Volume CCXXVI: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; The Powers that Be – Romans 13, Verses 1-7

Hello every One, and welcome to the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Presence is all Ways a Gift to My House, and God’s Kingdom. Today’s Title is a first for this Blog, I have never used a specific Biblical reference in the Title before, I’m thing King the closest might be ‘Keep on as King and You Will receive’. I’m rather curious to know if it Will receive more views than an average Post, less, or no difference at all. I know the Christians have been waiting for the Apocalypse since forever, so with everything that’s going on in the world now, I can Imagine (I-Mage-in-a-Sean) that Biblical references might be kind of like pop culture for Christians. I suppose I should probably disclaim that I am not a Christian, I just like de-Coding God’s Word from any Book that presumes to know God. But today’s Biblical reference is relative to My Story, and Free Lance Friday is the perfect time for Me to be tall King about it, because this is what the Bible has to say about ‘the Powers that be’ in this world – and the King James [Red Letter] Version uses those Words exactly.

This is a Blog about Magic and the Language of the Universe – which is that which Man calls God. The Language of the Universe is knowing there are no coincidences, only the Illusion of coincidence. The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean filed its first Claim into Ontario’s Superior Court for trespass upon the Trust and Fiduciary obligations of its Trustee on August 4th, 2022, or 08.04.22.

8 in Magic represents the Boundless, Limitlessness, Light; eternal Life, endlessness, and perhaps most importantly, Trans-Form-a-Sean. I mentioned in My very first Matrix IV interpret-a-Sean (and perhaps even before it was officially released, and most certainly before I had watched it) that the release date would be relevant to My Microcosm in some Way, and that the film would have coded messages intended specifically for Me (and yes, I’m only too well aware of how crazy all of it Sounds). In fact, it’s entirely because I know how crazy it all sounds that I had to tell You these things before I had even seen the film.

12.22.21 was the official release date. I said that the Secret ‘Magical’ message of the date, was a door Way to the infinite. ’11’, and ‘2222’. The 1’s are brackets and their combined Value is a Magical message, 2 – two is always a Door. The second message is the Magical Value of the numbers between the brackets, which is the Door, ‘8’. Behind door number 8, We Will find infinite Potent-all for Man’s kind in the Macrocosm, and infinite Self potential Real eyes-a-Sean in My Microcosm. And My Greatest Gift of God, is that My Words Magically Manifest, so even if I were to have misunderstood some of the Magical teachings of the occulted sciences, it wouldn’t Matter because My Interpret-a-Sean has the Power to change them just by tall King with You about it! That’s how Powerful Our thoughts are.

I didn’t plan to file My Claim in August, I had initially planned to file on July 1st but was still having some left over internal Issues about suing My brother and sister. It really was the last thing I was thing King I would ever have to do, and a Part of Me was hoping that if I just waited one more month I might hear something. Nada. The combined Magical Value of the entire date is most Significant, and both 10 and 1 are recognized as having a distinct Magical meaning. 10 is a new Age, and 1 (1+0) represents both the One God, and ‘the One’ (Neo in the Matrix). They didn’t pick the date arbitrarily.

However, I did start drafting the Declare-a-Sean on 12.22.21, and that’s wasn’t on Purpose either except that I figured it was going to take Me more than just one day to finish it. My Wish was to enjoy war King on it and to have it ready for complete-Sean on the five year anniversary of the Trust, officially ‘Christening’ the Trust with a new name. But the 22nd is actually the day Christ dies on the Cross, and it is Christ Mass consciousness day that he returns. Christ is the Sun of God, and the ‘Cross’ is a metaphor for the lines of latitude and longitude of Man’s globe, and the 22nd is when the Sun officially ‘dies’ on the horizon (Horus-Son, Christ). It remains there for three days before the Sun begins moving on the Cross, Giving Life to the earth and longer days – the beginning of spring and (on a larger scale), the Golden Dawn.

A long intro for a reference to Romans, right? I Promise, it’s relevant. Consider the Magical Values. 13=1+3=4, and 4 is always Found a Sean. 1-7 = 8 (the ‘minus’ Sign is irrelevant because the Universe does not understand ‘less’, only more). Once again, Found a Sean for Infinite Potent-all. So, what does the Bible say the Magical formulate Sean might be?

  1. Let every soul be subject to the Higher Powers. For there is no Power but of God: the Powers that Be are ordained of God.”
  2. Whoever therefor resisteth the Power, resisteth the ordinance of God: and they that resist Shall receive to themselves damnation

This is perhaps some of the best practical Instruct-Sean in the Bible. In fact, the Verses were brought to My attention by a Man who was a Good Friend of mine for a period of time and was also the head of the Christian Chapel of the Salvation Army, ‘Captain Thomas Yoo’ (You thing King any One has bee as King why ‘Captain’? To Direct the Citizen-ship, maybe? (which the Real Ark of the Covenant)). Just remember the Law of no coincidence, it goes a long Way…

The Verses were brought to My attention because Thomas was trying to tell Me that a Man should never Quest-Ion the government or the laws they’ve Created because they represent the authority of this world, and that a section in Romans speaks of this specifically in Verses 1-7. I advised Thomas before I had seen or read the Verses that I did not believe the Bible would say such a thing unless the Verses were grossly misinterpreted or taken out of context. Thomas did not know the Verses well enough by heart, so We took a look at the Verses in the KJV Bible directly. If One were to only read Romans 13, Verses 1 and 2, One might be thing King I am wrong and Thomas had a point – he most certainly felt he did after reading the first two Verses for Me out loud. I was as King of him to continue because I did not believe that was the full message.

3. “For rulers are not a terror to the Good Works, but to the evil. Wilt thou then not be afraid of the Power? Do that which is Good, and thou Shalt have praise of the same.

4. “For he is the Minister of God to thee for Good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the Sword in vain; for he is the Minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

King James Version Bible, Red Letter Edition

People (and a Friend in particular) were as King of Me why I’m not afraid to put Judges and People like Canada’s Governor General on Notice. Because I’m not the One doing evil.

‘The Court’ is the Minister for Good because every Court in the world represents the Crown, and every Crown represents Christ. We had a Justice that was put on Notice Rule in favour of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean last week, denying a request to dismiss the Claim as frivolous and vexatious.

I have the final Verse Ion of My Magic ready to Cast into Man’s Macrocosm whenever I Wish, and I do have a Special date in Mind this time, though I Will be Keeping it a Secret for now. The most Magical thing about this Blog, is that I know ‘the Courts’ have already read My Reply Factum and already know how they Will rule, even though they haven’t seen the final Version yet.

See, I have the advantage of Truly being able to ‘file but not file’ documents into the Court in a Way that actually Matters. My not filings may as well be filed because the Courts care about their repute a’Sean. Any filing My sister’s lawyer pretends to file but hasn’t officially filed with the Court means nothing because the Court doesn’t even know it exists. By the time I hit ‘Publish’ and make this Post go ‘Live’ the final draft that I Will be filing with the Court Will be downloaded at least three times without a single visitor to the Post, and within less than a couple of seconds after it’s up. I showed this to My Friend last week and she was wondering why how that could even be possible.

I said, ‘Romans 13, Verses 1-7’. And I’ll continue with the remaining three in a Part II to this Post! The Bible might tell One more than One might be thing King about the Powers that be… 😉

Love and Blessings,

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