Volume CCXXXII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Royal Purple Pepper Product Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. This Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition, I Will be tall King about the Magic of Lucky Wednesday which is all Ways as Lucky as We believe it Will be. Today is really just a Celebrate Sean of all the little things taking place in My Microcosm, to Marvel at the Magic of My Words Manifesting, and being thank full for the Gifts God Gives Me. Today I Will be Gifting You with a Vision Present-a-Sean of the Miracles in My Microcosm by sharing a slide Show.

Bolivian Rainbow Pepper Plant

This is the first little Blessing in My Microcosm because of all the semi-exotic pepper seeds I purchased, this was the one I was most excited to see survive and produce peppers. It took two weeks for the central most pepper to show signs of shedding its purple, and it is rumoured to change to white, then yellow, orange and finally red. They are so colourful they Give the Illusion that they are Illuminated from within, like Christ-Mass lights. Soon all colours Will be on the plant at the same time. And just look at the foliage!!! I mean, if the beautiful peppers weren’t enough to catch One’s attention, the purple ribbed leaves are impressive, too. If One looks even closer beyond that, it gets more magnificent with purple and green striped stem and branches! It’s an absolutely fascinating pepper plant, and I said before that it was on par with a jalapeno at around thirty to fifty thousand Scoville units but I was very wrong about that! It does weigh in at 30-50k on the Scoville scale, but by comparison a jalapeno is only 2,500 to 8,000 Scoville units! So it is a lot hotter than a jalapeno which is also very exciting for Me because I’ve developed a love for hot peppers recently – so much so that I started ‘The Prince of Peppers Product Sean Company’ this year, and this is My finest and most prolific specimen so far. And once again, the One I was as King of God to Bless for Me.

But there are other Magical little details that I have been sharing with You here that only frequent readers of My Blog Will know. My Words really do Manifest, but the hardest thing to explain to People is that it really has nothing to do with Me. It is all God. It’s God that Wishes for You to know that this is how Powerful Your thoughts and beliefs are. Truly. What One believes to be True Will become One’s Truth. I like tall King about Magic because that’s what God is, anything One is as King of God for Will be Given, it is a Universal Law. Some People get nervous tall King about God and it makes them uncomfortable, but every One Loves tall King about Magic and believing it might be Real, right? (I can tell You from My Blog stats that this is absolutely True in relay-Sean to this Blog.)

I said I was going to start The Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company this year, and that it Will be a five year Plan to reach pepper Product-Sean goals. This Bolivian Rainbow pepper plant in particular was deliberately grown in the smallest possible pot with no Intent-Sean of transplanting until it is finished producing peppers for the season. It is something of a lofty goal for those that might know much about pepper plants, but this cultivar in particular is said to require a great deal more space for its roots than a three inch pot! The minimum recommended for an indoor plant is roughly 8″ in diameter or 3Liters in Volume. Today’s feature photo specimen is growing in less than a cup (250ml) of soil. I counted all the peppers I could see in product-Sean today and it just happened to be 37… That’s everything on it right now that I know has been pollinated. Cool thing about this particular plant is that it’s easy to tell if a flower is pollinated because the stem Will point upward. If it doesn’t point upward after the flower drops off, the whole stem Will drop off later that day.

The point is, it’s a True Bonsai, and it’s far enough along in the season to know it Will survive another year. It produced vigorous growth and new flowers continuously for roughly two to three weeks, now it appears they have all been pollinated and no new flowers coming – end of the season soon! Once it’s done producing peppers, then I Will transplant into a six inch diameter pot. I believe that next season it Will produce over one hundred peppers, and it Will be slowly upgraded to a slightly larger pot every fall for five years. It’s already genetically conditioned to grow well in a small space and that Characteristic Will continue to get stronger every season. The same of course Will be True with the seeds I harvest, which is why seeds that One harvests from their own plants are Truly a unique genetic Create-Sean.

I started fifteen different cultivars of peppers, four varieties with little to no heat and the rest beginning at Serrano level and war King up to the ‘Ghost of Cayenne’, a reasonably stable cross between a ghost pepper and a cayenne pepper. I was a little disappointed to learn that puts it somewhere half Way between a Cayenne and a Ghost pepper on the Scoville Scale, and I didn’t know enough about peppers at the time so I was thing King it was an especially hot variety of ghost pepper but not quite as hot as the feared Carolina Reaper. The Reaper rings in at over two million Scoville potential!!! I figured I’m not quite daring enough to order the seeds just yet, I was thing King I Will be war King My Way up the Scoville Scale slowly but surely. I’d heard nothing of a Carolina Reaper before I started thing King about My Prince of Peppers Product-Sean company, and My research indicated I probably never would unless One is really into hot peppers because they are just too hot to stock on the grocery store shelves. And I go shopping for some hot chili’s for My chili today and what does My grocer have on the shelf?

They even look scary…

Yeah… That’s the Magic of My Microcosm and another example of how My Words Magically Manifest. So now I also have Carolina Reaper seeds to sow next season, and I Will be looking forward to Creating some Crosses of My own!!! I made My first chili with them (okay, so it was just one – but it was a Good sized one!).

2,000,000+ Scoville Units!!!

Okay, so I wasn’t sure if I could handle it, not going to lie! My gloves broke when I tried to put them on, so I just used My bare hands which is a very big no no when dealing with peppers this hot, but I like Living dangerously. Without even touching My face or getting a drop of juice on Me, My face was sweating just cutting it up! A Friend who was watching nearby was fine but noticed Me sweating right away, especially around the eyes. Kind of like onions make One cry. The second I was done I scrubbed My hands with soap and water very thoroughly for about five minutes. Although I managed to get enough off that it did not spread to My face or other parts of My body I may have touched with My hands afterward, the top of My hands up to My wrist where I’d been washing them felt like they were badly sunburned! Lasted for about ten minutes and it was manageable pain. It was the taste test that scared Me more!!!

I dipped the end of My finger in just enough to taste it. I felt like I was breathing fireballs but it was tolerable – and tasty!!! They have an amazing flavour behind the heat, seriously! Once the chili was finally finished, the first bite really ‘wowed’ Me, I don’t really know how else to describe it, but I highly recommend it! I am thing King I Will stick with just one for this batch of chili, but I’m pretty sure I could handle two! I encourage One to look into how many health benefits there are to eating hot peppers and One Will appreciate why I am Willing to Give it a try. One Carolina Reaper’s worth of capsaicin (the chemical that makes them feel hot) is all One needs to receive the recommended weekly amount necessary for noticeable health benefits.

I have so much more to be tall King with You about and it really did feel like a very Lucky Wednesday because I also have a very Good Friend in My Microcosm that makes sharing all these Miracles all that much more Magical – as does sharing them with You. Here’s the slide Show of all the little Gifts God Gives Me. These tomatoes not only look spectacular, but they are so tasty that none of them even make it into My cooking because they are so Good straight off the vine they never last that long!

Love and Blessings!!!

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