Volume CCXXXIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; The Exploit a Sean of Babble On, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. Today I Will be tall King a little more about the upcoming motion in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Claim, and there is a lot of Good News to be tall King about, which is why this little series is called, ‘The Exploit a Sean of Babble On’. I also have some updates for The Prince of Peppers Product Sean Company that I am excited to share with You, too. Let’s start with today’s feature photo.

First Ripe Bolivian Rainbow Pepper (30,000 – 50,000 Scoville)

Some People say these peppers are for decorative purposes only. The full grown pepper is only about an inch long but measures in at 30k-50k on the Scoville scale which is considerably hotter than a jalapeno and roughly on par with tabasco and cayenne peppers. Although I’m not yet a connoisseur, I thought it was pretty tasty. Nothing to write home about, maybe, but not at all bad. Some described the taste as earthy rather than citrusy but I noticed more of a slight citrus tang than anything I would describe as earthy or grassy (another Word I found used to describe the flavour after the heat). But the exciting part for Me that may sound silly to some, is that this tiny little pepper contained eighteen seeds. It was one of the semi-exotic varieties I purchased at 10 seeds for $4.00. I said that saved seeds produced by The Prince of Peppers Product Sean company are worth their weight in silver, and if One were to weigh the eighteen seeds and convert their value to silver, the silver would be far less than $4.00. It would likely be less than a dollar, maybe even a quarter. I’m pointing this out to Show that it is not at all an unreasonable Way to determine the real Value of My assets – it is a very modest value relative to what I can sell the same seeds for.

I also said that every plant that survives its first fruiting season Will be worth one ounce of silver, and one additional ounce for each successive season. Perhaps One can see why an ounce of silver (roughly $25) is very reasonable relative to the plant’s real production Value. If I were exclusively interested in selling seeds for example, consider how profitable My $4.00 investment in ten seeds has become so far – I’ve got 18 seeds put away to start a new season and countless more pepper pods ripening on the plant. If I were to harvest every seed on this single plant and resell them for the same price they were purchased, the estimated Value works out to roughly $140.00. It might not be a fortune, and it took roughly six months from start to finish, but consider the Value if I were to resell half and replant half – every season!? How long would it take before I have acres of pepper plants?

Mystery Hybrid

This is My most exciting plant of the moment. I have a few Mystery peppers where I forgot to move the tag with the plant (or didn’t use one altogether and forgot what I planted), but I know all the various cultivars I planted and I’ve had enough flower and produce fruit to know what remains. Mad Hatter/Bishops Crown, Aji Fantasy and Mini Olive Rocoto are the ones I’m still waiting on. None of them look anything like the pepper pictured above. It’s not a ghost pepper, and I didn’t plant any peppers that shape that start out lime green and turn purple!!! Yesterday it was purple striped at the end, now the whole thing appears to be turning. Pepper plants cross so easily, that if growers grow them too close, hybrids like this can occur and the grower has no idea because the pepper they come from Will look the same, only the seeds carry the mutation/cross. So it appears as though The Prince of Peppers has its first ‘original’ pepper plant, which also means I get to name it!!! 😀 The wonderful thing is that the peppers Will continue to turn colour until they are fully ripened and the fully ripened colour varies from pepper to pepper, so that part is a mystery to watch the first time around, too!

Okay, it seems to get late fast and I did Wish to be tall King a little more about the motion to dismiss The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Claim as frivolous and vexatious. I haven’t added the Notice of Motion to the dropdown menu yet but I Will get that updated tomorrow.

There is a Part of Me that is always a little anxious in a proceeding, almost like a mild version of post-traumatic stress or something. But it’s never about what legal arguments My opponents may make, it’s My concern that they are going to make legal arguments without My ability to respond to them, and I’m somehow going to get blindsided by an Order to dismiss when I had no Idea there was even going to be a hearing for it. I can say that thankfully, in this particular case, I have very little to complain about, at least with respect to the Rules. This is how things should always go in a Canadian Court. Even the Notice of Motion I have received from the moving party is not required to be served upon Me until ten days before the hearing, and the hearing Will not be taking place now until November or December. I mention this because I appreciate this kind of professionalism regardless how I may feel about the context of what they are doing. I would do the courtesy of letting My adversaries know what arguments I intend to make before I make them to the Court, and I would try to Give People as much time as is reasonable.

