs, language and rules that apply only to that group of People. The Law Society is a private club with its own rules, regulations and language for its members. This is why they tell You that You should never ‘represent’ Your Self – You don’t ‘sprechen sie legalese’. You Will just Babble on thing King You know what You are tall King about when One is really just speaking in tongues…

I’m also having some Fun in My Microcosm because there are now rumours in the community that I’m dating some One. It isn’t True (though I suppose it may have potential and I do very much enjoy her company), but it’s hilarious how much People love to gossip. We try to meet Secretly now to put a stop to the rumours, but it seems We get caught every time which probably just makes it look that much more like We are!!! I also mentioned that I’m both loved and hated here in the community, depending on who One is tall King to (though Truthfully, most of the People who actually hate Me Will tell You they Love Me because they don’t Wish to lose favour with those who actually do (enjoy My company and influence in the community). The irony is that it’s basically the group of community volunteers who ‘hate’ Me and it’s for no other reason than I get more praise and thanks for painting than they do for volunteering! Seriously, it is like living on some kind of superficial reality show or something. Sometimes My whole Life feels like a movie, which is why I’m so determined to make it Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean!

Love and Blessings!!!

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