Volume CCXL: The Sensei Sean All Saturn Day Edition; Babble-On is Burning

Hello every One, and welcome to the Sensei Sean all Saturn Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is an Honour to have You in My House. It’s a Saturn Day because the planet Saturn represents Satan, and it’s not a coincidence that the day falls before a Sun Day, which represents ‘Son’ Day (Christ, the ‘Son’ of Man). The darkest night Will come before the Golden Dawn, the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, and this is the Apocalypse!

Are You breathing in the chemicals? We all are. But don’t worry about it, We’re evolving, We’re Radioactive – We respond to Words however they traverse Our air Ways. Radio waves that Will Rock the CAPSIZED citizen ship.

Can You tell I’m feeling a little more relaxed in My Microcosm? That’s the second relevance to the Title of today’s Post because considering I was just tall King about CAPSIZED citizen ships, in My Microcosm they are pirates – Pro pirates, in fact. And yet, I Will prevail and defeat the pirates trying to steal from the citizen ship Trusted to My care.

Everything I have been telling You here has proven to be True! The Courts are not allowing My sister’s lawyer to make an application for a Certificate of Appointment without My consent, even with the Endorsement provided by Justice Casullo. The Court knows they were trying to get around this requirement and Court Order!!! And they claim that The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean is abusing the Court process!!! Oh boy… Can’t hardly wait for Judgment Day, Lords and Ladies, fell low Queens and Kings. They are Required (by the Court) to include the form showing that they tried to get around the requirement with any application! If they didn’t Show this form to the Justice, they are also guilty of fraud because this form is part of the Application Record. Even after receiving the Endorsement from Casullo, Hala Tabl is still required to file the Application! The Application hasn’t even been filed!!!

The Application would have to include the Endorsement from Justice Woodley, the Endorsement from Justice Casullo, and all the other supporting consent forms and Affidavits of Tanja Johnson from both the first and second application, and the entire Application Record would be required to be filed with the Court and served upon Me so that I can respond to the Application and the Endorsement dispensing with My sister’s requirement for a bond. That’s why neither one of the Justices are in dis-Honour because they Will know how all of this Will look in the Application Record, and that I Will still receive Notice that they have done this when they file the Application with the Court! I would have a period of time to respond to all of that before the Certificate would be awarded to the Court, and it would be very easy to make it all look very bad when the entire application Will Show that they are trying to shut Me out and proceed with the Application without My knowledge or consent.

We also know who Hala Tabl’s mole is at the Bracebridge Courthouse, which isn’t going to be war King in Michelle L. Murphy’s favour on November 3rd, either. Michelle Murphy made the mistake of indicating to Me that a ‘corrected’ Certificate of Appointment of Estate Trustee was sent back to Hala Tabl on the 27th of October – the same day Jenny Bogod says she received it! In fact, Jenny Bogod sent Me a copy of the new and improved Certificate with the CV number allegedly returned by the Court two hours before the Court advised Me they were sending it back! So I am now as King the Bracebridge Courthouse for the tracking number and receipt for the Waybill that was allegedly enclosed for the safe return of the Certificate. Surely Hala Will have one of those, too because she Will Wish to make sure it doesn’t get lost in the mail on the Way to Bracebridge – but We know that Jenny Bogod Will not be providing Me with any ‘Discovery’ of Hala’s crimes until the Motion. So the Motion hearing Will be converted into a hearing for Judgment under Rule 37.13. Didn’t I say that 13 is Lucky for Gemini and Pisces? (Rhetorical, I most definitely did.)

“A Judge who hears a Motion, may

(a.) in proper case, Order that the Motion be converted into a Motion for Judgment.

Rules of Civil Procedure, 37.13

And probably just a coincidence that it’s Rule 37, right? God’s Special number for Me… Are We really thing King My Motion Will go any other Way? No, the only People that might be going away Will be Michelle L. Murphy, Hala Tabl, Neil Milton, and Jenny Bogod. Believe Me, the Judge is not going to be impressed that Jenny Bogod is trying to suggest any of this is not a gross violation of the Rules of the Court and gross professional misconduct with criminal intent for her client. Trying to perpetrate the fraud and defend it for her client, is conspiracy to the crime. Jenny Bogod might lose her license, too. Christopher Crisman-Cox was wise not to Show up.

Prince of Disks; Prince of Wands, 2 of Cups, Love

This was the last grouping of Cards in the last and only Tarot read I’ve done for the world. I don’t know how long each grouping of Cards is meant to represent in Man’s Macrocosm, but I can tell You that the entire spread is a cycle revolving around the Central Quest-Ion, and We are at the End of that first cycle now.

The central Character in the above grouping is the Prince of Disks, which represent the physical reality and Our current world (Babylon/Babble-On). In Man’s Macrocosm, he is also the artificial person, the ID-entity. This artificial person is now supported by the Prince of Wands, which burns the forest to make Way for new Life, and We have the Love of God and the waters of Aquarius (which is the new age We are in now) quenching the fertile soil after the fires have burnt away the old world… My ‘identifier’ in the Thoth Tarot is the Prince of Wands, the Card always represents the [Real] Me whenever it comes up in a read. Probably just a coincidence that all this fits so well, right?

Somehow, the Masters of Magic of Your world knew I would do all of these things and more long before I ever believed it would even be possible. That’s not a joke, that’s how perfect their Magic is.

The fact is, I have SO much evidence of the fraud, and so much of it has already been exposed here, that I’m not even sure if I Will have to speak at the Motion!!! At this point, I legitimately believe that Jenny Bogod and Hala Tabl must be insane if they believe they Will win their Motion. I am thing King at least one of them (if not both) may end up with a war Rant for their arrest!!!

I’m very curious to see if I’m provided with a public Zoom link because that Will be amazing! Either Way, this really is the Apocalypse, and there is very Good News coming for the world very soon. I know this because the Macrocosm reflects the Microcosm in all things, and the pro pirates trying to CAPSIZE My ship have been exposed and Will be apprehended. I Give You My Word.

Love and Blessings,

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