Volume CCXXXI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Trial by Ambush…

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today is a Fabulous Free Lance Friday because (just as I suspected) We received a Statement of Defense from Tanja Johnson today, and it appears as though all Respondents are Playing by the Rules!!! Does this mean that I Will actually have an opportunity to participate in the judicial process and receive full disclosure regarding My father’s Estate? I know, it almost seems too Good to be True, but I am cautiously optimistic.

Once again, the SoD provided by My sister is a wonderful Gift to Me. It appears as though Hala’s lawyer must have been very distracted while preparing her SoD, as she managed to get the name of the justice that allegedly vacated My objection (that was never filed with any Court because I was told by the Court that no application for a CAET was ever filed with the Court) wrong. I mean, seriously – isn’t the name of a justice making decisions regarding an unfiled CAET application a rather important detail? Would One not be thing King that Will be a detail One Wishes to get right?

I also know that the world is watching this Claim very closely. Within seconds of uploading the SoD provided by My sister’s lawyer this morning, the document had been downloaded twice. Why is that unusual? Because ‘Pages’, unlike ‘Posts’ (like this one) do now Show up on My homepage. Followers of My Blog do not receive notifications of Pages, only Posts. Some One is Magically receiving Notifications of new Pages I Post to My Blog and downloading copies almost immediately! One might have to author a Blog One’s Self to comprehend how unusual this is, but I attribute such things as ‘God’s doing – whether it be the God in the Heavens above, or the ‘God’s of Babble on down below…

Another interesting detail for Me is that My stats Show visitors and views, and which countries those visitors and views are coming from. The United Kingdom is not typically one of the main countries that are reading My Blog. However, ever since I filed this Statement of Claim as The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, the United Kingdom has been viewing every single Post related to it. Why do I find this interesting? Because My Sworn Oath of office that was filed with Canada’s Attorney General and Minister of Justice, was also sent to Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II and the Pope. I advised both that My Intent-Ion was to expose the traitors that commit treason against the Crown in 1867, and protect the [inherent] rights of Canada’s People in Honour of Her Majesty. I can’t help but wonder if it is her ‘People’ that are watching so closely and downloading these documents. Only time Will tell… However, it was this morning that I Noticed there were no views from the United Kingdom until seconds after I Posted My sister’s SoD. I literally Posted the Page to My Blog with the uploaded SoD and immediately refreshed My statistics. Not more than two or three seconds in real time, and the UK was added to the list of countries reading My Blog, showing two downloads of My sister’s SoD! Honestly, I can’t express how ‘crazy’ that is. I don’t believe any person could download those documents that fast, even if they were monitoring My Blog intensely. It’s like the Page is being monitored by some kind of technology with instructions to download any new documents I Publish.

But that’s not even the best part of this Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, the best part is that now We get into discovery! I’ve been in the dark about this estate and the Truth of what’s been going on with it for so long, I can’t wait to finally know exactly what has been done (or not done, as the case may be). All Respondents have confirmed in the SoD that no CAET has been awarded by the Court to protect My father’s interests. What does that mean? Well, considering a house, two automobiles and all the personal property belonging to My father is now gone, We can confirm that My father has been denied his right to due process. My father has a right to the protection of the law, and to have someone appointed to protect his interests, even though he is dead. No CAET means that everything taken from My father was done without due process, making it both illegal and unlawful – period!

The bank and their lawyers had a legal and lawful obligation to have an Estate Trustee appointed to protect My father’s interests before they ever proceeded with power of sale. They are required by law to have an ETDL (Estate Trustee During Litigation) appointed if no application for a CAET is awarded to any of the entitled Beneficiaries. As I said to My brother and sister, how can any property legally or lawfully be taken from My father if he has not had any One appointed to protect his interests and Act as his attorney to defend against the creditors? Legally, (and lawfully), it should never happen!!! Every One has the right to the protection of the Law to preserve their property and assets. Our House was denied Our right to due process of the Law – period!!!

So all Respondents have confirmed that nothing that has been done to the Estate is legal or lawful because My father has had no legal representation to protect Our family’s inheritance. The same is True with respect to the $2 million Claim against My father by an insurance company (or so I’m told). The reason they haven’t proceeded with that Claim (though I’m sure they Wish to), is because they must have an ETDL appointed first. They cannot bring a claim against My father until he has legal and lawful representation, and that should be Common sense. They (insurance company) are not as King of the Court to appoint an ETDL because the Court Will have already told them it is Me they must be as King first. Even if the Court did appoint some random person to protect My father’s interest in the insurance Claim, I would have priority right to receive Notice as the next of kin so that I can object and advise the Court of My prior right to Act as My father’s Trustee. I must receive Notice of every legal action regarding My father’s Estate or due process has not been had. No ‘ambush’ litigation in Canada’s courts.

The other reason this SoD is so wonderful, is because Brendan McCarthy’s email confirmed that no application for a CAET was made on March 24th, 2022 by Hala Tabl. The Court confirmed in a ‘province wide search’ that no application for a CAET was in the system (and why I was not able to object to the application). Brendan is as King of Me to wait two weeks for the filing to show up in the system, while the Court allegedly endorsed the application (that I’m unable to object to) on May 6?! Well, if I’d taken direction from the Court and responded in two weeks, I’ve already lost My opportunity to object to the application which had already been endorsed without My ability to participate. What ‘objection’ could Hala possibly have had vacated if I am unable to object to the application for two more weeks on April 28th? And where is this alleged ‘receipt of filing’? I was as King of the Barrie Courthouse to provide it, and they did not respond. Hala claims to have presented My objections to the justice ‘on My behalf’ and without Notice to Me? What objections, exactly? Did she pick and choose the objections that were not damning to My sister’s application as they had done in the first application, and what I threatened to expose if My sister did not withdraw her application? This is conspiracy level fraud, and I am thing King the Court Will be very interested to know all of these details.

Why are People thing King that the insurance company is waiting so long to file their Claim? Because they know I Will be appointed to represent My father’s interests, which Will not Good for My brother and sister (or the insurance company because they know My title is real).

Pretty Fabulous Friday, no? Oh, and I almost forgot – it also means that I may soon have the opportunity to place another Superior Court Justice on Notice for Breach of Trust and abdication of office for violation of her Oath to the Court.

I may be back later today, I’m feeling pretty Fabulous!!!

Love and Blessings,

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