The Truthful Two’s Day Edition; No Crime to Report at Barrhaven Community Coffee

Hello every One, and welcome to the Truthful Two’s Day Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always an Honour and Pleasure to have You in My House. I have now Celebrated forty-nine Name days since My arrival, and I’ve just experienced the most traumatic event of My Life Story so far. For many in My Microcosm, today was a Tragic Tuesday. I’m Writing to tell You the Truth of it, to let the People of Barrhaven and Ottawa know that the only crime to report here, is the decline of mental health in Our local communities. I’m going to tell You the Story from My perspective.

Every Tuesday morning at 10:00, Multifaith Housing hosts Coffee and pastries for People in the local Community Center. Probably one of the most confusing Characteristics about Me, is that if You were to meet Me in any kind of social setting, I Will seem like an extrovert and something of a ‘social butterfly’. Consequently, there are a few People in the community who encourage Me to go to the Community Coffee and are always happy to see Me there when I do. Truthfully, I Wish to Keep to My Self as much as possible.

This morning, shortly after arriving, a young girl could be heard screaming as she ran out of a house across from the community center. I don’t even think she gave any explanation, she just continued to run away from the house, frantically. A couple of People went outside to see if they could find out what was going and a few minutes (or maybe even seconds) later, two ladies were also running out of the house, screaming frantically – and throwing up, repeatedly, wretching!

No One had any Idea what was going on, I’m now standing outside the Community Center, watching two ladies screaming uncontrollably, frantically. Neither One could stop screaming or throwing up long enough to even speak. My Friend went in to see what was going on, I thought they were dying of poison, I couldn’t make any sense of what was going on. Then My Friend comes back out and asks Me to please go with her to find out what’s going on. So I follow her down into the basement of this lady’s house, and she says, ‘please, tell Me is there anything We can do?’.

I walk into the basement to find a Man has hanged him Self. My Friend is behind Me, ‘Can You check his pulse, I need to tell them something.’.

I can tell You there was no need to check a pulse. But what exactly does One say to that? So I check his pulse and he’s so dead, so clearly and obviously dead. People are freaking out and every One is counting on Me to be cool, and strong, and rational. Every single one of these People is in shock on a level I am thing King no One can even begin to comprehend until One sees with their own eyes what I saw this morning. They were as King of Me to cut him down, just so no One else has to walk in and see what I saw, to Give the Man some Dignity.

I initially said that I Will, then I told My Friend it has to be family. A Friend of the family ran over to cut him down. A few minutes later, My Friend told Me that some One had arrived who knows CPR, would I go with them to assist. I told My Friend it’s too late. ‘We have to try.’

I cannot describe or accurately Articulate the state of shock these People were in. It was a trained CPR ‘professional’, they Will know for sure, can I please go check with her. So I say I Will go with the CPR individual and when We get to the basement of the house, I stand back from the body, which looks almost exactly as it did, except the kerchief has been cut. The body’s been dead for long enough for the body to be stiff, but she is as King of Me if I Will help her untie the kerchief that’s still around his neck. I’m not entirely sure what to think at this point. I assist and the kerchief comes loose from his neck, leaving a half inch trench where it had once been tied.

“Can You help Me lie him down so We can administrate CPR?”

It wasn’t until that moment that I realized the CPR professional is also in shock. I hold her gaze for a few moments…

“You realize no amount of CPR is bringing this Man back, right?”

And it was Truly like I woke her from a dream. She stutters something in agreement as she begins to realize she’s in shock, and We leave, affirming for My Friend that it is too late for CPR.

Now, One might be thing King that’s quite a morning for some One who was just popping in for a neighbourhood community coffee, but of course the morning gets much worse.

Some One had called 911 the moment the girl came running out of the house and down the street screaming frantically at the very beginning – before any One knew what was going on or what the screaming was all about.

As always, the fire department were the first to show up, and they were in and out pretty quick. Next was the Paramedics who quickly confirmed there was nothing any One could have done, he’d been dead for hours before any One found him. The chief fire marshal on the scene greeted the police when they finally arrived, provided their report to police as the first on the scene. Then the police began interrogating the family and Friends of the deceased.

When the police came to Me as King of Me to provide some ‘ID’ and tell them what happened, I told them I’m not tall King to the police because there is no crime here, only a family tragedy. Of course, it wasn’t long before the lead investigator on the scene was threatening to detain Me for ‘refusing to answer Quest-Ions’!

I was as King of the officer if I am a suspect for this crime? The officer said no. So I told the officer that I’m obliged to be tall King with any One, and any One they are as King to speak with should be advised that they have the right to have an attorney present if You are investigating a crime. That goes for every single person You are interrogating here. If You didn’t advise them that they have no obligation to be tall King with You and have the right to have an attorney Present before answering any of Your Quest-Ions. There is not a lawyer on the planet that Will not tell You this is True. Do NOT speak to police without a lawyer Present ever.

So of course they threatened to detain Me for refusing to answer Quest-Ions. I’m guessing the charge would be interfering with an investigate-Sean? These vermin here today have absolutely no compassion for what the People who saw that sight are going through – no compassion whatsoever!!! Thankfully, the People in the community supported Me, and I have very Good reason not to Trust the Ottawa police thanks to constable Christopher Jenkyn. We know what kind of lies police Will tell and how they Will attempt to use that ‘information’ they are collecting.

Well, this as an Official International Notice to the Ottawa Police Service:

“None of the information obtained by the Ottawa Police Service by Way of their unlawful interrogation of members of the Multifaith Community, their Friends and or Family regarding the loss of a Man dearly Loved by every One who knew him is legally admissible. All People interviewed and interrogated were suffering from serious post-traumatic stress, and were not advised that they were and are entitled to legal counsel before answering any of Your Quest-Ions. No information obtained is therefore legally or lawfully admissible in any Court of Law.”

King Sean, House von Dehn

I can honestly tell You that I don’t know how long it might take Me to get the Image of what I saw today out of My Mind. I don’t Imagine I ever Will, it is not something One can easily forget. But I am going to try, as cold and harsh as that may seem. I do not ever Wish to relive that experience, in Mind or in body, and I am kindly as King of People to respect My Wish in that regard. I don’t even really know the family or the Man, yet it seemed every One was hoping for some Miracle from Me that was too great for Me to Give. Any One who saw that body knew it was too late, yet no One Wished to believe. I cannot tell You how that felt for Me today, and it is not anything any One can know until they experience it.

And the thanks One gets from local police, is threatening to detain One for not Wishing to be tall King about it.

There is no crime to report from the Barrhaven Community today, only a family tragedy where I am as King of the world to send Blessings to the Friends and Family of the deceased.

And just in case You are thing King I’m exaggerating when I say don’t ever talk to police, here’s a lawyer tall King about why I’m correct – and a police sergeant, too!!!

Love and Blessings,

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