Volume CCXLI: The Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition; A Mystic’s Magical Message for Michelle Murphy

Hello every One, and welcome to the Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition of the Good News Journal, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour to have You in My House. If You are new to the Good News Journal and wondering why I am thank King You for being ‘in My House’, it is because Magically and Mystically, the Mind is Man’s House – it is where Our thoughts Live, and when You are reading My Words, You are in My House, just as I am in Yours. You are ‘in My Head’, so to speak, and I am in Yours. Consider how Powerful the Gift of Communicate Sean can be…

Is that a Good start for this Magical Monday Motive a Sean Edition? I am thing King so! It’s only 10:25 Avant Midi here in the Eastern Star’s Time Zone. I am One of those People who is more of a night owl, I don’t usually endeavour to do much before the early evening, and enjoy war King late into the night and wee hours of the morning. Typically, that is when I am most productive and feeling most Creative. Today is an except-Sean all day for Me because I was especially Motive aided to Cast one more Magical Message (Mess-Age) at Michell L. Murphy of the Bracebridge Superior Court.

This Public a Sean is becoming a far more important Good News Journal than ever before. As a Free Lance Journalist, I have uncovered (the unveiling, Apocalypse) a considerable amount of corruption, and plenty of People trying to corrupt Sean,

“Lead Me not into tempt a Sean, but deliver Me from evil…”

Cestui Que Vie Trust – The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean

That is what these State Actors are doing when they try to Direct-Sean to Play a Part on the world’s Stage he was never meant to Play. I am the Casting Director of this Universal Product Sean, not ‘Mr. von Dehn‘!!! State Actors are Cast by trespassing upon the rights of the world’s People – that’s how the Universe Casts Characters in Man’s Macrocosm – most of the big positions have already been a Pointed. Just start thing King about who Canada might be pointing at. Any One?..

Judgment Day is November 3rd, just three days away now!!! Sean also anticipates there Will be some kind of Magical event on November 5th – You know, just a Celebrate-Sean of the fifth of November, Remember, Remember. My new Predict-Sean is 2030 by the Way. 11.05.30 – 11.11.30. That is My Official Predict Sean for the Rise of the Golden Dawn.

Michelle L. Murphy is the second ‘mole’ war King for Canada’s Superior Courts that have been exposed on this Blog by the Courts themselves!!! That’s pretty big, Good News People! I can’t confirm for sure that Steven Pardou is no longer employed by the Ottawa Courthouse, but I can confirm that I did not see him war King anywhere behind the kiosk that last few times I’ve visited the Courthouse, and I would always see him on previous visits. If he hasn’t been let go, it doesn’t Matter because I Will refuse to allow him to receive any documents for Me in the future anyway – We know he can’t be Trusted, and that’s all We need to know!

Perhaps the best Part of all of this, is that one of My Principle philosophies is proving to be True – the Courts themselves cannot be corrupt! People can be corrupt, but a Court doesn’t have the capacity to be corrupt, it is completely impartial and unbiased. The Court is the Queen of Swords from Our Tarot read, the mask-cutter and impartial witness. It is bound by Rules and Codes of Conduct that are completely impartial, exposing any who violate the Rule of Law.

Are We thing King We Will hear back from Michelle? I am thing King probably not, unless it’s some lame attempt at an excuse as to why she doesn’t have a receipt for the return of the Certificate, but the Truth of the Matter is, if this were all on the Court of Record, both receipts would be required on the Court of Record. The Certificate returning to the Court would be a new entry on the Court of Record, as would be the correction and receipt for the safe return of the Certificate. The ‘Court of Record’ provided by Michelle doesn’t even include an Application filed with the Court, only Notice of an Application that Will be filed with the Court.

I’m also wondering if Milton’s Estates Law typically requires their staff to continue serving documents and swearing affidavits when they are away on vacation. Erica Kappa allegedly served Me with Notice of an Application on March 24th, 2022, but she swears the Affidavit of Service of the Application on the same day from some remote village in New Brunswick? That’s rather interesting, isn’t it? My guess is that they didn’t have an Affidavit of Service required to file the Application, and were as King of Erica Kappa to swear it now while she’s on vacation in New Brunswick. She’d only be lying about the date she’s swearing the affidavit, so that’s not too serious, right? I wonder if a Judge Will agree.

Lots of exciting Quest-Ions to be as King of Jenny Bogod on November 3rd. It Will be a most Magical week in Deed!!!

Love and Blessings,

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