Volume CCXXXIX: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; Speculate Sean of a Public Spectacle

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure and Honour to have You in My House. I have an exciting Edition for You today because there really is so much Good News going on in the world to share with You, it’s all just a Matter of perspective. A better Title for today’s Post might have been ‘Speculate Sean of a Public a Sean of a Public Spectacle’, but it seemed a little too long. Either Way, I’m going to be tall King about a situate Sean in My Microcosm that appears to be almost utterly hopeless on the surface, when it is in fact a perfect storm, setting the Stage for the next great Act of Magical Spelling in My Microcosm.

There are a lot of big events taking place in My Microcosm, and it’s pretty easy and fair to say that there is a lot going on in Man’s Macrocosm right now, too – most of it not looking very Good. It seems the fan-fare of the day is fear porn as mainstream media attempts to keep their audiences paralyzed with terror of an invisible enemy called a corona virus, so that the People’s loving, ever benevolent government can step in and save the day (maybe even offer One a lethal injection or two, or three, or four… And a booster or two for Good measure). If a lethal injection isn’t One’s thing, One can be denied access to public services and medical care, locked in their home and told to wear a mask to protect One’s Self from a virus with a 99.997% survival rate for the average, non immunocompromised individual. It all sounds perfectly reasonable and highly scientific. That’s only one example of a major disaster that’s going to have unfathomable casualties in Man’s Macrocosm without even tall King about what’s going on in Ukraine and Russia – oops, I guess I just did.

But zoom back to My Microcosm for a moment because I’m sure in some Way, it is the same for all of Us. I have so many mini catastrophes taking place in My Microcosm, it Truly seems unbelievable. (I have a Friend right now who has confirmed for Me that the events taking place in My Microcosm are not ordinary – they are extraordinary!) I’m not even sure where to start, but let’s begin with My Claim.

My father’s Estate has been the most consuming of all the events taking place in My Microcosm, so it seems a reasonable place to start. It was only after filing the Claim that I learned exactly what has been going on with My sister and her alleged application for a Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee. The entire application was a fraud! They lied about withdrawing the first application, they lied about filing the second application, and it appears as though they refiled the first application with Justice Woodley’s previous endorsement (that was allegedly withdrawn and legally no longer relevant to anything), refiled My sister’s affidavit defaming My Character (and likely without My brother’s knowledge, though he provided his consent), and Presented it to a new Justice as King of the Justice to re-Endorse the previous application, and to grant the requests previously denied by Justice Woodley, which were to have Me denied My right to make an application, denied My right to object to My sister’s application, and to pay the costs to be excluded! Even more astounding? The justice appears to have granted the request, yet I don’t even hear about it until they provide Me with the information in their Statements of Defense!? I know, You’re probably thing King it can’t get any crazier than that, yet it does… Despite all of this fraud and deceit, My sister still can’t get the Certificate from the Court! Why not?

The first thing One of the Defendants do is file a request to dismiss as frivolous and vexatious under Rule 2.01.1(6). The request is denied by the same Justice who had been placed on Notice for making a determination that violated the Rules of the Court in a previous Matter against the City of Ottawa. As much as they may like to gaslight, the City of Ottawa knows that the Courts are not happy with them. The Courts really do speak in something of a cryptic language because they are so diplomatic – they have perfected the Art of speaking without saying a Word. The Endorsement defeats the strongest arguments of the upcoming motion, and the Justice mentions that although no specific cause of action is clearly articulated,

“He alleges that the defendants, Mr. von Dehn and Ms. Johnson, have colluded to deprive the Beneficiary of the plaintiff Trust, Sean von Dehn of his rightful share of his father’s estate.”

Honourable Justice, Sally A. Gomery

So the Justice is asserting that King Sean is the Trustee for the plaintiff Trust, The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, and that Sean von Dehn (the artificial person) is a Beneficiary of the Trust – exactly as the positions are defined by the Trust Declare a Sean. She also Styles the name and address of the Trust and Trustee properly when drafting the Endorsement. But what’s the biggest ‘tell’ here? Anyone, anyone… Bueller? (I’m dating My Self but some Will still get that.) The Word collusion.


