Volume CCXXXIII: The Fabulous Full Moon Free Lance Friday Edition; The Exploit a Sean of Babble On – The Apocalypse

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is Fantastic to have You in My House. Today I Will continue tall King about the Exploit a Sean of Babble On as I share My latest email to the moving party’s lawyer as King for the first piece of information I require in support of their Motion materials. It it not a coincidence the email just happens to be sent on a full Moon Friday Free Lance Edition!!! Remember, a full Moon represents the climax of events for the ‘Moonth’. 😉

I also mentioned in My last Post that there is really no point not sharing My strategy with You because full disclosure is required anyway, it is not permissible to ambush an opposing party with new information at the Motion hearing (or trial or whatever the case may be). Hala Tabl lied to Me, Willfully and very deliberately attempted to deceive Me, deliberately misrepresented the Endorsement of a Superior Court Justice, and violated Rule 1.09 too many times for Me to know for sure, obtaining private meetings with officers of the Court (Casullo), allegedly making arguments to the justice ‘on My behalf’, but without any Notice to Me. It’s all very easy to prove because in order to be proven untrue, she Will have to provide proof of service of documents on Me, and proof of filing of documents with the Court Registrar. She can’t provide proof of things that were not done.

Right now, one of the strangest things about all of this for Me, is I’m genuinely wondering if My brother’s lawyer had no Idea that I had no Idea there was an Endorsement provided May 6th. They all mention it in their SoD like I know about it, not like it Will be news to Me! The fact that the Endorsement is news to Me, is proof that due process has not been had and a cause of action against the lawyer in and of itself because the lawyer should most certainly know that I have a right to be informed of what is going on with My father’s Estate. I seriously wonder if the other lawyers had no Idea that this is all news to Me – because all of this is very, very bad!!!

Today’s Title is Called ‘The Translate Sean of Babble on – The Apocalypse’ because this Will be the unveiling in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim. I learnt that One can’t just say to their legal opponent after a claim or application has been made, ‘okay, I withdraw’.

That’s not enough. One must go to the Courthouse and physically file documents or do so by whatever electronic filing method they may be accepting in lieu of terminating the action/application at the Courthouse. One is also required to serve the Withdrawal of the Action filed with the Court on all relative parties to the claim or application. This was never done, so I was pretty sure that the application had not been withdrawn. It also still shows up in the online portal as of today’s date, and although they are slow, they are not usually that slow. When it’s removed from the system at the Courthouse, it Will disappear pretty quick from the online portal.

Even better, I can contact the Courthouse directly and be as King for a printout of all filings related to the Estate application of Joachim von Dehn, and for the Court of Record for each application (if there were in fact two applications made, and I don’t believe that there was). There Will be a Court of Record for every requisition made to the Court related to the application, and all proof of service filings, that sort of thing. We Will be able to find out exactly what Hala Tabl filed and didn’t file, and I am thing King it is going to be drastically different from the story she has been telling Me (and the Court in her SoD and motion materials).

I started the day with this email at just after 9:00 this morning. I’m not beating around the bush, as the expression goes, I’m getting straight to the point and letting her know what piece of information I believe is most critical. I am also thing King she Will not be able to produce it because she is lying. But I guess We Will soon see. Do You see why I say that Babble on Will fall? Her lies Will be Exploited, this is the unveiling!!!

I also updated the dropdown menu with the Motion to Dismiss, so please do check it out if You are interested in that sort of thing. If not, and giant tomato trees are more Your thing, check this out!!!

Tomato Tree

Yeah, how cool is it to have tomatoes and peppers growing in the living room?! My apartment is so cool, it’s becoming a little garden of Eden. I always eat the forbidden fruit first and the red ones last…

Love and Blessings,

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