Volume CCXXXVIII: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition; Full Moon Magic and The Hunter’s Trap

Hello every One, and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal Highness elevates My House. I have an amazing Edition for You today, filled with Real Magic in My Microcosm that is now war King its Magic in Man’s Macrocosm. The Magic has actually been war King for a very long time now, but much like many of My Words, the Truth of them is not always Real Eyes’d until much later. I also have a Magical Perspective to share with You regarding Man’s Macrocosm as the world continues to move for Ward Post plandemic. All of it relates to the Magic of the most recent Full Moon, known as the Hunter’s Moon, and what the Magic of it might mean for Man’s Macrocosm. I also have a very Special date to share with You today regarding a Predict-Sean for the completion of The Great Work!!!

I’m going to have lots of exciting things to be tall King with world about as it relates to Magic in Man’s Macrocosm. Most importantly, let’s start with the Magic of the Full Hunter’s Moon which I only happened to Notice because I saw the Moon rising in the early evening and decided to see when it would be Full. It was only three hours past its peak Illuminate-Sean when I looked it up to discover (unveil/reveal) that it is also Called ‘The Hunter’s Moon’. At the same time when I am tall King about the Magic of Full Moon’s and how My Motion date just happens to fall on the next Full Moon November 8th, known as ‘The Beaver Moon’.

I was also tall King about how the relevance of these Moons and their names would not only be relevant to the events taking place in My Microcosm, but also for every One in Man’s Macrocosm. I have a belief and perspective of things that I haven’t fully articulated previously, though I have dropped many breadcrumbs to lead My readers to what I am thing King might be a probable conclusion or suppose-it-Sean (supposition).

I have said that the Act of Declaring independence from the Crown was an Act of treason against the Crown. In Canada this Act of Treason was ‘resolved’ in 1867, and the Crown recognizes Canada’s independence. Does that mean that the colonists who commit this Act of treason were forgiven? I’m going to let You draw Your own conclusions but I am as King of You to consider My reason and logic.

Treason is a very serious Act. There is no Quest-Ion that this is what the colonists did because that Part of the Story was actually taught to children in school. The treasonous traitors of the Crown ‘won’ their independence by going to war with the Crown and ‘winning’. But did they actually win?

The Birth Registration Act and the Recording of Vital Statistics comes into effect in Canada in 1868 – and in the earlier Part of the year if My memory serves correct. Consider how costly a traditional, physical war would be, especially in 1867. Also consider that the Common Man probably just came to Canada with honest intentions of finding new land and opportunities, not defying direct orders Given by the Crown. How many innocent People would be killed or harmed by the senseless, treasonous Acts of those Trusted with the expedition in the first place?

If People don’t have the knowledge or wisdom to be independent, does it really Matter if that’s what they claim to be? Would it not make far more sense to hold those responsible for the Act of treason directly accountable, and Give every One else the opportunity to either support the treasonous Acts of their government, or Honour their Oath to the Crown? That sounds like a pretty Good Idea to Me.

Also consider that without the Crown and chosen representatives, Canada would not know the first thing about how to Create a mail system, road system, Court system, never Mind the Secrets of banking. Who’s face is on the coin? That tells You who owns the Coin of the Realm. In God We Trust, right? That’s what One might be thing King if they are from the Unites States of America. How much is Canada in debt right now? I happen to know because I Wish to accept My share for Honour and cut ties with these treasonous traitors. My share is $32,400.00. I am thing King I can afford that.

Canada’s debt works out to be one and a quarter trillion dollars. Divided by the number of Canadian citizens Registered with Canada’s Vital Statistics, which is 38,454,327, My share would be $1,250,000,000,000/38,454,327, or $32,400.00. That doesn’t sound so bad, right? The problem is, every One Registered as a citizen of Canada is also supporting the Act of Treason, so they are not allowed to own any property until the debt is paid. And the Crown Will not be Wishing to accept Promises to pay because the Crown already knows they can’t be Trusted. The central banks are really just a means of keeping the whole operation a little less overt and keeping the appearance of separation from the Crown so that the wealth is not being ‘loaned’ to Canada by the Crown directly. You know, let’s Canada maintain that belief in independence they were tall King about so many years ago…

Wow, We’re already at 900 Words and 1500 is the usual limit, so I’m going to have to do a Part II where I Will be tall King about how this perhaps seemingly outlandish philosophy may in fact be more relevant to what is taking place in Man’s Macrocosm right now than One might at first be thing King. Kind of like My Matrix Interpret-a-Sean’s, they prove to be more True as time reveals more inform a Sean.