Collusion is when two or more parties secretly agree to defraud a third-party of their rights or accomplish an illegal purpose. 

Cornell Law

Collusion is a conspiracy, a very specific Word in Law and not one that a Judge would use lightly. The Key here is that it refers to a criminal Act, not civil. If I did not directly say that My brother and sister colluded to defraud Me of My rights, then the Claim must be reasonably well articulated (sufficiently intelligible) for a Judge to come to that conclusion and mention it without it being expressly stated in a civil Claim.

But just as all of this Good News comes in, I discover that the City of Ottawa via Ontario Works have decided to arbitrarily and without Notice to Me, suspend My medical benefits! Less than 50% of what I expect to receive without any warning whatsoever. It Truly seems as insane an Act as Biden hitting the Nord Stream Pipeline when relations with Russia are already so tense, thing King no One Will know it was the U.S. that was responsible. They must be thing King the world is stupid, and the City of Ottawa must still be thing King the same of Me.

But it gets even more insane – like Biden leaving a ‘made in the U.S.A.’ sticker at the scene of the crime just to further antagonize Putin, the City of Ottawa via Housing Services also decides to cut off My housing subsidy – four months ago now!!! Yep, no Notice to Me whatsoever, and I guess I intimidate People so much that My landlord didn’t even Wish to tell Me about it! I only found out because I was as King about something else. I have been Given assurances that I am in no risk of losing My apartment.

So these are the kind of events in My Microcosm that cause My Friend to be thing King something strange is going on. So what could be Good about it? Well, considering I have a very accurate five year Public Record of all of the City of Ottawa’s trespasses against Me, all of these Registered businesses are Agents in Man’s Matrix. That includes the Ottawa Police Service and their unlawful arrest for which the failed to offer any compensate Sean, though they provided Me with a Writ of guarantee of My inherent rights in the City of Ottawa. The Salvation Army is a service provider and Agent for the City of Ottawa. Ontario Works is provincially legislated, but their Agents are war King for the City of Ottawa. Housing Services is also a service provider for the City of Ottawa. The City of Ottawa is liable for the harm done by all of these service providers, and all of them have caused Me harm, admitted to doing so, but failed to offer any compensate Sean. When that many organizations are attacking One individual and they all represent the City of Ottawa, it begins to look like collusion and conspiracy to cause Me harm.

My guess is that the City of Ottawa knows a lot more about what’s going on in the Courts than they let on, and they already know I’m going to win My Claim on November 8th. They were hoping that by launching all of these attacks in harmony with when I Will receive a share of My inheritance, that I Will be so furious and frustrated with the City of Ottawa, that I Will just move to My father’s land and forget about everything they’ve done. The Spirit of the Elephant never forgets. I Will for Give, but I Will not forget.

What We have going on in Man’s Macrocosm is exactly the same thing. Governments all over the world that have been colluding with big pharma, the WEF, WHO and God only knows how many others for an alternate agenda that has nothing to do with the best interest of the world’s People. That fact, and the dangerous side effects of the vaccines are only going to become more and more well known as time goes on, and those continuing to push these lethal, life and DNA altering injections Will be exposed for the frauds that they are, and Will be removed from office. The great reset is going to be a new cast of Characters for the world stage entirely, curtain call is coming for the treasonous traitors very soon in Deed.

Purple Jalapeno and Lemmon Drop Pepper Fully Ripened

Above is another Prince of Peppers Product-Sean Company Present a Sean.

Oh, and today’s Title (which I often forget to provide an explain a Sean for) is that there is Speculate Sean that this city of Ottawa collusion to deprive Me of My rights Will make quite the Public Spectacle when it becomes a Public a Sean.

Love and Blessings,

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