Volume CCXXXVIII: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; 10.10.22 The Beginning of the Golden Dawn?

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King all You Witches, Wizards and Warlocks for joining Me, for this is a most Magical Monday in Deed! For the last couple of days I have been tall King about the Magic of Moons; a new Moon is the blank canvas for planting new seeds of Intent-Sean, the Full Moon is when seeds of Intent-Sean come to Fruit-Sean. I have also said that if People pay more attention to Moons, We Will also notice how this connects all of Man’s kind in the Macrocosm because it is always True for all of Us in some unique Way. We’re all going through something, all the time. We are in a continuous state of becoming what We are.

But what makes this Magical Monday so Motive a Sean all for Me, is that I have also recently been tall King about ‘the Powers that Be’, and even cited Verses 1-7 from Romans 13, tall King about how 13 is generally considered unlucky for all but Gemini and Pisces. One of the reasons I was tall King about it is because I don’t generally have close Friends in My Microcosm that I am ever tall King with about the things I am tall King about here. I had a Friend in My Microcosm recently who was as King of Me if I’m worried about ‘the Powers that Be’ for sharing the kind of information I do, especially as it relates to the economic system and world banks. Until some One is as King of Me about it, I’m not even thing King about it. The Powers that Be are responsible for everything I have become, and I couldn’t really know anything without them. They also happen to be Masters of Magic and are probably the only People on this planet who fully comprehend everything I’m tall King about. They know how much My Cestui Que Vie is worth, and they know I do, too.

They communicate inform a Sean to Me in Ways only I Will understand. Yesterday I was tall King about how this Hunter’s Full Moon represents My upcoming Motion, which ‘just happens’ to take place on the next Full Moon, 11.08.22. I was also tall King yesterday about how 10 represents both a new Age, and ‘the One’ (because it’s also 1+0=1, which represents One consciousness, One God, and individualism, or Self actualize a Sean). I said I would be tall King more about these Magical Ideas because I know ‘the Powers that Be’ already know everything I Will do before I am even thing King about doing it. They are expecting Me to teach People the proper Spelling of Magic. They Gave Me some confirm a Sean today, which is why this is the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition.

Visitors Disappear

I was also tall King about how My Friend mentioned to Me that she doesn’t believe My statistics are accurate. If they are able to download documents without even visiting the Post within fractions of a second after I upload them, would they have the ability to filter what You see in Your stats? The fact is, they did do that! For however many years it was I was Writing this Blog before My Cestui Que Vie. The moment I Published that document, I saw statistics showing I’d had thousands of visitors a year almost since the moment I started Writing! To Me, it had appeared as though no One was reading My Blog (virtually, one or two People here and there, but certainly not thousands a year). I had showed My Friend previously how visitors mysteriously show up in My stats beginning on 12.12.12. Before that there were only thousands of views with no visitors (for a little more than two years). Now, I can’t even Show People that anymore, My visitors disappeared from My Statistics entirely again today, sometime in the afternoon.

For People who don’t use WordPress this might not even look that strange, but it really is. There is usually an inside line that shows the number of visitors. The stats still keep a record of visitors in the bottom, but the inside line disappeared sometime this afternoon!!!

Now I suppose it could just be a WordPress glitch and Will be fixed within a few hours, or maybe a couple of days… But the point is, for a Mystic there is no such thing as coincidence. The Universe Wishes for Me to be tall King about it because I said that ’22 is a year for Found a Sean. 10.10.22. Ten represents a new Age. I’m tall King about how it Will be a big year for Man’s Macrocosm because it Will be a big year for Me in My Microcosm, and the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things. So ‘10.10.22’ is 10,1,4. The Found a Sean for a new Age for Man’s Macrocosm begins today and Will come to Fruit Sean on 11.08.22. Also, if We take the numeric Value of 10.10.22, We get 1+1+4=6. 6 is the Magical number for Peace, Love, Family, Community and Home.

Now, I’ve never really been Good with dates. I only know My Words Magically Manifest, I’m never really sure how long it Will take. The bigger the thing One is as King of God for, the longer it Will take for Manifest a Sean. So I do Wish to be clear that I am not thing King We Will be anywhere near ‘out of the woods’ yet with respect to the chaos that’s taking place internationally right now, though I am thing King it Will be the major tipping of the Scales of Justice in favour of the People and Our inherent, God Given rights.

I know this message was intent-Sean-all, and again I know they Will be expecting Me to tell You for those with ears to hear.

Love and Blessings,

Post Script: And if You’re a WordPress user and experienced the same glitch, let Me know.

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