The other Magic I Wish to share with You today, is the 2022 Renewal Package received by MHI.

This document is far more Magical than it may seem at first glance. I strongly encourage every One to take a close look at every Page at least once, just to see for One’s Self exactly what I am Writing on all of the contracts I Sign. There is not one contract on Record for ‘Mr. von Dehn’ anywhere, only King Sean, House von Dehn Acting as the Trustee for the Beneficiary, ‘Sean von Dehn’. The other important details to take Notice of are the address, and the number of People living in the unit.

The most Magical thing about this document, is that this is My copy of what MHI has on Record for Me. I did not send these documents to MHI!!! Every document seen here was sent to Tatiana Lindstrom as the Trustee for the Beneficiary, Sean von Dehn. The package was sent by The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Trustee, King Sean, House von Dehn. The package also contained roughly four Pages of Hand Writ Instruct-Sean’s for Tatiana Lindstrom. One of those Instruct-Sean’s was to make copies of the Hand Writ documents and return them to Me with her reply to My Quest-Ions. That was not done, and to the best of My knowledge, they do not have those documents.

The other request, was that they make a copy of the envelope they receive the package in, front and back, and maintain the original envelope for their Records. I explained to them that the package was sent On Her Majesty’s Service, which is all the proof they need to know I am Acting in an Official capacity as her representative for the Benefit of Canada’s People. I also explained it technically (legally) makes Me a Governor General to her Majesty (His Majesty now) in My Sovereign State of being and co-Trustee of God’s Kingdom. I indicated that I feel this is Real work and that I should be receiving considerably more, especially considering the magnitude of their ignorance.

I’m guessing they threw all of that in the trash. At the same time, I’m somewhat surprised and impressed to know that they did forward the renewal package itself. I can confirm that MHI has approved the renewal (and long ago now). It also appears as though it arrived only two days late! (I was as King about this a month after the date and they couldn’t even tell Me if they had forwarded the package or not, and MHI was saying they had not received it – so I don’t what happened there, but I’m glad to know they do have it).

But it’s not just Tatiana Lindstrom at Ontario Works who is Willfully trespassing upon the rights of the [Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s] Beneficiary, I also discover that it is Housing Services, too!

Now, I am only learning of this because I was as King for a copy of this Renewal Package from MHI last Friday. They provided Me with a copy on Tuesday and also indicated to Me that My rent is not in jeopardy in any Way, but they also Wished to let Me know that they have not been receiving the portion of rent paid for by the City of Ottawa.

Consider what I am telling You right now. I’m waiting to have a phone converse a Sean about this because I have no Idea how long this has been going on. She mentions that there might be an Issue with the Renewal Package from Housing Services because that’s the portion they are not receiving. But if it has anything to do with a Renewal Package, the Renewal Package is once a year and due July 1st. It’s October!!!

Has My rent really not been getting paid for perhaps as long as three months and nobody even tells Me about it? Consider how bizarre that is?! Typically, that’s not the kind of thing a landlord let’s slide for even a single month. When I told the Friend in My Microcosm how strange I am thing King that is, she says to Me, “I am thing King You really are a King, nobody Wishes to say anything, nobody Wishes to Cross the King.”

Obviously, I’m paraphrasing, but it was Truly the first thing she said. She said to Me that there is no Way they would just let something like that go if it were any One else living here – certainly not without telling them to find out what’s going on…

I have to agree because I have no other explain a Sean. I’m hoping tomorrow I Will learn more so that I can find out how long this has been going on, but I can tell You, none of this looks very Good for the City of Ottawa, and now it isn’t just Ontario Works, it appears We may have conspiracy to cause harm between two government agencies. The plot thickens, I’ll have more Magic to be tall King about tomorrow.

Before I go, it has been a long one so please check out some of My glorious peppers from the first season of The Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company.

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