Volume CCXXXVI: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix Resurrections IV De-Coded, Part XI

Hello every One, and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Presence is a welcome Gift. I’ve never been more Thank Full that I did delay My Matrix Interpret a Sean for a few weeks (may even have been a month or more) than I am now. I suggested that Matrix IV, Resurrections would be a perfect metaphor for both My Life and the events taking place in Man’s Macrocosm right now! I’ve got a fabulous Edition for You today in support of My thesis!

Last week, Mr. Anderson had just finished having his first informal date with Tiffany shortly after he stopped taking the blue pills that help Mr. Anderson to feel comfortable in Man’s Matrix. This is similar to the dia-Gnosis (to go through, or divide occulted Wisdom, or Secret knowledge) of children with ADHD, or ‘attention deficit hyperactivity disorder’, and Giving them pills to help them ‘Tune in’ to the frequency of Babble-on. Children are more evolved now, a child could learn everything We teach them from kindergarten to high school graduation by the time they are seven if We Wished for them to (and if it were Truly necessary and not just essential programming for Man’s Matrix). Children are bored out of their Minds with how retarded the teaching of knowledge is! Of course they are going to have a hard time paying attention!!! So instead of recognizing that children are no longer challenged by the educational system, they dumb them down and tell them to stop thing King outside the classroom curriculum by Giving them pre-Script-Sean’s, hoping I don’t have a chance to be tall King with them before the dock-tor (We know a dock is, a ‘tor’ is a rocky peak or hill) does. This isn’t educate-Sean, it’s programming Man’s operating system – it’s Mental (Ment-al, Mind is all – it is all in Your Mind).

After the brief coffee date, Mr. Anderson heads back to his office just in time for a code red security breach. Remember, red always represents the Will and the Way, God force Energy, blood filled with oxygen, as well as emergency and stress (leaves turn red when they are dying, as does inflamed or burned skin). Why is Red used for emergencies? Because it represents a warning from God, whatever One perceives that to be, and God is Supreme Author-Writ-E. The Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, there is nothing new under the Sun.

As Mr. Anderson is evacuating the building, he receives a text on his phone.

“Hello, Neo.”

Anonymous text, Matrix IV

The anonymous text instructs Mr. Anderson to meet the caller at the end of the hall if he Wishes to have all of his Quest-Ions answered. Mr. Anderson is as King who the anonymous caller is, who replies,

“You know who this is.”

Anonymous text, Matrix IV

Most of Us would need a little more inform a Sean before We would blindly follow Instruct-Sean’s. For Mr. Anderson, it was enough. This is Significant because it demonstrates how desperate Mr. Anderson is to know the Truth. He believes what he Wishes to believe, thing King the anonymous text is from his work colleague, Jude. I wasn’t tall King about the Significance of Mr. Anderson’s best Friend in the Matrix, so let’s take a look at that now…

The Epistle of Jude is the penultimate book of the New Testament as well as the Christian Bible. It is traditionally attributed to Jude the Apostle, brother of James the Just, and thus possibly brother of Jesus as well. Jude is a short epistle written in Koine Greek.”


The brother of Christ? What are You thing King; coincidence, or intent-Sean-al? When We Real eyes there are no coincidence, de-Coding Man’s Matrix becomes considerably less difficult, doesn’t it?

But it isn’t Mr. Anderson’s best Friend Jude who comes out of the bathroom stall at the end of the hall.

Even in this simple Image, there is so much to see. We’ve been tall King about the Significance of colours which are always used with intent Sean in all the Matrix films. In the first Matrix for example, the dominant colours were black and white, with far more emphasis on the black (representing Babble on, Commercial Admiralty Law, corporate (dead) legal fictions). Neo him Self was decked out (like a Character from the Tarot) in black, representing [eventual] Mastery of the dark side, or occulted Wisdom and hidden knowledge.

Yellow and Gold represent the same thing – Mind. More specifically, the Mind of God. In the Tarot, yellow represents Air, which is omnipresent in Man’s Macrocosm. Air represents Swords, and Swords represent the Mind. My Sign is Gemini, which is an Air Sign, representing duality, Mind, Creativity, and Universal Communicate-Sean. This is a Good time to point out that both Trinity and Morpheus represent Ideas Mr. Anderson has for both the Divine Feminine (Trinity) and Masculine (Morpheus).

The trick is that they are not external; each are a part of Mr. Anderson that must unite by Way of Mr. Anderson’s Will (the Will and the Way) that he has externalized for his own Real eyes a Sean. Neo is in fact the product of the combined Energy of Trinity and Morpheus in perfect (Immaculate) Unity. But for Mr. Anderson to real eyes his Potent all (potential), he must internalize these Ideas in Order to become Neo, which of course is an acronym for the ‘One’ – and only ‘the One’ Will know he’s the One,

‘Through and through, balls to bones”

The Oracle, Matrix I

You Will also notice another Sign suggesting that this is in fact a metaphor for Man’s Macrocosm now, and the ‘non-binary’ movement. Look at the Sign on the stall of the bathroom door – unisex. Morpheus introduces him Self to Mr. Anderson.

“Revealer of the window, lightning, thunder and theatre. At last, all these years later, here’s Me, strolling out of a toilet stall – tragedy, or farce?”

“I know You!”

“Not everyday You meet Your maker.”

“You can’t be a Character I coded!”

Wow, We’re already over a thousand Words (which is encroaching upon the maximum average attention span for the average reader of Blog Posts, which is 1,500 Words) and I still have so much I Wished to be tall King about today!

Red Pill

We knew the Red Pill was coming, so We Will finish this Scene.

“NO! No, no, no, NO!!!”

“Whoa?! What do You mean, NO?! YOU wanted this, this was YOUR Idea?!”

I’m finishing with this Idea because it relates to My Spiritual awakening, or re-Membering with God. I really hadn’t lived a Life any more Spiritual than Mr. Anderson’s appears to be in Our Matrix movies. In fact, I was pretty critical of Christians in particular, and religion in general – many Will say that I still am. But I didn’t just get a hint of the knowledge of God, I got the full download. As incredible and amazing as it was, My first Quest-Ion to Morpheus was, “why Me? What did I do to deserve this Blessing (and burden)?”

And God just laughed,

“Whoa?! What do You mean, WHY?! You wanted this, this was Your Idea!!!”

The major difference, is that immediately after telling Me it was My Idea, God took Me back in time to the point where I was as King of God to make sure I don’t forget why I chose to come here. One does not come back from something like that unchanged, and I am the Living Testament (Test a Mind) of that fact.

Alright, that’s a more appropriate place to end this week’s Matrix Interpret a Sean, thank King or Queen You for joining Me for this Universal Pictures Present a Sean.

Love and Blessings,

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