Volume CCXXXI: The Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition; My Future’s So Bright…

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. It has been an exciting week. All Respondents have responded to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim to protect My father’s Estate, which is why this is the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition, in Honour of My Father in Heaven. Now that every One has responded, I can be tall King a little more about I am planning to proceed.

The best Part (in this Universal Product-Sean), is that the SoD’s (Statements of Defense) served upon Me actually provide Me with several additional torts, or ’causes of action’. Virtually every additional piece of inform a Sean provided by the Respondents in their SoD’s is News to Me. Why is that Good? Because there is to be absolutely no ‘ambush’ litigation in Canada’s civil Courts, so everything I am discovering that is news to Me, is an additional tort and evidence of their attempts to interfere with My right to participate in the judicial process.

The other Good News for Me, is that all three tortfeasors were war King together. My brother consented to My sister’s first application for a CAET (Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee) where she was as King the Honourable Justice, Susan J. Woodley to exclude Me from the proceedings and to pay the legal fees and court costs to be excluded!!! Obviously, the Honourable Justice wasn’t having any of it because the Duty and Obligation of the Trustee in the administration of an Estate, is to Act in the best interest of the Entitled Beneficiaries, and to secure the Estate assets for them. My sister’s actions appear to be vexatious and most certainly not in My best interest. But it gets even worse for the Respondents…

My sister requested My brother’s consent to that application, allegedly without informing him that she would be as King of the Justice to have Me excluded from the proceedings, which is precisely why I had told My brother I Will not consent to My sister’s application because she clearly harbours some kind of sadistic resentment for Me for reasons unknown. Before this Estate Matter, I had nothing to do with My sister’s Life at all, have never done anything to cause her any harm, yet she requested for My brother and My mother to keep the birth of her daughter (My niece) Secret from Me, and was successful in doing so for over two years! It was only because My mother was so overwhelmed with guilt for lying to Me about why she had to cancel plans with Me one day (because My sister had required a babysitter), that she broke down in tears over coffee with Me and confessed that she’d been keeping this Secret, telling Me she has no Idea why Tanja would be so cruel and hurtful. I told My mother not to worry about it, I’m not a Part of My sister’s Life anyway, so it’s not like I’m going to start randomly visiting her or calling her because I’ve discovered she has a daughter. I sent My sister a quick email to congratulate her on the birth of her daughter, and that was the very last time I had any contact with My sister before this Estate Matter – she did not even respond to say ‘thank You’. She’s a legitimate, narcissistic, sociopath – at least with respect to Me. Most certainly not a suitable candidate for a CAET!

But this a very big problem for both My brother and My sister. Why? Well, if what My brother says is True and he did not know My sister was going to be as King of the Justice to exclude Me from the proceedings and pay the costs to be excluded (in italics because that Part still floors Me – I have no Idea how she expected any Honourable Justice to Endorse those requisitions), then My sister is guilty of fraud in her first application. She did not have informed consent to her application from any One, and consent must be Given with full disclosure of what One is as King of the other to consent to, and there must be no coercion or intimidation involved. So if My brother didn’t know she would be making those requisitions (as he stated to Me), then she’s guilty of fraud and attempting to deceive the Court and the Beneficiaries. If My brother is lying and he did know that My sister would be making those requisitions, then it’s demonstrably clear and obvious that he’s not Acting in My best interest, either. But it gets even worse for My brother…

If he didn’t know that My sister would be making those requests in her first application (and why he allegedly withdrew his consent to her first application), he now knows that My sister is not at Trust worthy and certainly not Acting in My best interest (or his because she’s making him look like a vexatious litigant as well), but he again supports a second application, knowing she Willfully deceived him the first time around? It makes it look like they are both incompetent, and morally and ethically bankrupt (which they are).

And, My brother appears to have commit perjury in his SoD because he claims that he never threatened Me with emotional blackmail if I failed to consent to My sister’s application, but I went through Our Facebook conversations the other day and found the Part where he states that ‘We were just starting to get close again, Sean, We were tall King about letting You get to know the kids again. I hope You don’t let this ruin that…’. But that’s not a threat or emotional blackmail? It’s called coercion, and it voids any legal consent I may have Given anyway.

As far as it being unclear what torts I am advancing against each of the Respondents, they have all been colluding together, and it is the combination of My brother and sister’s efforts to exclude Me from the proceedings with the help (aiding and abetting) of My sister’s lawyer by advancing applications and communicating with the Court in violation of Rule 1.09 (a favourite tactic of lawyers/liars in My experiences) with intent (mens rae) to exclude Me from the judicial process and My right to participate and defend My father’s Honour.

Let’s take a look at what the Rule of Law has to say about multiple tortfeasors war King together (and My brother’s support of My sister’s second application shows a lack of judgment based on his consent and deceit in the first application).

“When two or more persons act together in furtherance of a common design or plan, during the course of which a tort is committed, they are “true” joint tortfeasors. By way of illustration, in one British Columbia case1, the plaintiffs claimed damages against three defendants as a result of arson that destroyed a shed and a barn on their farm. The judge found that two of the defendants acted jointly in planning and setting the fire. The third was not involved in planning the incident, but he was aware that the other two intended to burn something down. He drove them to the farm, although he tried, without success, to dissuade them. After the two got out of the vehicle, he drove around and eventually returned to pick them up as they ran away from the fire. The three discussed the matter and agreed to keep it secret. After reviewing the authorities, the judge concluded that a person “who knowingly assists or encourages another to commit a tort, or one who is merely present as a conspirator in the wrong that is done, is, in law, a joint tortfeasor.” Consequently, all three were held liable to the plaintiffs. The third fellow was unable to escape liability because he did not disassociate himself with the wrong that was being done or do anything to stop the other two once the plan was underway.”

Neil C. Carfra and Eliza Bates-Smith

So I’m feeling pretty excited heading into this Motive a Sean all Monday, which Will begin as soon as I rise tomorrow with an email to each of the Respondent’s respective lawyers, advising them that I Will be allowing for the additional ten days provided for by the Rules of Civil Procedure in the event that any may Wish to amend their SoD before the deadline (Hala Tabl). I Will also extend this offer to My brother because I was going to do that anyway if I had not heard from him by the twenty day deadline, simply because I Wish to Give every One equal opportunity to participate in the judicial process (unlike My brother and sister). I also believe that suggesting the Claim is ‘frivolous and vexatious’ is just going to make all the Respondents look ‘frivolous and vexatious’ considering the magnitude of economic, emotional, and psychological harm that has been perpetrated against Me by these profane individuals.

And today’s feature photo was taken by a Friend yesterday and sent to My Facebook. The only time You Will ever see Me wearing shades is when I’m painting outside, and not to protect from ‘UV’ rays, but only because it is too bright to stare at a canvas in the middle of the day.

Although it’s still not quite done, I am very, very close to finishing the latest piece in The Kingdom of Heaven’s He-Art Exhibit-Sean, which Will aptly be Called, ‘Jim What’s On?’. So tired of staring at this Man’s face, I can’t wait to get it done.

Love and Blessings,

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