Volume CCXXXIII: The Sensei Sean All Saturday Edition; The Exploit a Sean of Babble On – The Apocalypse, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Presence (presents) Honour My House. I am feeling Sensational this Saturday, so I hope and Trust You are, too. I have a little more to be tall King about with respect to My upcoming motion against The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, and why this Edition is ‘The Apocalypse, Part II’, because this really is the unveiling of many Mysteries regarding My father’s Estate.

Today I’m going to include a copy of the Notice of Motion for easy reference because I Will be tall King about the Part of the Motion that I found somewhat confusing yesterday. It’s amazing how just tall King about something here Will cause Me to be thing King about something more and eventually come up with some kind of explain a Sean… First, let Me share the Part where I found the language to be either cryptic and confusing (with or without intent), or some kind of mistake. I’m curious to know if You Will find this as intriguing as I did…

c) An order dispensing with the requirement to obtain consent and/or approval of the Plaintiff with respect to any order that is issued pursuant to this motion;

Notice of Motion, Defendant Hala Tabl

Now, technically, it’s Jenny Bogod, her agent and lawyer that authored that requisition but she’s Acting and speaking for Hala Tabl, her client. I placed defendant in italics this time because I really don’t care how the Respondents to My Claim prefer to be addressed. I’m Willing to be a gentleman on that point and concede to address the opposing parties as defendants in future correspondences if they prefer. I personally think ‘Respondent’ sounds a lot more respectful, courteous, and less accusatory than defendant, but whatever they Wish is fine with Me. I’m the Claimant because I’m bringing a Claim, and that’s what it’s called in a Common Law jurisdiction, and this is a not for profit, non commercial, Trust obligation. But if they Wish to Call Me ‘plaintiff’ that’s fine, too, so long as they don’t believe that doing so is consenting to some other commercial jurisdiction. It’s a frivolous point of contention and not one I’m Willing to dispute because it’s irrelevant to the subject Matter of the Claim. However, ‘Claimant’ is who they are referring to in that statement. Does any One see why this is a very unusual request if it is not an error or typo? Let Me rephrase it, de-coded.

An Order dispensing with the requirement to obtain consent and/or approval of King Sean, House von Dehn, with respect to any Order that is Issued pursuant to this Motion

Jenny Bogod, for Hala Tabl, Defendant, Notice of Motion

They are as King of the Justice to require My consent or approval to any Order the Justice Issues? Has any One ever heard of some One requesting for an individual to be required to consent or approve a Justice’s Order? And what is One thing King Will happen if I choose not to consent or approve what the Justice Orders? I guess We might have to wait and see on that one because consent must be Given freely, fully informed, and without intimidation or coercion. So they Will not be able to threaten Me to consent or approve an Order, or it Will be made under duress and not be legally binding.

Have I said a hundred times that jurisdiction requires consent? That’s why Res Judicata Will not apply, nor Will Issue Estoppel because the Court doesn’t have jurisdiction to dismiss the Claim. It is not an application for a CAET, and I’m not at all interested in obtaining a CAET as I’ve explained to My audience here many times – I do not require the Court’s consent to Honour My father as Commanded Me by God. I’m only in the Court to compel performance pursuant to My Trust obligations and the Notice of liability for Breach of Trust that was legally and lawfully served on each of the defendants May 29th. The order was allegedly issued May 6th, so One would be thing King that maybe receiving a Notice of Liability for Breach of Trust might be a Good time to at least tell Me there has been an Order Issued and a Notice vacated? They continue to remain silent when I have clearly told them I Will sue them if they don’t provide Me with disclosure and let Me know what’s going on? That’s MORE than a justiciable cause of action, that is proper due process of Law in any Common Law jurisdiction.

But here is the real puzzler – why would they be as King of a Justice for this Order for My consent and approval? Well, My belief is because the Court already knows what Hala Tabl and the rest of these criminals have been up to and have just been waiting for Me to catch up (or waiting to see what I would do). They may well have been able to get a Justice to Endorse the second application without filing any documents into the Court, without any Notice to Me, and without My consent, but if My sister was approved for everything way back in May and has ‘already been awarded the Certificate but has not received the Certificate from the Court’, then why has she not claimed the Certificate? Is she having problems posting a bond? Or has her lawyer tried to take the paperwork to the Court to receive the Certificate and been told she requires My consent first because the Court has Noticed that I have no Idea any of this is taking place. My guess is door number two.

What they are in fact trying to do, is piggy back this claim to get around the fact that they can’t pick up the Certificate because they require My consent and they are too arrogant and stubborn to admit that at this stage in the game. They can do all sorts of other things without My consent and approval, but My guess is that the actual Certificate Will have stringent requirements which include proof of service of all documents on Me, which they Will not have.

Either Way, I’ve read a lot of Court Orders and I’ve never seen a Court Order requesting for a party’s consent or approval of something the Justice Orders them to do. You’ll also Notice she refers to it as the Objection of ‘King Sean, House von Dehn’. That’s a real Title in a constitutional democratic Monarchy (may Her Grace, Glory and Majesty rest in peace) made on a Court of Record under penalty of perjury, and it’s pretty clear she’s referring to the Trustee and Executor of the Claim.

I’m very curious to see what the other parties Will have to say. Can People see why I am excited about this Motion?

That’s the Sensei-Sean for this Saturday, thank You all so much for being here!!!

Love and Blessings,

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