I already know which arguments they intend to make to the Court, what Rules they are relying on in support of their request, and I’ve already read the applicable sections of the Rules of Civil Procedure a few times. I still have to review the practice for motion directions (or something like that) but I’ve got the tab open and I’m war King on it.

One of the other reasons I’m excited to be Writing about it, is because there really isn’t any point in holding back on what kind of arguments I’m going to be making because I have to let them know anyway. There really is no ‘ambush’ litigation allowed in Canada’s Courts, it is highly frowned upon. And the fact is, I believe the Motion is virtual suicide and I’m happy for it because I am thing King it Will just move the whole procedure along a little bit – maybe a lot.

For evidence the moving party is relying on the pleadings, the content of the Notice of Motion, and Justice Castillo’s Endorsement and Order. Castillo in italics previously because they have Spelled the Magic of the Justice’s name incorrectly again! I don’t know why that surprises Me so much, every One makes typos but this isn’t a typo, it’s in the pleading as well and especially considering they are relying on that individual’s Word… Might Wish to get the individual’s name right… But anyway, that’s not important, I’m just being facetious.

What’s important is that it’s all a lie – almost all of it. It took Me a bit to figure out what Hala had done, but it took Me even longer to realize that Hala Tabl still doesn’t know that I figured out what she’s done!!! I am thing King that it is entirely possible that My Brother’s lawyer also has no Idea what she’s done, though I’m pretty sure My sister’s new lawyer Will because he is war King for the same firm.

The most wonderful part about all of this, is that I haven’t really shared this with You yet – at least not the full, condensed version of the story. I’ve been dropping crumbs without letting You know where I was taking You. Here’s the True Story of Hala Tabl and her participation in My sister’s application:

She requests My consent to My sister’s application, I refuse. I concede and agree to consent on the condition that legal fees are not paid from the estate and agree to meet Hala Tabl to Give her My conditional consent form. She refuses to accept! I tell My sister and am as King if she intends to proceed with the application without My consent and she says yes. Hala Tabl requests to make a CAET application without My consent or Notice to Me (and to have Me denied My right to make an application, to object to the application, and to pay court and legal costs to be excluded), and is granted permission to proceed with the application, but not without Notice to Me, and not without being Ordered to immediately return the application to the nearest Superior Court if Sean von Dehn files an Objection with the Court. I advise My sister that her requests to the justice Will reflect unfavorably on her, as Will deceiving My brother and not telling him she would be as King to have Me excluded and pay her costs. My brother withdraws his support of My sister’s application, My sister tells Me she has withdrawn her application to the Court, but doesn’t.

Instead, she waits. My objection was never filed with the Court, so how Will I know if she withdrew her application? When she served Me with the second application, she had no intention of filing it with the Court because she can’t file with the Court if she hasn’t withdrawn the previous application. And I’m pretty sure the Court requires all parties to be served with a Notice of Withdrawal of an application from the Court, so they can’t withdraw the first application now or I Will catch them in the first lie! So they serve Me with the Endorsement from Susan J. Woodley from 2020, telling Me it’s an Endorsement for the application of 2022, so that I won’t be suspicious when My sister is suddenly awarded a Certificate because she’s Secretly had the other application Endorsed by a Justice outside of the Rules of Civil Procedure and without Notice to Me.

Hala has volunteered that she allegedly presented My Notice of Objection to the Justice on My behalf, without My consent or knowledge, had it struck out without any Notice to Me, and had My sister’s application for a CAET Endorsed without any Notice to Me while simultaneously claiming she’s not liable to Me for anything? Never Mind attempting to deceive Me by serving Me with an irrelevant Endorsement and telling Me it is binding on the 2022 application!!!

When did I Give consent to Hala to present Notices of Objection to Justice’s on My behalf and without My prior consent or knowledge? Does she even know how ridiculous all of this Will sound to a Justice? Just wait until I start as King of her new lawyer to provide Me with proof receipt of filing with the Court Registrar. Keep in Mind, the last information I was told by the Court on March 29th was that there is currently no application for a CAET before the Court, and I Will receive Notice if/when an application is made. So why did that not happen?

Anyway, once again if I don’t Publish now, I Will not get this published today! Hala has commit court fraud with intent to deceive Me and interfere with My right to a fair and impartial hearing in Matters regarding My father’s Estate. She’s probably more liable (lie-able) than any One.

Love and Blessings,

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