Volume CCXLI: The Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition; Judgment Eve

Hello every One and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Lucky Wednesday Edition, where this Mage-in-a-Sean Manifests Marvel Us Luck for every One, especially on Wednesday’s! Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure to have You.

It is an especially Lucky Wednesday in My Microcosm because We are just fifteen hours and twenty minutes away from The Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s first Motion. 10:00 Avant Midi, Eastern Star Time, Court Will be in session, says Sean. I am definitely anxious because I have been looking for Ward (ward = protect-Sean) to this day for so long, but I am not the least bit nervous. Less than twenty four hours before the Motion, I can honestly tell You that My most objective and analytical Self cannot Imagine how they believe they Will win. My best guess is that they know they Will lose but are too committed to their lie to turn back now. Keep in Mind that they have not responded to My Reply Factum yet and they Will be expected to. There is absolutely no excuse for there not being a Court of Record for this Estate in the system – period!

Consider that every Court filing that Hala is alleging to have made requires fees to be paid into the Court – every application, motion, anytime a party Wishes to have the Court make a ruling on something, fees must be paid into the Court, and the request is filed with the Registrar. So if Hala claims to have filed an application, and there is no Court of Record showing that the Application was filed with the Court, then who is accepting the payment for these filings? NOT THE COURT!!! There Will be some serious accounting errors regarding all of these Endorsements that Hala manages to have obtained without ever paying any fees into the Court. So that’s the first problem and the reason their position seems hopeless and futile to Me. I can’t Imagine any Judge is going to believe any of that is ‘acceptable’.

The second major problem is that Hala and her counsel, Jenny Bogod are actually misrepresenting Honourable Justice Woodley and defying two direct Court Orders. The first Court Order is Presented to Hala Tabl when she makes the first Application on April 20th of 2020. It clearly states that the Court requires My consent to the Application, to dispense with the requirement for a Bond, and to provide proof of service on all People entitled to a share in the Estate. Hala Tabl and My sister have done nothing but try and get around this direct Court Order since April 20th, 2020! Did Hala Tabl Present the ‘Errors in Application‘ form to Justice Woodley when they were as King for her Endorsement? You Will Notice that the Court has Ordered that the ‘Errors in Application’ be attached to the Application when it is filed with the Court. Hala didn’t even file the Endorsement and Application with the Court!!! She can’t, because the Court Will know that Hala’s trying to take advantage of Justice Woodley and get around the requirements that resulted in the first Application being refused by the Court.

She also states that Woodley allowed for the Application to proceed without the consent of ‘Sean von Dehn’ which is also a lie. The Justice gave Hala a direct Order to Give Me Notice of the Endorsement and Application filed with the Court. By no stretch of the Imagination is Justice Woodley suggesting the Application can proceed without My consent or any Notice to Me!!! They just keep skipping the ‘file with the Court’ part! Even Casullo’s Endorsement hasn’t been filed with the Court because now the Court Will know that Hala appealed to two Judges trying to get around a direct Court Order for My consent and service of documents filed with the Court on Me. I guess I can’t really complain about not getting service of documents filed with the Court anymore because nothing was filed with the Court, it was all just a hoax to deceive Me. But I am thing King that Will not be enough to get them off the hook. Every ‘Court’ document concerning the Estate that is not filed with the Court is just another piece of evidence proving the fraud – and I believe they Created at least two or three brand new documents since this Claim was filed to make the unfiled Court of Record look as complete as possible (considering the hopelessness of the situation).

Also, Michelle L. Murphy doesn’t seem to have the receipt for the Waybill return of the Certificate to Hala Tabl from the Bracebridge Courthouse that was allegedly sent on the 27th of October and Miraculously arrived a few hours before she got a chance to tell Me about it. Impeccable timing…

And of course, it doesn’t seem like a coincidence at all that the Bracebridge Courthouse ‘produces’ a Court of Record at exactly the same time Hala receives the new and improved Certificate? I mean, these really are amazing coincidences if Witches, Wizards and Warlocks believed in such things. 😉

So I Truly have no Idea what to expect tomorrow because their position seems so absolutely futile to Me. If they could pull some Trump card they’d been hiding up their sleeve, I can’t even Imagine what it would be. I don’t know what could save them!

The only thing I still remained a little nervous about was the Zoom link because I still didn’t have one (to the best of My knowledge) last night at 11:30! I decided to log in one last time before I went to bed to see if I was missing a notification or something and it was showing up right beside all the information where it had previously showed a blank – now there is a link to the conference call. Unfortunately, no public Zoom link, so I Will have to Keep detailed Notes and Minutes. I may even make My Notes during the Motion in a Blog draft and publish after the hearing… Sort of like a Play by Play when and if time permits.

Alright, that’s a little more than 1000 Words and I still have some light prepare a Sean to do for tomorrow. Rather than uploading all of the documents from the Court of Record to CaseLines, I have the Luxury of being able to share any of My documents with links to My Public a Sean – the Official International Court of Record regarding Joachim Heinrich von Dehn’s Estate.

Oh, and something of a teaser or spoiler alert, I believe that I Will soon learn that Hala Tabl was actually hired by the bank to solicit My sister and has been authorizing her legal fees to be paid by the Estate. I don’t believe for one second that My sister would pay for any Application, and there seem to be some fees unaccounted for in Tanja’s [new] Affidavit (which is also littered with perjury once again).

The Lucky of this Wednesday was that the Zoom link literally showed up the first time I checked CaseLines after midnight yesterday – a Good Omen right from the start!

You know You’ll get the Good News update tomorrow.

Love and Blessings,

And today’s feature photo is the Emperor, another Trump card and One of two Cards that were the Central Focus of My last private read for Self after authoring My Cestui Que Vie – the other was the Star (on the right, Emperor left, Prince of Wands front and center). I’ll be tall King more about this and revisiting Our collective Tarot read in the near future.

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