Volume CCXXVII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Magic Factum Finale Master Peace Cast into Man’s Macrocosm

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. It has been a quiet week for readers of My Blog with Fabulous Friday being the first Post so far this week, but not for lack of events in My Microcosm worthy of tall King about. In fact, it has been an especially busy week in My Microcosm and I have Cast some very serious Magical Spells into Man’s Macrocosm that Will [eventually] come to Fruit-Sean, and all in Good time.

Okay, first and for most who are interested in The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Claim, the Magical Reply Factum Master Peace was served upon the moving party (Hala Tabl via Jenny Bogod) and the co-defendants (Tanja Johnson via Neil Milton, and Michael von Dehn via Christopher Crisman-Cox) early this morning at 7:37 AM. I can honestly tell You that as much as I may Love Magic and the numerology relating to it, I don’t ever Plan to do things on a particular date. This is the first time I did Plan the date I would be Casting this Spell into Man’s Macrocosm, 10.07.22, 7:37 AM. Why?

Well, the number 8 has been Magically associated with My father’s Estate in many Ways. The Motion hearing is on November 8, or 11.08 which was the Magical Value of the release date of Matrix IV, too (12.22.21=11,2222, or 1+1=2, and 2+2+2+2=8). Two is always a Door, and ‘8’ is the Door’s Magical number. November is the month that Presents the Door (11), the 8th is when the Door Will open. The Real land of the Estate also has a physical address of 1070 Hewitt Street, which is also a Magical Value of 8.

My Sacred, Magical number is 37 or 73 – in Magic the Order makes no difference to the overall Magical Value. 37 and 73 both equal 10, or 1, ‘the One’. I was Bourne (I should do a Bourne Identity Tell a Vision one day!) in 1973. 37 became a Sign from the Universe when I completed Writing My Book ‘A Prophecy for Peace’ at 6:37 PM. For over two years afterward, I woke up every day at something ‘:37’ without ever setting an alarm, and it seemed that every time I would check the time, it would be something :37! True story, just be as King any close Friends who knew Me at the time because I would always show up at something ‘:37’, too!

My father’s name day just happens to be March 7th, or 03.07, or 37. He was also Bourne in 1942. Combined Magical Value of My father’s name day? 8. And if One were to translate My father’s name ‘Joachim’ to English, what would it be? Joseph… What an amazing coincidence. It also makes My father a Pisces and didn’t I say that 13 is unlucky for all but Gemini and Pisces? Seems My father and I had more in common than I Real eyes’d. And if One looks up the name meaning for ‘Sean’ what is One thing King it Will say?.. “See John.”

But that’s just the Beginning of this Fabulous Free Lance Friday, and We’re almost exactly at half My Word budget for the day. One thing I have not been tall King about, is the City of Ottawa. We all know they were Noted in Default for Breach of Trust with Criminal Intent some time ago. I’m a little busy with My father’s Estate at the moment, I was hoping they Will leave Me alone for a while, cease and desist their contempt of their Fiduciary obligations and the Rule of Law, and at the very least refrain from causing Me any further harm or provoking Me further. I could not have been more wrong.

In fact, their Actions are just as crazy and insane as those of Jenny Bogod, defense counsel for My sister’s previous lawyer, Hala Tabl who has commit serious court fraud with criminal intent, and provided Me with all the information I require to prove it in her motion record to dismiss! Why would some One do that? Why do lemmings jump off the cliff?

So what did the City of Ottawa do this time? Without any Notice to Me whatsoever, they revoked all the person’s medical Benefits, leaving Me with less than half of what I am expecting to receive at a time when groceries are nearly double the price they were a few months ago. They are also (once again) suggesting I must have these forms Signed by a doctor before they Will be reinstated. Even their own ‘Act’ (the Ontario Works Act) requires them to Give a minimum of ten days Notice if they are considering the revocation of any Benefit, and sufficient time for the individual to remedy the cause to avoid revocation of the Benefit.

Doesn’t even matter if One quotes their own Act to them, they just don’t care and abuse their illegitimate authority by using the Benefits they Issue as a weapon of intimidation and coercion to demoralize the People they are Trusted to care for. That’s putting it kindly. If I don’t like it, I Will have to take them into Court because the entire office endorses and supports this kind of abuse of Ottawa’s People at the hands of Ontario Works agents like Tatiana Lindstrom, Krystal Skof, her team lead, and Lili Mukalay, the team lead’s manager. They Will even entice and coerce Beneficiaries into destroying evidence of their breaches against other Beneficiaries.

The craziest Part about it, is that this comes very shortly after an Endorsement from the Honourable Justice, Sally A. Gomery, who denied a request to dismiss The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim as frivolous, vexatious and an abuse of the Court process. The very same Justice that was placed on Notice for making a determination for the City of Ottawa that was not filed with the Court the last time the City of Ottawa attempted to do exactly what they are doing right now (though it was a different agency (Housing Services), that actually makes the Claim even stronger because it shows conspiracy to cause harm – they are all agents for the City of Ottawa).

The Significance, is that regardless what any One else might be thing King, I know what that Endorsement means. It means the last determination the Honourable Justice made for the City of Ottawa was a mistake, Her Honour was deceived. The Courts are not very happy about it, and I don’t Imagine the Honourable Justice was, either. This was the Courts Way of letting Me know that it Will not happen again, and that I can Trust the Justices to Honour their Oath to the Court and the Crown. The Courts would have Loved to hear My Motion to dismiss so they could vacate the Order, but I let the Matter go. I’m sure the Court Will Love to hold some One accountable for the City’s actions, now they’ve Given Me a new cause of Action. I can assure You, I’ve been more thorough than ever with respect to maintaining Good Records, and those Public Notices Will come in very handy in Deed. My belief, is that the Courts Wish to have a Word with the City of Ottawa every bit as much as I do…

But since I know that even the highest levels of management over at 370 St. Catherine Street endorse economic abuse of their Beneficiaries, there is no point complaining to upper management, or even the highest levels of office within the City of Ottawa. All city counsellors were cc’d the Notice, not one said a Word. Not one member of city counsel or even the Mayor, stepped in to provide some kind of resolution so that Court action would not be necessary. Are they really ALL that incompetent? They really are just Actors who have no Idea what their actual Role is on the world Stage. Well, I’m going to be taking over as Director of this Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean very soon, and I started with a new Letter to Service Ontario. The Casting of Characters has been taken care of for Me, I just have to provide Direct-Sean for these State Actors on the world’s Stage. For some it Will be directly to jail (or Guantanamo Bay, depending on the Actor and their Role) without collecting $200.

Alright, We’re at 1400 Words now which is more than the average attention span most of Man Wishes to dedicate to a single Blog Post, so it’s time for this Gem in I to Sign off. Before I do, I Wish to share with You some of The Prince of Peppers Product-Sean from season I. I have nine cultivars of peppers so far, and potentially a few more still on the Way!

Love and Blessings,

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