Volume CCXL: The Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition; Matrix IV Resurrections De-Coded, Part XIII

Hello every One, and welcome to the thirteenth Edition of Our Matrix IV Resurrections De-Coded series, thank King or Queen You for joining Me. Last week, Mr. Anderson was trying to convince him Self that it’s all in his Mind (ment-al, Mind is all) as he stares down the barrel of a gun pointed at his head by his current boss.

Ment-al = Mind is all

The problem is, when One dies in the Matrix, One dies in the Real world, too. Why? Because the Matrix is nothing more than a product of One’s thoughts – what One believes to be True, becomes True.

Deja Vu

Good thing Mr. Anderson has been here before. This is the ‘Deja-vu’ that was foreshadowed by the black cat with the yellow collar (indicating this is a mental project-Ion). The Matrix already knows Mr. Anderson is not so easy to kill, so they’ve updated the operating system, taking this super-natural Characteristic into account. Mr. Anderson wakes up in his psychiatrists office.

Blue collar, DEJA VU

When I tell You that the Matrix does not miss a single detail, it is no small understatement. Even with all of the details I share with You here, there Will be many more I Will miss. The name on the DEJA VU’s blue cat dish in ALL CAPS is another reflect Sean of Man’s commercial admiralty system of law, the artificial person. These were details that Neo Created for him Self before He Created the Matrix to ensure Mr. Anderson Will not forget his True Purpose. This is like the number 37 for Me which always re-Presents confirm a Sean of an Idea that is relative to My Life’s True Purpose. We have all Created ‘markers’ to navigate Our Self through this illusory, temporal existence, and We can only miss them if We choose to believe in coincidence and chance in stead of Our True Purpose and Destiny.

Red bowl, Deja Vu

I mean, if the Matrix films were not intended to be an allegory for Man’s commercial admiralty system of Law, My philosophies and interpret a Sean’s are war King rather conveniently for Me, wouldn’t You agree?

I’ve suggested that Red represents the Will and the Way, the ‘Christ’ Character, while blue represents the commercial fiction and artificial person. Coincidence that the letters on the Red bowl are in upper and lower case, known in law as capitus diminutio minimus? No detail in these films Will be arbitrary, Trust Me.

We learn that Mr. Anderson first began seeing the psychiatrist after jumping off a building, attempting to ‘fly away’. We can’t help but be as King if Mr. Anderson is wondering how it is that he didn’t die when he jumped off the building, but We are not Given the answer to that Quest-Ion just yet.

Transform a Sean

I did mention that the moment I began watching this film for the first time, I immediately knew it would be My next Tell a Vision series because the reviews were so bad and the film it Self is so brilliant. There is SO much symbolism in this film, it would be impossible for Me to catch it all – and if I did, this series would be over a hundred parts long! I had to include this Image just to illustrate how rich the symbolism can be in a single frame.

Let’s start at the top left and work Our Way around, clock wise. The first thing One Will notice is a book shelf with pinecone bookends. The pinecone is a Universal symbol of the Buddha and or Christ consciousness. There are two of them, and two is always a Door. The Magical message is betwixt the bookends, which are nineteen books. Books obviously represent knowledge, and 1+9=10, which represents both a new Age/Aeon, and ‘the One’ (1+0=1). The books are on the mantel of a fireplace, and fire represents the Will and the Way, Spirit of God. There are also five ‘scores’ in the mantel, which represent the insatiable quest for knowledge in all directions (five pointed Star used in Magic rituals).

As We continue clockwise, the next Notable Image is a butterfly which is the Universal symbol for transform a Sean (and also the number 8 which was foreshadowed by the release date as a central theme of the film).

Looks rather similar to the butterfly hanging on My wall, no? Not a coincidence it has a Gold border, either (Gold represents Mind but also actual Gold and in this particular case relative to Our interpret a Sean, a Crown). In Our Matrix Image, this same Idea is mimicked by the Golden treasure chest just to the right of the butterfly. There are also two books to the left of the butterfly (once again indicating a Door), and seven books on the right. Seven is Heaven in Magic.

The next notable Image is the lamp which shows a soldier carrying a Sword. Swords represent Mind and [the element of] Air. Gemini (My Sign) is an Air Sign, and this also represents the mental construct which is Our current (like running water) physical Reality that Mr. Anderson Wishes to wake (like from a boat or ship) from. But the lamp is also turned off, indicating that Mr. Anderson is still in the dark. When the lamp is turned on, the soldier with the Sword Will be Illuminated by Rays of Light just like Our Images of Christ and other Illuminated Mystics that adorn Our world’s most Sacred buildings of war Ship.

As We continue war King Our way round the Image, We see a photo of Deja-Vu with no visible collar, representing the Mind unleashed. Just in front of Deja-Vu We can see the cover of a book which appears to be both blue and Red, indicating that there is a message for Neo if he can recognize the marker. The same Idea is reflected in the tartan blanket over the chair behind the psychiatrist. The Red symbolizes a warning, attempting to awaken Mr. Anderson from his slumber.

Finally, We have the Image of Mr. Anderson him Self, which is nothing more than a shadow of his Character, completely blacked out. The commercial admiralty fiction is Black’s Law, no colour is allowed in civil forms, the colour of Law is void of light. This represents the underworld, Babylon (babble on) and the Luna-ticks living in darkness guided by the false light of the moon (Luna) which is only a reflect Sean of the Son/Sun, not the Real thing. This is subconsciously indicating that Mr. Anderson is only a shadow of a Man…

Wow! Can You believe We only covered twenty more seconds of the film and required 1100 Words to cover the symbolism in three frames?! I did say that I Noticed more symbolism in this film than all others so far, but it may also be a reflect-Sean of how much more adept I have become in My interpret a Sean of symbolism in films in general. I’m reasonably sure it is a combination of both.

However, We Will eventually make it to the end of this film, just as We Will make it to the End of Our Story in Man’s Macrocosm. The increased symbolism is also a reflection of the increased lunacy in Man’s Macrocosm as We are war King Our Way through the Apocalypse.

I’ll be back with more next week, as well as a very Special breaking announcement for the Good News Journal regarding inform a Sean from the Bracebridge Courthouse, coming up next!

Stay tuned to this Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean, I Will be back to make this a Two’s day True to its name.

Love and Blessings,

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