Volume CCXXXVI: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Three Blind Mice, See How They Run

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. I have an Especially Exciting Edition for You today because I Will be tall King more about My Motive a Sean as time moves Me ever closer to a Motion date, (11.08.22) and ultimately, My Destiny. The Respondents to the Claim are hoping to move the Court to dismiss The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Trust Claim as frivolous, vexatious, and an abuse of the Powers of the Court – how profane?! Three Blind Mice are about to enter a Lion’s Dehn. 😉

Yes, My last name, (Commonly known as the family name and what I am Calling My House) is not ‘von Dehn’, it’s ‘Dehn’ (pronounced ‘Dane’). The ‘von’ is a Title of Honour awarded Our family by the Crown – somewhere around 1540 Germany if My research is correct, (though it is entirely possible I am not correct, many members of the extended Aristocracy are trying to use the modern technology to accurately Record Our Family tree). Is One thing King that any One in My extended family has protested, ‘King Sean, House von Dehn’? The answer is no, I am legitimately the Heir to My father’s Hold on the von Dehn Aristocracy, the Head of the von Dehn House Hold for My family. There is nothing My brother or sister can do about it, Canada doesn’t even have jurisdiction unless I Give it to them. Where is One thing King that countries like Canada come up with their Succession Reform Act? They rely on the examples Established by the Crown.

‘von’ is akin to ‘Sir’ in English. It is a Title of Honour that a House gets to Keep forever!!! That’s what makes it such a great Honour. Sir Gordon Downie of the Tragically Hip was awarded the Order of Canada, which is the modern day equivalent for Canada. It means that One has the right to steward land as Honourable representatives of the Crown. I am Honouring My Oath to God and Her Majesty, not the treasonous traitors who stole her Ships and skilled tradesmen (Master Masons and Master Magicians). May Her Majesty rest in Peace. It’s going to be hard getting used to ‘On His Majesty’s Service’! But I guess that’s what it is now – so strange. I almost feel lost, even though I never knew Her any better than any other Common Man, I feel like I lost an ally and a Friend. Maybe that’s why I haven’t been tall King about it. I’m still not sure how I feel.

But getting back to the name of My House, ‘Dehn’. Only the Crown could take the Honour away, and it would be very unlikely without some kind of serious scandal. I bet most People don’t know the Crown is a (half) German family – they chose the name ‘Windsor’ to sound more English because Germany was at war with the world when Elizabeth was deciding the Official name of the House under her Rule. They felt if the world knew their lineage was German (and I am thing King Dutch was the other, but do Your own research, I forget now), that there would be a terrible uprising, associating the Crown with whatever Germany was doing. The Crown Wished to distance it Self from that non-sense.

My brother and sister have no Idea what it was like to grow up as the eldest son of an Aristocracy, because that’s exactly what it is and was. The Rules were different for Me than they were for My brother and sister. They could cheat at games, I would get beat if I tried. I was to set the example, and even let them win if necessary. My sister became a terrible cheater because she knew I couldn’t say anything about it. If My brother or sister ever got hurt while Playing with Me (or even just Trusted to My care, which was automatic if parents were not around), I was the One who would get in trouble. Same was True if they did something they shouldn’t do – yet I also wasn’t allowed to ‘tattle’ on them. I was taught to be their Protector, no Matter what – that included not getting them in trouble with mum and dad. My sister on the other hand, she would take advantage, knowing I would get in trouble for anything she did wrong!

For a pretty tiny Man, I can pack away food like nobody’s business. But I Truly believe a big part of My insatiable appetite has to do with the Principles I was raised by. We were not allowed to waste food – period! If One puts food on their plate, they must eat what they put on their plate. My job was to ‘police’ how much My brother and sister would be putting on their plates. If I allowed them to put too much on their plate and they were unable to finish their meal, I had to stay at the table until all the food was finished. A parent would probably get arrested for that kind of parenting these days, but this was My father teaching Me how to be a Man in his own, twisted Way. The fact is, he had amazing Principles and Philosophies, he just wasn’t so great at parenting.

