Volume CCXXXVIII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Hunter’s Moon Magic Trap, Part II

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, and do I ever have a Thrilling Thursday for You in Deed. Thank King or Queen You for being here, Your Presence Honours My House.

Whenever I Write that it is a Good day in Deed, it is because some Character, a State Actor, has Played some Part of a Scene on the world Stage. Several Acts can make up a Scene, and there may be several Scenes in a single Play.

To add even more Magic to the Idea of Moons, I Will suggest that each new Moon marks the beginning of a new Scene on the world Stage. It represents the same thing in each of Our respective Microcosms relative to Our individual Role on the world Stage. I learned of new attacks upon The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean just as the Magic of the Moon was approaching, and the totality of the attacks were Real eyes’d over the peak of the Full Moon exactly.

I sent out an email query (Quest-Ion) to the landlord of the building in response to the initial attack upon The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean perpetrated by the City of Ottawa via Ontario Works (revocation of medical benefits without cause or Notice to Me), on Sunday, October 9th. I had no Idea it was a Full Moon, but I was only as King for the information because I Wished to know if Ontario Works had sent the package to them as they had been instructed to do, or if they had lied to Me about it. Ontario Works would not tell Me if they had sent the package one Way or the other, and had refused to send Me a copy (or even reply to My request for a copy or to know if it was sent).

This was important inform a Sean to know because the only (potentially acceptable) excuse Ontario Works could have for not making copies of the documents sent to them, and to return a copy to Me (so I have a receipt of what is on My file with Ontario Works), is if they had not received the package. I know that if the package can’t be delivered, that the Post Office has an obligation to return it to Me. Now that I know it was delivered, I know that there is a receipt for that delivery ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ with the Post Office (which is also a public, International Court of Record), and I know that they either destroyed My other documents, or are gaslighting Me by pretending they did not receive them, and that they are not on My file. The fact they revoked medical benefits is all the evidence I need to know that they either destroyed the additional documents sent to them and others previously on My file, or they are Willfully ignoring the documents they do have on file for Me and attempting to compel Me to make new contracts to replace them. The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean considers Ontario Works latest Act to be an Act of War upon God’s Kingdom, and King Sean Will not tolerate abuse of any Beneficiaries Trusted to his care, including Sean von Dehn’s [natural] person.

The belligerence and Willful determination to antagonize Me is so blatantly obvious, it just makes it that much more infuriating. One can understand if there is some computer default setting that does not allow for Ontario Works to remove ‘Mr.’ from computer generated addresses on correspondences or something, but when One is clearly advised that an individual finds the term ‘Mr.’ to be personally offensive to his Sacred calling under God, and they continue to address that Man as ‘Mr. Von Dehn’ (they don’t even Spell the last name correctly to begin with) in Written correspondence. There is no obligation to address an email to ‘Mr. von Dehn’ when One requests to be addressed as either ‘Sean’ or ‘King Sean, House von Dehn’. There is absolutely nothing unreasonable about that request, and Willfully violating that request with intent to offend, antagonize and harass, is deplorable, childish conduct for a State Actor. I am going to take Lili Mukalay and Tatiana Lindstrom’s job, and I am going to make sure they can never be bonded as a public servant ever again. I Give You My Word. This is the email I received from the Belligerent bitch, Mister Lili Mukalay. late this afternoon.

I mentioned that there is nothing I would look forward to more than just moving to My father’s land and making something beautiful from the land he left behind, this is a perfect example of what I am tall King about when I say that the Universe guides Me. Regardless how little I like to hold a grudge and how easy it is for Me to let things go and just continue moving for Ward My Self, this kind of arrogance from a public servant is so dehumanizing and unprofessional, she needs to be schooled proper!!! It is SO blatantly obvious that they are Willfully antagonizing Me, that I don’t even believe a Justice would blame Me for calling her an arrogant, belligerent, bitch – because that’s exactly what she is! Let her sue Me for defamation, she is attempting to defame a Sean by calling Me ‘Mr.’!!!

So how does the Magic of the Hunter’s Moon relate to Man’s Macrocosm? Well, in Part I I was tall King about how all of the colonists are technically treasonous traitors of the Crown, and all their citizens are aiding and abetting the original crime of treason by siding with the Canada that claimed independence when it appears as though the country’s Prime Minister is barely competent enough to tie his own shoe. Most People are thing King I’m exaggerating, that what I’m saying isn’t True at all, ‘ancient history’, long ago forgotten. Really? I am thing King a treasonous Act as great as that is not something the Crown forgets anytime too soon. They like to maintain meticulous Records for a reason.

The fact that every single country in the world that I know of, violated the Nuremberg Principles and coerced the global population to take a vaccine that was still experimental and had not been proven safe or effective. The Truth of the vaccines inefficacy is readily available now, with many reports coming out on the dangers of chronic myocarditis and acute death being potential side effects. The virus itself is still virtually harmless for any One who’s immune system has not been compromised by the vaccines. New studies are showing that the more People get boosted and increase their vaccine rates, the weaker the immune system becomes. Auto immune disorder just happened to become a major thing on the world stage at the same time vaccines were widely administered in the same regions. Do Your own research, but I’ve got a couple of videos to share with You covering some of these facts.

And I’ve said that the mRNA technology used Will alter Man’s DNA, and My guess is that sociopaths like Bill Gates Will Wish to claim ownership of the new DNA as a product of their intellectual property. Oh, You are thing King I’m kidding? Man can’t claim ownership of God’s Creations, but Man can claim ownership of Man made Creations. Monsanto took many fields from farmers because their GMO’s altered the DNA of their plants, and became Monsanto’s legal property. It is the Bill Gates to Hell Foundation in Deed!!!

There is also plenty of proof now that world leaders have been censoring dissenters, many of which are as King legitimate Quest-Ions necessary for making an informed decision about the vaccines, and failing to disclose risks because the negative press may increase vaccine hesitancy. The fact that they do not Wish for People to be cautious of vaccines using new technology is alarming in the first place. Every doctor in Canada who recommended a vaccine without disclosing the very serious risks to health, has violated their Hippocratic Oath as a doctor, and is guilty of treason against Canada’s People for administering and advising People to receive a potentially lethal injection.

What I’m getting at here, People, is that these Acts of treason recently perpetrated by the Trudeau government are not small crimes, and they are plain as day obvious as Lili Mukalay is Willfully belligerent and antagonistic. It doesn’t take a genius to know that the government used mainstream media to Give the People of Canada a false sense of safety regarding the vaccines, and Willfully concealed knowledge of their very dangerous, potentially lethal side effects. That’s cruel and inhumane treatment of People and considered a crime against humanity. Their crimes are being done so overtly and boldly because they Wish to expose who these People are really war King for – and it is most certainly not the Canadian People.

The whole plandemic was just a trap for all the treasonous traitors of the Crown for their previous transgressions, knowing they were too greedy and corrupt to not take the bait, and knowing the Truth of their intentions and lack of regard for their own People Will become so transparent, they Will be removed by the People in an unfriendly Way if they do not step down voluntarily. The revolution Will not be televised because it Will not be suitable for family viewing. Trudeau’s in as much trouble as Lili Mukalay, My sister, her lawyer, My brother and all others who dare trespass upon God’s Kingdom!

And no Word yet from My landlord with respect to how long the City of Ottawa has not been paying My rent. One would be thing King that is something they Wish to address promptly, no?

Today’s feature photo is the first time the People of Ottawa are Given [public] Notice of My lawful Title.

[King] Sean, ‘House’ von Dehn

The apocalypse is coming, Pray in plain sight! (and the Spelling of Pray is intent-Sean-al).

Love and Blessings,

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