Volume CCXXXIII: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix IV, Resurrections De-Coded, Part X

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition and a Two’s Day I am hoping Will be True to its name as I’m hoping to Post again later this evening. For now, and as always, thank King or Queen You for being here, You make Life worth Writing for.

How ’bout getting off of these blue pills?..

Paraphrasing Alanis Morrissette (who makes the same reference to antibiotics in one of her Songs), Mr. Anderson ditched the blue pills in Our last Matrix Interpret-a-Sean (the original, Matrix ‘I’). The name ‘Mr. Anderson’ is in italics because it represents the artificial [legal] person of Man’s Macrocosm quite literally. Neo takes great except-Sean when the agent addresses him as Mr. Anderson.

Not Mr. Anderson – My name is Neo!!!

Neo, Matrix I

This occurs just fractions of a second before Neo slams the agent against the ceiling of the subway to avoid being run over by an oncoming train…

But the reason I’m pausing on this point a little extra today is to point out how We’ve seen the very same theme in every film I’ve provided an Interpret-a-Sean of. In the Truman Show We have the real Life Truman believing his fictional Life Created for entertainment is Real until he senses it’s not and discovers that his True Character’s real purpose is beyond the scope of what the Producer and Director were able to deliver. A Man who [Self] identifies with his Ikea furniture takes on the persona of Tyler Durden in Fight Club to conquer his demons and find his True Self. A Man is abused, tortured, and experimented on until he dies, but instead evolves to transcend the abuse of his captors and takes on a new persona, in ‘V’ for Vendetta. Here, Mr. Anderson was taking blue pills daily so that he can feel ‘normal’ in society and comfortable in the skin of the Character they Wish for him to Play on the world Stage. What do the blue pills represent, and who are they?

Well, blue pills are basically the main stream media in Our modern day world. Anything that has the Power to propagate an Idea is potential propaganda. Blue pills represent ‘group thing King’ rather than independent, Self governance.

“We knew We’d won when You allowed Us to do Your thing King for You.”

Agent Smith to Morpheus, Matrix I, Paraphrasing (only slightly)

In the next meaningful Scene, We see Tiffany (for the same reason as ‘Mr. Anderson‘) as King of the barista not to make her usual order and requests something a little more exotic. Right on queue, Mr. Anderson shows up as King if he can buy the round. We notice as they sit sipping their beverage that they’re sipping the same thing. There are no coincidences. Mr. Anderson ditched his pills, Tiffany ordered something different at the coffee shop. This is what I am tall King about when I say the microcosm reflects the macrocosm in all things. When I am going through something, the world is going through something, too – and the same is True for every One. The two events or Acts may seem completely isolated and otherwise unrelated on their own, but that is the illusion!

This is the Part that made it a little hard for Me to get back to this Interpret-a-Sean because I advised My audience that there are Secret messages in the Matrix films that I believe very few People Will fully comprehend but were also specifically included for Me (as crazy as I know it sounds). There is advise and guidance for Me in the films, and somehow ‘they’ knew I would watch them (and eventually Write about them). It represents the same unknown ‘they’ that are trying to keep Mr. Anderson in their Matrix. Every One contributes to the (capitalist) Illusion in some Way, but who is perpetrating the Idea, who is pulling the strings?

Tiffany is tall King with Mr. Anderson about how she remembers wanting a family, but she’s not sure if it was really her that wanted the family, or some kind of internal/maternal programming that was telling her she should. Tiffany is not just the Love interest of Mr. Anderson, she is the other half of Neo (and arguably the better half if One were as King of a lady and not foolish enough to argue with her answer), she is his Soul mate, the Divine feminine, Trinity. Neo does not exist without Trinity because she is his Purpose for Living, the Will to Live.

What she really represents for Neo, is Love. That’s where People get God all wrong and say the Idea of God starts to sound cheesy and superficial – People are starving in the world, surely God can’t be all Loving and Benevolent. But We’ve also seen Trinity kick some serious ass a few times, and We’ve seen Neo demonstrate super-human Acrobatic ability to defend the One he Loves. They are two sides of the same coin. Love as a general theme simply means for One to be Living a Purpose Full Life, doing something they Love, thing King and war King toward a meaningful goal. Love of anything is the greatest Gift God Gives, a Love-less Life is not worth Living.

Toward the end of their conversation, Tiffany is as King Mr. Anderson about his award winning game, which is a video game based on the first Matrix film. She is as King of him if the main Character is modeled after him Self. It seems that Mr. Anderson recognizes that Creating an entire award winning video game centered around a Character that represents him Self probably sounds a little egotistical, so he concludes with,

“There is a lot of Me in him, maybe a little too much.”

Mr. Anderson, Matrix IV, Resurrections

Mr. Anderson also mentions that he doesn’t have any kids. He has nothing to Live for except his Game. We have the Pope and the Queen represented by Morpheus and Trinity with respect to Our commercial admiralty system of Law, and Neo as a Sovereign People. But the Matrix being a perfect metaphor for My Life seems to fall apart when it comes to Mr. Anderson’s Love interest in Tiffany. I have no ‘Love’ interest in My Life, no One I am Secretly pining for, I’m not even searching for what most People call a Soul mate. My Love is for God, and for the world to know God as I do.

But the metaphor of Tiffany as the Love interest for Mr. Anderson in Matrix IV is not a coincidence, either. A lady by the name of Tiffany just happens to be another outsider with a claim upon My father’s Estate, and also just happens to be responsible for the only other legal claim against My father’s Estate (that I’m aware of) for some kind of car accident?! (Apparently she was claiming or covered under My father’s insurance or something, but I don’t know details.)

The Character Tiffany from Matrix IV Resurrections represents something much grander for Me in My Microcosm that I’m sure Freud would have a field day with – My mother. It was My mother I would find crying late at night in Our living room worried that she wouldn’t have enough money to fill the fridge, or make the next mortgage payment, or whatever the case may be. It broke My He-Art to see some One with such Good Intent Sean’s suffer, and at the time I was the only One old enough to listen.

Well, that’s today’s Matrix Interpret a Sean and it’s a Good place to leave off because it proves to be a much better metaphor than it might seem on the surface and provides the Found a Sean for some of the scenes to come.

I did get interrupted while Writing this Post, so I won’t likely make it back for another Post today, though I Will have something for You for the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition tomorrow relating to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Claim (of which this Matrix Interpret-a-Sean is also related in some Mystical, Magical Way).

Love and Blessings,

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