Volume CCLX: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Fabulous Fraudsters Special Edit Sean

Hello every One, and welcome to the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, Your Moral Highness is necessary and always welcome. In fact, it is one of the most important Principles of the Rule of Law, You are My jury of peers. We have a lot to be tall King about today, and I Will also be sharing the ‘full Court of Record’ for You regarding My Father’s Estate. My Father gets a capital now because My True Father is in heaven, but My biological Father is with Him now, too. And it isn’t really a Him, it’s the entire Manifest (Man-I-Fest, Man’s Celebrate-Sean of Life) Universe, the One Song We all Sing.

Well, that seems like an appropriate introduc-Sean for today, and just to emphasize My main Theme of no coincidences, I even made a typo Writing ‘appropriate’ – it came out ‘appropirate’ – not a coincidence. God manipulates My fingers without even as King sometimes. A pro pirate? That’s exactly what My sister’s previous lawyer, Hala Tabl seems to be, a pro pirate!

Okay, so this is all really just spill over from yesterday’s Post, but it’s really no coincidence that I’m only able to share all of this with You now, thanks to an unexpected visit from a Friend that interrupted My previous Post. The Gift of her Presence was worth every moment, and it also Gifted Me with a glimpse into Man’s Macrocosm and what some of My peers might be thing King of all of this. I let My Friend read the email I received from the Bracebridge Courthouse this afternoon. Despite the fact that I’m not finding any of this funny, My Friend legitimately laughed out loud,

“She’s so guilty!”

Anonymous Friend

A client services representative of the Bracebridge Courthouse was unexpectedly out of the office? I’m even jumping ahead a little. There were three emails of major Significance today, a Trinity of Magic so to speak. The first was confirm a Sean of the Motion from the Court and the link to upload My files to CaseLines. The second was from Jenny Bogod, letting Me know that,

“for some unknown reason the Certificate of Appointment issued by the Court in connection with the CAET Application did not initially bear a court file number.’

Jenny Bogod for Hala Tabl

The email included a Letter to the Bracebridge Courthouse as King of Michelle to fix the Certificate and add the CV number of the Application that hasn’t been filed with the Court yet. She also includes the new and improved Certificate with a CV number assigned to it. Presumably, they are thing King I don’t know that ‘CV-20-59’ is not a valid CV number – if it is, then it hasn’t been filed with the Court yet!!! Will they actually begin filing the documents into the system to obtain a valid CV number now that I’m telling You this?

No Court of Record means no due process has been had. Every meeting Hala Tabl had with an officer of the Court in any capacity, was without My prior knowledge and consent which is a violation of Rule 1.09. Opposing counsel does not have the right to take My objections and Present them to a Judge to have them vacated without My knowledge or consent, especially when she has failed to rebut any of My object-Sean’s! Honestly, People, Canada’s Courts are not to allow for what’s called ‘ambush litigation’, One really does have the right to be informed of, and to participate in any legal proceeding where they have an interest.

The other problem with Hala’s entire argument, is that she claims in her SoD that she withdrew the first application. If that’s True, there is no other excuse but fraud for suggesting the Endorsement was legally binding in any Way because that was the whole reason they allegedly withdrew the Application! Does Hala Tabl tell Justice Casullo that Tanja commit fraud and perjury in her first application and deceived both of her brothers into Giving their consent under false pretenses? Does she tell Casullo that Tanja swore an Affidavit of perjury on the Court of Record to defame her brother and (presumably) to unfairly influence Honourable Justice Woodley? No, I am thing King she probably left those details out. If the Application was withdrawn, everything related to that Application is gone, too, including the Endorsement from Justice Woodley. For any lawyer to suggest they don’t know that, is nothing less than gaslighting. The Endorsement isn’t relevant because it doesn’t include the inform a Sean that resulted in the first application being withdrawn. That’s fraud by Way of Willful concealment of inform a Sean with intent to influence Justice.

But once criminals start trying to cover their tracks, they tend to just leave more and more behind. A couple hours after Jenny Bogod’s email, I receive the fake Court of Record not filed with the Court from Michelle Murphy!!! Yeah, I’m not shy about thank King her for proving the fraud, and I suppose she is thing King that I am going to believe the timing of all of this is just a coincidence? Clearly, Michelle Murphy doesn’t read My Blog much (though she probably should because I’m about to make her famous)!

I’ll upload the entire fake Court of Record in a Post dedicated exclusively for that purpose. There are several reasons We can know this is not a legitimate Court of Record, though I Will go over all of that with You later.

Today really is Fabulous Friday because sometime later today I Will be uploading My documents to CaseLines and ‘it just happens to be’ the 28th. 2-8. Remember how the Matrix IV foreshadowed 2 and 8 for My Microcosm? When I include all the documents sent to Me by Michelle, I Will tell You all the other reasons she’s in big trouble on the 3rd. The really Good News for Me, is that this Blog is getting more attention than ever – We might break a [Court of] Record this year. Ironic, no?

Love and Blessings!

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