Volume CCXXXIX: The Super Natural Son Day Re-View; 11 Away from Judgment Day

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Super Natural Son Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You in My House. It is a very exciting time for Me in My Microcosm, which means that there must be lots to be excited about in Man’s Macrocosm, too. We are only eleven days away from My Motion date (though it’s not really My Motion, I Will be converting a Motion to dismiss into a Motion for Judgment), and things are really heating up in My Microcosm. The evil in the world Will be scourged by hellfire on the day of Judgment, My brother, sister, and their lawyers Will be the first to get burned.

There are all kinds of little Signs that let Me know big things are happening that would not even be worth tall King about here because no One Will comprehend them as I do. My Blog stats are always a ‘tell’, dropping little hints that let Me know what is going on in Man’s Macrocosm. So what’s the big Good News this week?

The Motion date was moved up by five days, officially making Judgment Day 11.03.22. The original date was the 8th, which was the ‘Door’ leading Us to the new date of November 3rd. Magical translate Sean? 2.3.4. Two is a Door, three is the Trinity, the Holy Temple of Man (or whole ‘E’ Temple of Man), and 4 is Found a Sean. Therefor, November 3rd is the door Way for the Found a Sean of God’s Kingdom for Man on earth – and let’s face it, We knew it would be that anyway! Even more auspicious, the total Magical Value of the equate Sean is 9, which is the world of Babylon, or babble on; a world where most of Man is speaking in tongues, cursing the Power of Man’s most Magical Gift, the Word. Logos.

I Will have to do a Tell a Vision Series on each of the Matrix films just to fill in the blanks between the first and the fourth. In the third Matrix where Neo defeats the machines (but also dies him Self), he makes the final trip in a new Ship simply Called ‘Logos‘. The symbol of the four elephants at the top of every Blog Post and attached to every email is the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Logo – probably just a coincidence… 😉

There’s lots of Good News this week for The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean; We got a new and improved date for Our Motion, and I also received confirm a Sean that My Reply Factum and Affidavit of Service have been filed with the Court (might have to consider teaching Hala Tabl how to do that, though I don’t Imagine there Will be much point considering she Will never be war King as a lawyer again when Judgment Day comes for her).

These events were also auspiciously reflected by serendipitous Signs in My Microcosm. An anomaly in My stats corrected it Self on the day I first uploaded documents to the Court, the confirm a Sean number I received for the filing was also rather ‘Lucky’, 1137605. 11 is always 2, and 2 is always a Door. 37 is God’s Magical number for Me, 6 is the number for Peace, Love, Home, Family and Community (9 right side up), and 5 is My personal favourite number and name day in the month of June. What does 5 represent? Well, in Tarot Magic it represents the Quest for knowledge and Wisdom in all directions, perfect-Sean, the five pointed Star of David. But I did a Google search to see what common numerology has to say about the Sacred name I was Gifted with – My Calling under God is not a caul.

The Numerology number 5 is a master of change, able to go with the flow and adapt itself to thrive in different environments and social situations. It is happiest when things feel fresh, high energy, and full of possibility. The moment an experience starts to feel too routine or predictable, the 5 will move on to something more captivating. The only thing this number is truly attached to is being unattached.


Not a coincidence it happens to be My name day and favourite number.

So how was all of this reflected back to Me? Well, the moment I received the confirm a Sean number for My documents being uploaded to the online portal, I already knew they were going to be accepted without any Issue – that’s how much I Trust these little Signs. It was as Good as God Gifting Me with the assurance her Self (just to distort the Image of God for Man’s kind). It was just a Matter of time before I would receive confirm a Sean they were accepted and filed with the Court. That confirm a Sean came just moments before I was about to confirm the new Motion date, and it was the only reserve a Sean I had about confirming the new date. I was already typing My reply to the Court, as King of God to make sure My documents are accepted because I’m about to commit. Seconds later I received the confirm a Sean I was waiting for!!! I know, convenient coincidence, right? There’s an awful lot of those in My Microcosm – enough to scare some People who know Me well.

I know that the Courts had already read My Reply Factum before the Endorsement denying a request to dismiss was made by the Honourable Justice, Sally A. Gomery. I know because My stats tell Me, and the Reply Factum was available here long before it was ever filed with the Court, and it was My second most downloaded document of all time (for the amount of time it had been Posted). It is now the fifth most downloaded document of all time with 57 downloads to date! That might not sound like a lot, but consider how many People are really going to be interested in downloading a Court document to a proceeding One is not a party to? Really, it’s exceedingly rare! I know it’s the Courts (or the People who oversee them).

Now that My documents have officially been received by the Courts, I’m reasonably certain that the Motion has already been assigned to a Judge. Why? Because yesterday I had 60 Blog Posts read by a single visitor in one day!!! My Posts are not exactly ‘light’ reading material, and every Post was related to My father’s Estate Matter in some Way.

Well, at 1100 Words already, I’ll have to save the rest of the Magic of this week for the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition, though the biggest even for Me this week, was a two and a half hour converse a Sean with My father’s best Friend who had more incredible news for Me. Apparently he found My brother ransacking My father’s house, frantically looking for a Will, tearing the place apart. I guess My brother wasn’t expecting company. Tiffany was using My father’s house as a home base for dealing and smoking cocaine, and My brother told George that he needed to find a Will because he Wished to make sure that Tiffany gets nothing! George tells Me that there was a Will, and that Michael was not mentioned in it at all, and believes Michael destroyed it. Not really relevant to My Motion because it’s all what the Court Will call hearsay unless I Wish to subpoena My father’s best Friend (which I have no intention of doing) and it’s irrelevant anyway because no One can know for sure what was in the Will if it no longer exists. I’ll have more about this in the Monday Edition.

What I can tell You for now, is that every last drop of guilt I may have had for bringing My brother and sister into Court is officially gone! George also told Me he’s been reading My Blog and following along for awhile, he called to tell Me how happy he was that I’m taking My brother and sister into Court, and that he believes I have no Idea who My brother really is – George describes him as ruthless, heartless, selfish Man. Just wait until We get back to My Matrix IV Interpret a Sean and how well all this inform a Sean fits.

Kingdom Comes. 11.03.22. Judgment Day for Tanja Johnson, Michael von Dehn, Hala Tabl, and their lawyers/liars who are supporting and continuing to support their Court fraud. They are all smart enough to know this is fraud, and none of them are even attempting to ‘wash their hands’ of their guilty clients.

Times are a changing, People. 6=9, and soon 9=6. 😉

Love and Blessings,

Post Script – I’ll explain today’s feature photo tomorrow or whenever I Post next.

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