But the name, ‘von Dehn’, that was something I was never allowed to forget the meaning of. You won’t see teachers in school ever Spelling the Magic of My Calling with a capital ‘v’! If they did, My father would send a letter to the school and immediately be as King of Me if it was My fault, “did You forget to tell Your teacher how to Spell Your name!?”. And if I hadn’t, he would send a letter and let the teacher know.

I know this seems a little off topic, but Trust Me, it’s related to My Motive a Sean this Monday. If We take another look at the Honourable Justice’s Endorsement denying the Requisition to dismiss under Rule 2.1.01, You Will Notice that even in the Title of the Claim, the Justice Spells the Magic of ‘von’ Proper – Her Honour knows what it means and wouldn’t dare offend the Honour of a House Gifted with a Title by the Crown in an official Court document. Notice that everything else is in all caps, but not ‘von’? Lawyers/liars are always trying to reduce the status of a Man and make ‘von’ part of the ‘last name’, like ‘Mr. von Dehn’!!! Now consider what the Word means and how much of an oxymoron it is. Mister Sir Dehn? It’s kind of like the Sovereign citizen – it’s one or the other, or an oxymoron.

So why is today’s Title ‘Three Blind Mice, See How They Run’? Well, I am thing King that even though My sister and brother have violated every Rule of the Court to get around Me, had applications Endorsed by Justices, had the requirement for a bond dispensed with, and still can’t Claim the Certificate because they require My consent!!! That’s My guess, People. And the Courts don’t even Wish to interfere, they are just waiting for Me to catch up with these criminals and Hold them accountable so they don’t have to.

Really, the Minister of Justice and Attorney General were Given Notice that the application at the Bracebridge Courthouse is a document of fraud, and that staff are sitting on filings to prevent Me from participating by keeping it out of the system and ‘off the Court of Record’. They provided Me with confirmation of receipt of the email but no reply yet. That was over a week ago and about five days before the Endorsement provided by the Honourable Justice. I also placed the entire Bracebridge Courthouse staff on Notice of Civil and Criminal liability for interfering with Justice and trespass upon My right of disclosure regarding any Matter where I have an Interest. Again, no reply yet, and I advised I Will be as King for $100,000.00 per day for every day they continue to hold those files, fail to place them on the public Record, and provide Me with a copy of every single document.

Silence. No One is tall King to Me but the Honourable Justice, Sally A. Gomery who has decided that the suit is not frivolous and vexatious. She even mentions that I believe My brother and sister have colluded to deprive Me of My rightful share of My inheritance and breached the Plaintiff Trust (referring to The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean as a legitimate Trust Entity). And it doesn’t read equal share, either!

The Significance, is that the Claim doesn’t really articulate any of that. I certainly don’t say My brother and sister colluded or conspired to deprive Me of disclosure, or My right to participate in the judicial process. One could come up with that assertion by reading the Claim, but it’s not like a Justice to add to information that isn’t specifically stated. I’m suggesting (very strongly) that the Justice didn’t come to these conclusions based on the Claim exclusively – the Court has already read My Reply Factum. Now they know what’s going on!!!

What if there are no documents at the Bracebridge Courthouse and the Courts have Truly seen nothing? What if all the documents I am as King for from the Bracebridge Courthouse are in the care of Hala Tabl? And nobody can do anything without proof, right? So My adversaries are on the run!

Their goal, is to never be required to produce the Court documents (except the Endorsement with no other supporting documents or explain a Sean), and their best strategy to stall a little more, was to say that they Will not provide Disclosure until after the Motion ruling. Okay then – that should be a very fun day. What are they going to do, try and get fake passports and head to Tahiti or something before November 8th rolls around?

No, the King is coming for them and there is no Way for them to escape. I warned My brother and sister that they Will not be able to get around Me. None shall enter the Kingdom of Heaven except through Me.

Turning out to be a pretty Good climax to My Story, no?! See, even I wouldn’t have been able to consider cliff hangers and plot twists like this – God Wishes to Keep this Universal Pictures Present a Sean as exciting as possible!!!

Love and Blessings,

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