Volume CCXXXVIII: The Super Natural Son Day Re-View; Hunter’s Trap Set, Full Moon Magic in Motion

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Edition of the Good News Journal and Our weekly re-View of the most Magical events taking place in Our Macrocosm. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House.

The Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, so what is happening on the world Stage is a reflect-Sean of what is happening in each of Our Microcosms. One cannot Truly be at Peace while the world is at war with it Self, the best One might muster is to Live in denial of what is. My Microcosm in particular always seems to reflect the State of the world in some Way. While the western world wages war against Russia, the City of Ottawa wages war against The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean and My Trust in God. It seems most unwisely timed, I do not believe they have read Sun-Tzu’s Art of War. In fact, the insanity of it reminds Me of the insanity taking place on the world stage, and the United States’ futile attempt to convince the world they’re not responsible for the Nord Stream Pipeline destruction. They are every bit as arrogant as the City of Ottawa, deliberately violating the Rule of Law and trespassing upon their People as if they Will never get caught or perhaps even with the arrogance that even if they do get caught, there Will be no consequences for them, they are ‘above the law’. The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean disagrees on both counts.

I am thing King the world is tired of children posing as leaders and sending People off to do their dirty work. Signing up for the war is no better than as King to be war King as a hit man. What’s the difference? Sending thousands of People off to kill thousands of other innocent People who’s only crime was taking a job as hit Men for their government who had said the other guy was the enemy? One is not war King as a hit man if there are multiple targets, is that how it works? They watch these grown men go off to kill each other, then drink champagne and eat caviar at the next G20 summit meeting, shaking hands and exchanging pleasantries. Next time world leaders Wish to go to war, put them in a ring with one another to sort out their differences, then remove them from government the second it’s over because they clearly don’t care about the People. When the world actually grows up, We Will consider the Way We live today to be utterly barbaric and almost unbelievable. Most children Act more mature than the average adult in this world, and they absolutely have a better moral compass.

Interesting, I didn’t really mean to rant because there is so much Good News to be tall King about. Please let Me share a video I found Inspire a Sean all for every One who might take the time to watch it. If One does not watch the whole thing, I strongly encourage One to skip to Robert Barns and watch from there. I enjoy watching Viva because I have been watching him since before he woke up to the corruption (or at the very least, the scope of corruption) everywhere in the world, and especially his backyard of Canada. Robert Barnes is the expert on the show, and I Love just about everything Barnes has to say on the Rule of Law. The reason I’m sharing this particular video with You today is because Barnes is well known for his reputation in Law and he’s often tall King about Principles in Law that I have been tall King about here that are not necessarily always True in practice (but should be). What I’m getting at, is even though judgments don’t necessarily turn out ‘as they should’ based on Principles of Law that are more or less well established, Robert Barnes does a great job of tall King about those Principles, and what laws (legal fiction) afford for those principles in particular jurisdictions. I’m not giving examples because I don’t Wish to misquote any One, but there are plenty to choose from in the video.

Robert Barnes also mentions something about an important election day in one of the states on November 8th! I’m not sure how significant that election is to events taking place in Man’s Macrocosm, but I was thing King it is worth pointing out because it is also the day of Our next Full Moon and My Motion hearing (okay, so it’s not really My motion, I’m responding to a Motion – but I’m going to convert the Motion hearing into a Judgment hearing within about five minutes after the hearing starts). Obviously, November 8th is going to be a big day for the candidates of that election, so it is another example of an event in My Microcosm reflected (like the light of the Moon?) in Man’s Macrocosm, which was also foretold to Us by the Matrix IV Resurrections release date, 12.22.21, which is a Magical message translating to 11.8.

Also, perhaps it was just a glitch, My WordPress statistics reverted back to their normal display yesterday.

See, small detail maybe, but not even those little boxes for views and visitors was available for Me to check, see…

I have a little more inform a Sean for You regarding this interesting little glitch in My WordPress stats which may well be nothing more than a glitch and coincidence. But it is also auspiciously timed with other Actions that were taken in My Microcosm that I have not been tall King about yet, and We know how I feel about coincidences. I Will share with You when I am able to confirm or dispense with My belief.

Although I can’t make any Promises just yet, the goal is that I Will Honour the same Oath I made regarding My brother and sister (which is that I Will not have any further correspondence with them whatsoever outside a Court of Law so long as they withhold inform a Sean from Me) regarding the City of Ottawa and Ontario Works. I have enough inform a Sean now to show conspiracy to cause harm between several city service providers including the police – every single service provider I have been exposed to in the City of Ottawa has demonstrated absolute contempt for the Rule of Law and the Oath they Swore as representatives of government in any capacity. My Intent-Sean is to find a Way to hold all of them accountable in a single lawsuit. I am still thing King about how I Will draft that claim. I may also consider a class action against Ontario Works, the city of Ottawa, and the Salvation Army, as all three organizations are war King together to Create a perpetual population of homelessness People in the City of Ottawa because it’s Good for business (presumably, I have no Idea what other motive a Sean there might be).

There is a lot going on in Man’s Macrocosm and it very much is a reflect-Sean of events taking place in My Microcosm. November 8th is going to be a big day for every One, I Give You My Word! I also have some Notices out to service Canada regarding the unlawful Acts of city of Ottawa employees, so We are still waiting to hear back on that sometime later this week or next (they can take up to fifteen days to respond).

That’s the update for this week. But just keep in Mind that the treasonous Acts of the governments of every country of the world have already been done, and as the dangers of the vaccine become more commonly known, the scope of this treasonous Act Will be obvious and clear. Soon People Will see what I am tall King about and why this treasonous Trudeau government Will soon by heading directly to jail, along with his criminal cabinet (and probably most of Canada’s medical profession – any health care professional who endorsed a vaccine without advising of the dangers and side effects). Sadly, My sister is likely included in this group.

The Apocalypse is upon us, Will November 8th be the unveiling?

Love and Blessings,

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