Volume CCXL: The Super Natural Son Day Re View; Prince of Wands Sets a House of Cards on Fire

Hello every One, and welcome to the Super Natural Son Day Re-View, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Royal, Moral Highness is always welcome.

It has been such an amazing week that I could not, not Write a Post today – even though I would have been quite happy to enjoy some Peace and quiet in My Microcosm until Our fated day of Judgment arrives on November 3rd. But I’m going to quickly recap because of course this has been the most momentous week since My Father’s death as far as the Estate Matter is concerned, and the Microcosm reflects the Macrocosm in all things, so it Will be a turning point for much of Man’s Macrocosm, too. Exciting things are happening in the world, People, believe Me!!!

Since the filing of The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim against My brother, sister, and her previous lawyer, I have learned a great deal more about My father’s Estate We’d had no previous knowledge of. The Statements of Defense alone were proof of the tort because all three parties openly admitting to having knowledge of all kinds of details I’d previously been completely ignorant of… Including a new Endorsement dispensing with My sister’s requirement for a bond on May 6th!!!

The strangest thing about that, of course, is that the Certificate had still not been awarded to My sister by the Court? I can’t be the only One in the Universe who finds that more than a little unusual when the Certificate is to pick up over $300k in liquidated assets that Will be depreciating daily, right? Is that not just another example of gross negligence in both the Application process and the administration of the Estate overall? I am certainly thing King it is! That, or it’s a bold faced lie!!! (Far more likely, I am thing King now.)

One of My Friends said to Me once that I am at a great disadvantage to both My brother and sister. When I was as King of her why she thought so, she said to Me,

“You still seem to believe that they would not betray You. You still Wish to believe they care about You – they don’t.”

Anonymous Friend

Not exactly an easy thing to hear, and yet I do consider the possibility frequently. But she’s right, I choose to believe all of this is nothing more than complete negligence and incompetence on the part of My brother and sister. The reality is, they probably received the money a long time ago, never needed the Certificate and only faked an application to the Court so that I wouldn’t be suspicious. That’s Truly what I believe now, despite how much I Wish to believe My brother and sister are Good People who would never intentionally cause Me harm. I knew My sister had it in her for sure, but I never really believed she would be capable of doing anything that could actually cause Me harm. The saddest Part about all of this, is that this is My own family – it’s disgraceful.

If My theory is correct, then they Will Wish to get that money they picked up back into a bank account pronto, and also better have a legitimate Certificate to Show Me or they are in a lot of trouble! So My sister tells Me she is awarded the Certificate of the 17th of October so that I won’t be suspicious about the fact that she already has the money and is opening a bank account now so that she can try to make it look as though she had every intention to pay Me My share. They are trying to cover their fraud. Wait until I request a copy of the transfer of funds from the creditors to Tanja. They Will not like it when I am as King for that receipt, either.

So it appears as though on Judgment day I Will have to be as King of the Judge to freeze all of My brother and sister’s bank accounts and assets until We find out when Tanja received the money and what she is doing with it. I’m going to be as King for a detailed accounting of correspondences between My sister, Hala, My brother, and the creditors. I legitimately believe My brother and sister were trying to steal My share and would never have paid Me a dime.

But We have proof of fraud on many counts, there is no official Court of Record for this Estate whatsoever (which is really all the proof I need to prove it’s fraud), but every attempt to deceive Me, every Act of fraud is a ‘Count’. Hala could be looking at a maximum of 100 years or more if each Act of fraud is a maximum penalty of ten… Lying about filing two applications, withdrawing applications and endorsement, placing them back on the Record without notice to Me… I don’t even know how many violations of Rule 1.09 (which is also a very serious Rule, People)…

Anyway, that’s the Re-View for this week, but please do check out all the Posts this week to find out how all this fraud was finally revealed. We’ve also exposed a new mole at the Bracebridge Courthouse, Michelle L. Murphy, and I don’t Imagine November 3rd Will be much fun for her, either. I’m sure I can just be as King of the Judge to call over to the Court and find out why Michelle didn’t feel like filing any of these documents and to send copies of the receipts of Hala’s filings with their Courthouse.

Four more days, and Four is Found a Sean!!!

Love and Blessings,

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