Volume CCXXXIV: The Super Natural Son Day Edition; War King on a Master Peace

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always such an Honour to have You in My House. It’s a True Son Day today because I have been War King on My Father’s Honour and preparing My reply in Opposition of the Defendants Motion in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Claim to enforce the Powers of the Trust. Very exciting times, Ladies and Lords, fell-low Kings and Queens – very exciting times in Deed!!!

So how much does One figure a Testamentary Instrument might be worth? Hard to put a dollar Value on a thing like that, isn’t it? It’s especially hard considering the Value of the dollar relative to things of Real Value is always depreciating. At the moment, Canada’s Criminal Code says a Testamentary Instrument is worth at least $5000.00. That doesn’t seem anywhere near enough, though if One considers any One can Create a Trust anytime and it’s ‘just a piece of paper’, might be enough to make a poor Man Create a lot of Trust Instruments.

Really, the point to mentioning it was simply to demonstrate that the Courts of Equity are Live and well, they Truly are the Foundation for every commercial code, statute, and Act. Even the criminal code in Canada deems a Testamentary Instrument (which otherwise has no ‘real’ Value, it’s not Gold or Silver) to be Grand theft if anything were to happen to it. $5000 is the new $1000, or a ‘Grand’ that initially set the bar for Grand larceny. It’s gone up because of that inflation thing We were just tall King about.

Also consider how many things We take for Granted. Technically, it also means that I Gifted My sister and brother’s House with the equivalent of at least $2000 Canadian last Christmas by Creating a Cestui Que Vie Trust for each of their children. I also let them know that no Matter what happens, they Will always be in My Trust, even if they can’t Trust Me. The number of times I Promised to be fair to My brother and sister and Writ about it here on My Blog are too many times to count. So I also gave them something Hand Writ to let them know they are Beneficiaries of My Trust and a copy of the Trust Declaration.

Again, not even a thank You from My sister, though My brother did seem very genuinely grateful. I tell You now, My Trust Instrument is worth a whole lot more than $5,000 – but that’s its minimum Value in a Court of Law according to Canada’s own codes. Why is that important? Because Canada only has debt, so it is the Trust Instrument that buys the debt, backed by the Real wealth of the Trust. Now We have Canadian promises to pay that are backed by something of Real Value. So it is returned to the debtor for redemption at a creditor at face Value. See how that works? International economics are not so difficult once One understands the con-cepts (tricks-taken).

The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean (Trust Instrument)

But what I’m really excited about, is The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Motion! Can You believe that this Will be My Premiere Present a Sean in Canada’s Courts? I mean, You all know I’ve been there before, Presented My Self many times leading up to a trial, and Acted as counsel for a couple of Friends while staying at a shelter, but I’ve never been to trial – I’ve never had ‘My day’ in Court. They withdraw, or do everything they can to keep Me out of Court! These People invited Me in!!! Keep on as King, and You Will receive!

The reason I mention this is because maybe ‘The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’ as a legal and lawful Trust entity, sounds even crazier than King Sean, House von Dehn, Hand of Stephen, Kingdom of God – or at least to a lawyer. I am thing King the name of the Trust is actually war King for Me much better than I would have anticipated because they Will Write Me off as incompetent and crazy!!! They have no Idea that they’re about to get stomped by an Elephant. I almost feel sorry for them. But what’s even more Powerful and kismet, is that by the time they real eyes that King Sean, House von Dehn might know what he is tall King about after all, they Will be Hoping and Praying for the protection offered by the very same Trust Instrument they Wish to call ‘frivolous and vexatious’. It’s Registered with the Attorney General, the Court Will not rule against itself.

I know I’ve won My Claim and I’m not the least bit shy to tell You. I sat down to start drafting the outline so that when I felt like sitting down to go through it all, it would be ready to go (You know, the boring stuff like Titles, addresses of the other parties, that sort of thing – formatting, but not Writing). I Swear it was like God took over, I feel almost like I’ve been drunk since I received the Motion Record. I still have to get around to adding that to the drop down menu but it is here in the Witches, Wizards, and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition.

I’m so confident I Will not only win the Motion but the whole suit in that Motion hearing, that I’m going to Post the Factum in Opposition of Rule 21 as I’m war King on it. My Friend stopped by yesterday while I was war King on it and was interested to know what I have to do in a general sense to respond to the Motion. I explained that I have to respond to everything in the Motion Record, and I showed her the Motion Record. It was a little humorous for Me to see her reaction because the first thing she said was, “oh My God, 97 Pages!!!”.

I laughed and told her it’s not as much as it seems – she looks at Me like I’m a crazy person (and who knows, maybe I am – but I can Write pretty Good arguments in Law!). I also told her some of it is mine, so it really isn’t as bad as it sounds, I’m not just being modest.

I started with formatting late Thursday night, and by midday Friday I was almost finished the entire thing! When I say it’s like I’ve been in a drunken trance, it’s not an exaggerate-Sean, God was Willing Me to Write, everything just flowed. I’ve never enjoyed Writing something as much in My Life, not even My Book (though that was a much bigger overall accomplishment, this is more meaningful and important now).

The problem is, it’s not completely finished. I have to read through it a few more times and there are still some ‘Me’s and ‘I’s in it that I Wish to remove and fix (I counted three if You Wish to help Me find them). I like to tell the Story from the third person perspective so it sounds more like a lawyer’s Writing because they are always re-Presenting some One. They only really recognize the artificial person ‘Sean’, so in My Claim it’s King Sean, House von Dehn speaking for the legal Sean the system knows and identifies with. I also don’t have to serve and file it for a considerable amount of time yet, so I may as well take advantage of the time I have and see if anything else comes to Mind.

I was going to share My process with You but God decided to Divinely Inspire a Sean until it was done. Instead, I’m going to share with You the Motion Record and what I am Calling My War King draft, so You can see how I intend to respond. And I am thing King You Will see why I am so confident I Will win very quickly.

The only apprehension I had with sharing this with all of You early, is that obviously it is available to those bringing the Motion, too. That’s not the Part that worries Me, what concerns Me is that they Will real eyes how Good it is and withdraw the Motion. If they do, I’m going to be as King for the spot in their stead, or file a Motion My Self.

I am legitimately thing King this Will be the best document I have ever Writ, enjoy!!!

And wouldn’t You know, before I added addresses, it was exactly 37 Pages. Trust Me, that’s a Sign! I hope You do check it out, otherwise You Will not understand today’s Title (yes, that’s a teaser – did it work?).

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: The War King Progress. It still needs a few more rereads to try to catch a few more of the first person references (except for message to Court Judge), but it’s very close to done. I’ll Keep Posting the updates here until I have the final Product Sean. 😉

War King Progress II

I Will be reviewing this a couple more times but I am thing King it is done! If You have any comments, don’t hesitate to let Me know.

Love and Blessings,

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